Yamato, The Right Ship For The Wrong War

Just after 2 p.m The effects of at least 15 Bomb and torpedo hits have reduced the mightiest battleship ever built to a sinking Hulk You know looking back on it It all makes sense become a world power, defeat the Russians, invade all your neighbors Get pummeled to death by a Western country’s air power because they sank all your carriers I didn’t think it would end up this way. Although looking back at it some mistakes were probably made Let me tell you guys how I got here. But first this video is sponsored by the online free-to-play game world of warships Where you can take command of hundred historically accurate ships including me the Yamato each of the over 200 in game ships spanning eight nations are incredibly detailed to be as realistic as possible Play with over 7 million players across the world unlock new ships as you play and conquer the sea Click the link below to play world of warships and collect a special bonus starter pack new players can register with the code play warships 2018 to receive 250 doubloons 1 million credits the HMS Campbeltown Premium ship one port slot and three days of premium time. after the defeat of the Russians in 1905 Japan had hit its stride in being a world power with the effectiveness of and the commitment to their Navy over the next thirty years the Japanese would continue to Build this branch up and use it to conquer more territory increase their prowess on the world stage however this was not easy for the small island nation that many times found itself lacking the quantity of Resources needed to create the number of ships needed to stay competitive Fast-forward to 1937 Japan being very aware of this problem decides to go with a quality over quantity strategy for their fleets to be able to stand up to the American naval production abilities who they foresaw war with in the future this Was accomplished by creating a new class of ships. That would become the largest ever created the Yamato class Which they found themselves free to do after letting their signature on the London Naval Treaty Expire and began carrying out in secret plans to build the Yamato and her sister ship Musashi and this secrecy went to a great extent Designers drawings were locked away at the end of the workday construction yards had large barriers built around them to mask the view from potential spies and Workers were threatened with execution if they spoke about what they were working The result though was this gigantic behemoth commissioned on 16 December 1941 spanning 256 meters at the water line and boasting 946 centimeter guns amongst a host of other guns and anti-aircraft guns I won’t list them all on here because lists are boring go to simple history for that But the armament layout was very impressive and evolved over the life of the ship The Yamato was able to be built carrying such large guns because unlike the Americans the Japanese did not have any physical barriers to their ship sizes All American ships had to be built narrow enough to fit through the Panama Canal Which limited the maximum size of their turrets and guns and how much weight they could carry So the result was that the Yamato with its large guns and a hull that could support them would be able to out range any US ships in a duel and sink them before the US ships were even able to fire seems like a pretty solid plan right well This is where you get into a big problem at Midway the Japanese lost four aircraft carriers And I don’t think it can be overstated how bad of a position this put them in unlike the glory days of the russo-japanese war Airplanes had become a huge factor in naval warfare by the time of Midway and the Yamato service life carrier-based aircraft Squadrons could mean death for any type of ship with a well-placed bomb or torpedo Regardless of how powerful the ship was to other ships and I don’t mean to sound like this would be easy for the airplanes battleships the amato included had large Anti-aircraft emplacements to deter this but the fact of the matter is without a carrier escort or carrier grouping Lone battleships with no air support could quickly become targets and after Midway Japan was really coming up short in the carrier Department this issue along with others All mentioned is a common theme in yamato’s fairly unimpressive service record for its size its first action took place at the Battle of Midway Although the battleship was too far away to take part in the battle before it ended and returned to Japan Screw you guys i am going home This is going to be a common theme. in mid-august 1942 the ship had to sit out the Battle of Guadalcanal due to lack of ammunition and fuel in satin truck lagoon until May of 1943 where after that she ended up in Kure for inspection and repairs and remained around Japan until returning to truck the following August and essentially sat there until October and right now, you’re probably thinking what are the Japanese doing so far? It looks like they built a supership and are using it as a cruise liner, but along with the aforementioned air cover problem Yamato’s engines consumed a lot of fuel which limited its movements and combat ability It’s only in December of 1943 that Yamato first really gets into combat when ferrying troops to the admiralty islands Yamato and her task group were attacked by the American submarines Kate where she was hit by a Torpedo and a 16-foot hole was blown open in the hall causing the rear turrets upper magazine to flood and yep You guessed it. That means it had to go back to the dock for repairs screw you guys i am going home It was at this time too that some of the guns were augmented in April in 1944 Yamato departed for the Philippines and sort of took part in the