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Nothing beats a day on the water with family and friends and nothing powers those moments quite like Yamaha’s versatile line of mid-range outboards. Ranging in size from the mighty F115 down to the nimble F30, they offer just the right amount of power for a variety of applications. These 3- and 4-cylinder platforms are quiet, clean-burning, reliable performers, but that’s not all they have to offer The flagship of the mid-range family, the F115, is the lightest double overhead camshaft outboard in its class. It’s built on a 1.8 liter platform and features dimpled cylinder sleeves which help reduce weight and disperse heat for added reliability Long intake tracks and a free-flow exhaust manifold also make the air-in and exhaust-out Super efficient. Built on the same block as the F115, the all-new F90 and F75 feature a 16-valve single overhead camshaft design for incredible acceleration Yet lightweight while precision multi-point fuel injection provides reliable starts and outstanding fuel efficiency and moving up from a 1.6 to a 1.8 liter displacement Means more torque. To top it off Both motors have a weight reduction of 13lbs over their predecessors while providing even greater efficiency Another mid-range thoroughbred: the F70 is also the lightest in its class. A specially-designed cylinder head and 10% lighter pistons and valves make the F70 more than 80 lbs lighter than its closest competitor It’s the lightest 70 horsepower outboard available. Period. The F70’s advanced single overhead camshaft design with 4 valves per cylinder and 17 percent larger intake valve area compared to our 60 hp model produces incredible power and the F70 is still a class leader in power-to-weight ratio Light weight, combined with a 16-valve single overhead cam design and high gear ratio make it one of the most responsive outboards on the water Moving to the popular F50 and F60 outboards, You’ll find a single overhead cam design and precision multi-point fuel injection for quick starts, superior performance, and maximum efficiency new, streamlined towel designs and a reengineered engine pan offer better drainage Now, couple that with a multi-function tiller handle, you won’t find a better addition to your skiff or aluminum fishing boat …and rounding off the mighty mid-range lineup: the F40 and F30 outboards blend power and fuel efficiency with quiet performance and quick starts If your idea of a good time on the water takes you to the skinnies, shallows, and rocky bottom rivers, Yamaha mid-range jet drive outboards give you maximum maneuverability in minimum water. The F115, F90, F60, and F40 mid ranges are all available in a jet drive design That will literally take you anywhere a boat can go For even more versatility, get a grip on an intuitive ergonomic design with our innovation award-winning multifunction tiller handle. It is control and comfort at your fingertips and features smooth shifting an extended throttle handle, and 90° turn to wide open throttle that make it a pleasure to you This tiller handle is fully featured supported with an engine warning buzzer stop switch, power trim and tilt switch, and Yamaha’s exclusive variable trolling RPM switch The tiller handle is optional on all outboards: F30 to F115 and on the F40 to F115 jet outboa rds, and the factory-equipped handle on the F40 tiller model features LED lights that signal overheating or low oil pressure conditions Yamaha mid ranges in three and four cylinder configurations are designed for horsepower tailored to the size of your boat and your application So if you’re looking for the perfect way to take off for the day explore our innovative line of fuel efficient four-stroke Yamaha mid-range outboards Visit one of our over 2000 Yamaha dealers nationwide to see one for yourself. Yamaha: reliability starts

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