Yo Aliens, Pull Up: Navy Pilots Allegedly Encountering UFOs | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yo, big science
news this week. Apparently aliens are real. Oh, shit bro. Five pilots coming
forward over the weekend, saying they’ve had multiple
midair encounters with high flying, fast-moving objects. A lot of UFOs have been
captured on video, some of them over water. And now at least one pilot
says he saw them daily. How many edibles was this
guy on before he saw this? You got to ask about
the question, right? That’s pertinent information. ANCHOR: Flying objects
in our airspace. That’s the military. Bro, look at that thing, bro. Bro. Bro using no kind of signal,
no code names and shit. No. 10-4, we have a [INAUDIBLE]. Yo, dude. Look at that thing, bro. ANCHOR: objects
were accelerating to hypersonic speed,
making sudden stops and instantaneous turns. That’s just a
Southwest flight. You hear what I’m saying? Like oh, it’s the spin. Yo.
This is your captain. This shit don’t got brakes. So. So I’m just cool with
y’all niggas hop out. You know what I’m saying? Like, I’m just going to
do– do donuts in the sky. You know what I’m saying? Welcome to your Spirit flight. I’m Captain Jamel. We might land. Turn down the
music to back up. We submitted a
safety report saying that there was an unidentified
object in our working space. We don’t know what to do. The fuck you mean, you
don’t know what to do? What do you do, shoot it down? Like, don’t y’all train
for like a bajillion years. What do you do with a UFO. You can’t shoot it down, nigga. Shoot the shit. You’ve seen
“Independence Day.” You know about that shit. Yo, Will Smith ended the
alien invasion with a headbutt. Like, that’s it. Yeah, that’s not how it works. That’s now how
any of that works. Yo aliens, pull up. I’ll right you one on
one D. It was good. Now I’m afraid an
alien’s going to come out here and take us out. Yo, what’s good? Because Zorezock
is going to come. The most brolic alien ever. Like yo son. I’ll be like, you’ve
got a big ass head. So what’s popping. ANCHOR: In recent years, there’s
been “a number of reports of unauthorized and or
unidentified aircraft in our airspace, and therefore.” That’s crazy. That’s how you know the Earth
is wild, because the aliens are coming through like yo. Yo. Yo, look at what
these niggas doing. Yo. World Star. Look at they ozone layer. That shit is fucked. Yo. There could be earthly
explanations for all of this. But a lot of people
are left wondering. Do you think he’s an alien? He might me. His teeth– those
aren’t human teeth. Man. Yeah, man. Those shit is too perfect. Also, isn’t his name like Gio? Yeah. Yeah. Which is a name like if I was
an alien trying to be human. Yeah. Giosphere. Can’t live in the Giosphere. My last name is Fear. This is my
daughter, Troposphere. I didn’t– I didn’t take science far enough
to know if that one is real or not. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. People upset in the comments 😂😂😆. Ghosts, aliens, and other said ciphers not assisting the power bill aren’t real…

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