Battle of the Philippine Sea Although the only thing of note that it did was accidentally shoot at returning Japanese planes and then guess what happens after this? Yep More dock time hang until Departing on July 8th to eventually be present for the Battle of Leyte Gulf as part of the first battleship division and was later damaged By a bomb at the Battle of Shibuya and sea but was able to get away unlike her sister ship Musashi That was sunk after seventeen bomb and nineteen torpedo strikes It is after this though that Yamato see some of her best action as part of curious center force where it engaged the American close Support formation known as taffy 3. This was the only time you Yamato ever engaged surface targets See told you planes were the way of future and landed a few hits on American ships However, Yamato was diverted by a spread of torpedoes headed for and was unable to rejoin the battle. Yamato then returned with caritas force to Bruni and was folded in as the flagship of the second fleet after the first battleship division was Dissolved in November it saw some minor action in the East China Sea before being dry docked yet again at Kiri for repairs and anti-aircraft upgrades From January to February of 1945 Yamato rejoined a reactivated first battleship division then got transferred again To the first carrier division making Yamato like that one really flaky friend you had in high school. on march 19th that got caught up in the Curie raid But sustained only minor damage Allied forces began the final stage before the invasion of the Japanese home islands on April 1st with the invasion of Okinawa To which the Japanese Navy responded with operation tango Which was basically a suicide mission to halt the Americans. the basic idea for the Yamato’s part was to take a one-way Allotment of fuel and a full magazine to Okinawa where the ship would be beached and act as a large gun Emplacement that would fight until destroyed but due to the Americans decoding Japanese radio messages the ship in her group were Intercepted by an American carrier group supported by some destroyers. Yamato learning of this prepared for a fight With all crew in their anti-aircraft Positions by Dawn on April 7th the force began to be shadowed by two sea planes around 8:30 in the morning with American Hellcat fighter Showing up around 11:00 to deal with potential Japanese aircraft of which there were none a little later at 12:30 all hell broke loose on the Yamato with just shy of 300 American bomber and torpedo planes descending on the Yamato in her escort ships after about ten minutes two bombs had taken out two of her anti-aircraft mounts and blown a hole on the deck a Few minutes later a third bomb destroyed the radar room and one of the hundred twenty-seven millimeter mounts five minutes later a torpedo struck one Of the forward sides as the crew began to be strafed on the ship’s deck Shortly after this three more Torpedoes hit the ship one near the engine room and one near one of the boiler rooms The third hit is disputed but probable this attack concluded around 12:47 with the ship listing a few degrees to port which was counter flooded the second attack began at one from all directions And due to the large amount of planes the anti-aircraft guns Effectiveness was cut down just from being overwhelmed three to four more torpedoes. Hit the battleship damaging a couple of fire rooms The second attack left Yamato listing around 15 degrees to port which even after counter flooding remained at about 10 reducing speed and leaving the main battery unable to fire the third attack began at 1:40 with four bombs hitting the ship’s superstructure and another fire room being flooded at 2:02 p.m the order to abandon ship was given and the situation on the ship was chaos at 3:05 a final group of torpedo bombers attacked Yamato again causing the ship to capsize For large 46 centimeter turrets then fell off into the ocean which created suction that pulled crewmen in the water down below after this one of the bow magazines Detonated in an explosion whose cloud was over three miles high and could be seen from about a hundred miles away. A little under three hundred of her 2,700 man were able to be recovered by friendly ships that then withdrew to Japan. In the four hours and 14 minutes of the battle Yamato was hit by at least 11 torpedoes and six bombs capping off a very unextraordinary career for such a legendary battleship, the cultural significance of the Yamato being sunk though was huge Japan took great pride in its Navy and many Japanese citizens felt that as long as the Yamato was around Japan couldn’t fall and the Loss of this ship had a very foreboding message to many people however At least in my opinion The ship was more effort than it was worth and don’t get me wrong. The core concept behind it does make sense But without the additional arms of the Navy ie carriers and support planes the thing becomes a large target for enemy planes and that along with the large fuel consumption made it a great propaganda piece that spent most of its time sitting in port waiting for its moment to come that never would Thank you to world of warships for reaching out to sponsor another video I would also like to thank my patrons on patreon for making all these videos possible I know there’s a lot of naval fans in there and I hope you guys like it also Thank you to all of you for watching and sitting through me probably butchering a lot of names and I’ll see you on the next one

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  1. but it is not as if they knew beforehand that midway will turn out a disaster. so yamato was definetly worth building, but the circumstances made it obsolete by the time it saw action imho.

  2. Even after the loss of the carriers at Midway the invasion fleet including the Yamato could have taken the island. The Japanese, despite their reputation for bravery, puckered up many times during the war. Not using the Yamato effectively was only one example.

  3. 400 planes and barely 12 shot down, despite the Yamato and her strike group's impressive AA capabilities. Really show the effectiveness of the american dive bombers. It was a pity (or perhaps for the best) that the Japanese had lost their carriers.

  4. On top of its problems listed in the video, didn't the yamato have vastly inferior fire control and radar compared to Iowa class ships?

  5. Funny enough given how much inaction the Yamato was apart of, her crew started to nickname the ship: The Yamato Hotel, plus she had air conditioning

  6. too bad you didn't mention the 2nd sister ship and it's fate🤔🤔😞😞😞😞🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  7. Row, row, row your boat
    Silently down the stream.
    Rock and roll, Lock and load,
    Its the United States Marines.

    Ah fuck, its navy…


  8. Spent 90% of it's time in port back in Japan, called the "Hotel Yamato" because it was used by Admiral Yamamoto as a floating headquarters….did next to nothing during it's two or three actual combat sorties, never fired it's big guns at another ship in combat, and went down under a swarm of American planes on it's way to a suicide mission to Okinawa…..if there is any more finer example of a such massive waste of firepower and men with a ship I'd like to see it.

  9. Almost the same amount of planes need to attack Pearl Harbor were needed to deal with a Battleship and a couple escorts

  10. Luck plays such a major role in any conflict. The US history at Midway was a close run thing, If the main Japanese fleet had been sent to bombard the American positions with the Carriers providing essential cover, the Japanese would have taken Midway. With its carrier force large intact, the Japanese would have forced us back to the West Coast for at least six months,That is, unless we decided to go onto defense in the Atlantic.

  11. US navy has entered the chat
    Japanese navy has entered the chat
    Pearl Harbor has left the chat

    Midway has entered the chat
    Airplanes has entered the chat
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    Nuclear weapons has entered the chat
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    Japan has left the chat

  12. This is the REAL reason so many sci-fi series have energy shields.

    Such technology brings classic battleship combat back to the forefront. Yes, you may be able to get away with some sort of proton torpedo or something, but in the end you need either trickery or actual capital ship firepower to fight against another capital ship in a setting with nice conveniently-universal shields that basically can block any attack until they go down.

    From there, you just need to choose what style you want. Classic style? Go with some Star Wars or similar (indeed, Star Wars does have "aircraft" still be useful, but just not to the degree where they will go sinking major capital ships often outside of targeting a very critical weakness). I want to say that the cost of a starfighter is weird when compared with a starship, but, well…

    The newest US aircraft carrier is about 13 billion dollars each. The cost of an F-35 is loosely about 100 million. The F-22 was listed at 150 million in 2009, but may have wound up cheaper than the F-35 had it been adopted as the primary fighter (i.e. the reason a B-2 bomber costs 2.2 billion instead of, well, over a magnitude LESS than that). So yeah. I can forgive a series like star wars making fighters remarkably expensive for their size compared with cap-ships because, well, REAL ships are similar.

    Right. Back to what I was saying before. Classic style, go with Star Wars. But what if you DON'T want to just have classic naval engagements, except them now being in space? Well, Star Trek then. Starships in Star Trek have a remarkable level of manueverability, such that you often can outright DOGFIGHT in them with enemy vessels. So in a sense, Star Trek is the opposite extreme of sci-fi settings, where instead of making the capital ship relevant, you just keep increasing the size and increasingly over-engineer the concept of an aircraft until it effectively BECOMES a capital ship. Which is actually a decent explaination for why "aircraft" roles are rare in that universe. As, well, a typical starfleet vessel can turn around in a 180 in less than 10 seconds even on a bad day. And on larger ships, will have at least one phaser facing every direction (a weapon which is MUCH better at not missing than, say, a flak cannon).

    Yes, other sci-fi settings exist. You could always go with the sniper-duels of railgun ships like in Halo (though you never actually SEE this sort of fight for some reason, most likely because its hard to make it cool). In a setting like that, where cap-ships are guns with ships built around them, then fighters can and will become relevant again as well, that giant gun is likely not effective against swarms, and it then becomes a question of how effective the anti-fighter weapons are at destroying fighters before they release their anti-ship munitions (or how well the gun-with-a-ship-built-around-it can take a hit).

  13. Yamato's big moment could have come at the Battle of Leyte Gulf but the Japanese Navy ran into Taffy 3 and decided to turn around and go home. They betrayed the spirit of Yamato just at the time when an all or nothing charge could have actually succeeded in doing something. Sinking the landing force, setting the US timetable back, giving the Japanese more time. Better than sending it off to Okinawa to die with a half a tank of gas.

  14. OH COME ON! Every warship related history video is sponsored by wargaming.net . I shouldn't complain tho. I like ships… and world of warships…. it's a good game

  15. When you are the biggest battleship in the world and get sent on a suicide mission just to have your magazine detonate

  16. the size of the yamatos guns is hard to grasp. about twice the size of the bismarck. more than 18 inches. a range many miles more than any other ship. thats why planes had to attack her instead of other ships.

  17. The Russian-Japanese War did promote Japanese warship building, but you should at least mention the Soviet-Japaese War that ended with a Soviet victory on land in 1939 and led to their neutrality pact which impacted the Japanese so much that they didn't attack the Soviets during WWII.

  18. I feel like the intro was the only way that this meme should ever be done. I dislike so much the "Lemme tell you how I got here". Classy, original, keep going.

  19. Designer: So how many guns do you want on this ship?
    Japan: yes
    Designer: Once again how many guns do you want on this ship
    Japan: yes

  20. The Shinano, a third Yamato-class battleship that was converted to an aircraft carrier/support ship mid-construction, had an even worse record and could possibly be considered the worst aircraft carrier ever fielded. She was sunk ten days after she was commissioned and didn't even see actual combat aside from her escort ships trying to defend her. To add insult to injury she was sunk by an American submarine, the USS Archerfish, who managed to sneak past her escorts and fire four torpedoes into her weaker armor below the water. Making her the largest ship ever sunk by a submarine, one of the worst aircraft carriers in history, and had an operational life of less than two weeks, in which all she did was ferry supplies.

  21. IJN Yamato is basically the Japanese answer to the Maus, with every fundamental problem the Maus had. What's even more surprising was the fact that the IJN Yamato even left the drawing board while the Maus didn't.

  22. Hi "Potential History", I appreciate your videos and your research – you are definitely "off the beaten path" i.e. you do have good sources that I can attest having graduated from the War College (US Navy Officer). The only thing I would recommend to your otherwise excellent production is to forget about the "questionable humor or jokes". War is not a game, it is not something to make joke of especially in a production such as yours. I fought three wars, 118 combat missions, lost 23 close friends… To have humor and jokes interspersed within tragic factual information is I would say disrespectful for any Veteran and victims of these wars, regardless of their political allegiance. Your channel is well made and interesting, please clean the dark humor out of it – war is not a game, I know, I was there… Ciao, L

  23. The poor Japanese. All this fuss about the great Yamamoto when in reality the first true firefight it gets in not only does it go to the bottom but it explodes killing most of his crew. And people thought made in Japan was a good thing

  24. now could you imagine this in a anime ship waifu girl…the horrors of basically being bombed and shot piece by piece untill just sinking while part of your ship parts break apart while you sink deeper and deeper in the cold embrace of the sea

  25. Yamato stayed most of time at naval bases in the Pacific w/o going out for battle. They nicknamed her "Yamato Hotel". It also means her amenity (air conditioning, fluorescent lightings etc).

  26. It was in the right war as it was designed to two on 2 USN Standard class battleships on an equal footing. The IJN failed to deploy the class into the combat zones. But, they held back all of their battleships only sending in their refurbished Kongo class battle cruisers because they were regarded as expendable. Had Yamato been at Guadacanal things would have been very different. Had they pushed with Kondo's invasion force, Midway might have fallen even though the IJN lost 4 carriers. By the time the US carriers had scrapped with the Mobile Force, they had almost no planes left to challenge Yamato. If the USN sorted their own battleships out of Pearl, it would take them 3 days and by then the IJN would have had 4 more carriers in the area to the US 2 with few planes.

    Yamato and the other IJN battleships were wasted out of concern that they would be sunk. Stupid that is what warships are designed to do, go into battle.

  27. Should be in the Midway Counter Attack on the U.S. Aircraft Carriers as the Carriers has Exhausted their Bomber and Torpedo Planes already then!

  28. The Yamato was the biggest, but the Iowa was the best. Japan knew Iowa class battleships could destroy Yamato and so Yamato turned and ran everytime Iowa was coming to fight.

  29. Love that movie you had in the background. It actually pretends that the type-3 anti-aircraft shells and the 25 mm aa guns could do something.

    Seriously though the Japanese did not have good triple-a.

  30. Who would win?

    The largest battleship ever built, mounting 18.1 inch guns and enough firepower to destroy any battleship


    A bunch of buzzy bois?

  31. Yamato and Musashi were built to find and sink the biggest, newest American battleships. With naval air power's accession, this became unlikely. But, an Ohio v. Yamato clash has been wargamed. It came down to whichever battleship would get the first hits with its main battery having the best chances. Only lucky hits at extreme range would have given Yamato victory. The Japanese ship's bigger guns (18" v. 16") could shoot farther, but the Ohio, with its radar-assisted targeting system, which Yamato did not have, could shoot farther "with accuracy". Ohio would likely have gotten the first hits. If it stood off beyond Yamato's accurate range, the advantage becomes Ohio's. Furthermore, American damage control was just better than the Japanese. Compare the remarkable, rather awesome stubbornness of Yorktown's dying fight at Midway with that of the four Japanese carriers sunk there. All in all, advantage Ohio.

  32. my former best friend thinks killing all the jews during ww2 was a good thing not a bad ting whenever I use to go to his house he would seriously dress up in a jazi uniform and he would go outside of his house and call people names and saying hail hitler out loud for Halloween he would knock on peoples doors and he would tell these people to praise and worship adolf hitler my former best friend still says till this very day that adolf hitler is the first and only true American Rockstar sadly me and my former best friend had a falling out dealing with a timeline history a timeline in American history which he says till this very day never ever exicsted and this timeline lasted from 1861 to 1865 he claims the American civil war was one very big controlled demoliitation and nobody died at all during the American civil war

  33. Lession #1 I learned from Japanese Naval warfare………………( #1 If you gonna build dat big bad then you need to use that big bad ) Basic talk………..you build it then you better use it or loose it.

  34. If at Midway Yamato and Musashi had been assigned one carrier or fleet carrier for fighter escort they could have sailed in and cleaned house after the air battle. York Town was finally sunk and Enterprise damaged pretty badly ……18" inch hell would have sunk all remaining US carriers and bought the Japanese some time. Enterprise one her own was left to deal with Japans air power and Navel power..!!! And to boot Enterprise did a lot of damage on her own after midway.

  35. The Japanese played to safe all the time………..They turned tail a lot when it looked bad or got rough and to boot they held their big fun toys back from battles rather then taking calculated risks. This lost them the early part of the naval War in the Pacific with the US. Midway ended bad but it could have been much worse on Enterprise and the US Naval Fleet if the Japanese had assigned one escort carrier to Yamato and Musashi and gave them 100% orders to close in and attack the remaining US forces and carriers left over no matter what happened to the Japanese Carrier Task Forces………period

  36. Iowa class battleships had a technological edge over the Yamato class in many respects: superior radar integrated with fire control that could accurately target day/night/foul weather, stabilized gun platforms that could accurately target while in motion, superior speed, superior anti-aircraft weaponry with proximity fuses…

  37. The Yamato was to the Japanese what the Bismark was to Germany. The loss of those ships was a detrimental blow to the moral of those nations. Just as the sinking of the HMS Hood was to Britain, which made the sinking of the Bismark all the more urgent.

  38. Yamato: takes -1 HP
    Yamato: uses damage control consumable
    American planes: bomb the ever-loving fuck out of Yamato
    Yamato: damage control still on cooldown
    Yamato: Screw you guys, I’m going home.

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