Yamaha Saltwater & the Potomac River

(dramatic music) – From CarecoTV, one
of the longest running outdoor programs on
television today. Exploring the
country and the coast in search of adventures. From the mountains of
the great northwest, to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean. This is Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin. This week, we head
to the Potomac River where Clark Wendlandt will
fish with a very special winner of the Americana Outdoors
Giveaway on this famed fishery. But first… We’ll make a stop
at League City, just a 30-minute drive
south of Houston, Texas, and meet up with
professional angler and Yamaha Pro
Staff, Bill Platt. He’s taking his son
Caleb to a Cabela’s store to do some last-minute shopping for everything they need for
their fishing trip in the Gulf. (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Captain Bill Platt. I’m here at the
League City Cabela’s, and we’re going in
here and looking at all the fishing equipment
they got to offer. We’re going off-shore
fishing tomorrow with my son Caleb Platt. – Hey guys. – We’re gonna come in here
and see what kinda equipment, and tackle, and
hooks, and weights. Everything we need to go
off-shore fishing tomorrow. We’re very excited. Me and Caleb went to Cabela’s
to get some last-minute hooks, and weights,
and some jigs. I brought Caleb and showed him
assortment of lures they have and I explained to
him what each lure you catch on each
saltwater lure. They got lots of lots
of lures to choose from. – Just look at all these. – I know, isn’t it awesome? These are good, too. There are great. They got some
awesome stuff here. For the average consumer
going to Cabela’s, they have so many
different seminars. From hunting, to fishing,
and stuff like that, so the average consumer can
go in there and learn so much. The staff there, they know
so much about their product and the stuff they sell there. The average person can go
in there and learn so much from the people that
work there, you know? That have a job there. So when you come in,
if you don’t know what rod and reel you need,
just kinda ask this guy here. Ask one of the associates here, and they’ll get you a reel
that’s in your price range. You tell them exactly what
you’re lookin’ forward to catchin’, and they’ll match
the rod and reel together. (upbeat music) I love goin’ to Cabela’s
’cause they got electronics, fishin’, guns, huntin’,
all the apparel. Up-to-date, every single thing. You go one place
and you have it all. Now all’s I gotta do is
get the fish to cooperate. (energetic music) What we’re doin’ here, we’re
just turnin’ all the percos on, gettin’ the batteries turned on, gettin’ everything fired up, gettin’ all the
electronics fired up, make sure everything
comes on correctly. Just fired up the motors. You see they’re all runnin’. The wind’s blowin’
pretty hard today. It’s supposed to be four foot, so it’s gonna be a
little snotty today. We weren’t anticipating that. We’re just goin’ fishin’. It’s just me and my son today. Hopefully we can
catch some fish. I know it’s gonna be rough,
but we’re gonna go out there and make the best of it. Bottom machine, I’m gonna
check the weather here. Make sure there’s no
storms, no bad weather on our way before we go out. I always check the weather
every time I go out. The weather’s very, very
important to off-shore fishin’. Here’s my bottom machine. I got a 3KW transition
going to a 7612. Right now I know
I’m at the dock. It’s four foot. But I’m gonna have
it in split screen. What split screen
is, on the right, I can zoom in on 10, 15,
20 feet at the bottom. So if I’m at 200 feet,
I can zoom in 15, 20 feet to the bottom. If I’m lookin’ for grouper,
or snapper, or bottom fish, I can zoom in, it’ll
magnify 10 feet or 15 foot of the bottom so I can see exactly
what’s on the bottom so I know exactly
what fish is there. Right now, I have
Helm Master engaged. What I’m doin’,
this one control, joystick controls
all three motors. All three motors turn
a different direction, so especially when
I have the wind pushin’ me up against the dock, I hit the joystick Helm
Master and I push it this way, and it kept me off the other
boat when I was pullin’ out. Anybody can drive it. Lot of people mess up docking
or pullin’ out of the dock. They don’t know how much gas
to give it, or which way. You start gettin’ excited and
you start hittin’ throttles. That’s how the accidents happen. With joystick Helm
Master, you hit a button and you run the whole
boat off this right here. It’s simple. (upbeat music) Today, I was really
focusin’ on Helm Master. They got a new feature
from the Helm Master now that’s a part of Helm
Master, it’s called SetPoint. SetPoint is a really,
really cool feature. You hit a button and
your boat will set right where you want it to. It’s got two GPSs on top
the bow and the stern, so it kinda knows
exactly where you’re at. It’s got FishPoint,
SetPoint, and DriftPoint. DriftPoint is if I want the
boat to drift any direction, if I’m puttin’
lines three, four, five lines out along the boat, and the current’s runnin’
this way a little bit, I can move the boat like this
and make it drift perfectly the way I want it to drift, or if I want to move
it back a little bit. When we’re self-fishin’, or
say, sword fishing at night, or drift fishing for king fish, I can set it exactly
where I want it. The other day we went
out and caught bait. I ease into the rig, up current,
and I hit fish point stern. What I did, I put the
stern to the current and up current of the rig, and
there was nobody on the helm so we’re up there catchin’ bait, and as I was takin’ bait off, there’s another free
man, more or less. That’s a person that
usually you got to have, and you don’t have
to have that no more. – You can find out more
about Yamaha’s integrated digital boat control system
Helm Master with SetPoint at YamahaOutboards.com. Well coming up, meet the winner of the Americana
Outdoors Giveaway. He’ll get an opportunity
to fish with a pro. Stay tuned. – Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, is brought to you by Garmin. Fight your fish, not
your fish finder. Bass Pro Shops. Your adventure starts here. Ranger Boats. Still building
legends one at a time. And by Cabela’s. It’s in your nature. (energetic music) Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Now Clark Wendlandt is
taking Americana Outdoors Giveaway winner, William
Higgins for a fun fishing day on the well-known fishery,
the Potomac River. – On the Americana Outdoors
website, we had a giveaway, and people submitted
their applications, and Will was the winner. The cool thing was, is
he lived in Maryland. I was comin’ to the Potomac
River to fish an FLW Tour event, and so I just thought
hey, we’ll hook up right after the event’s over. Hopefully I’ll know
where a few fish are because I’m gonna be
fishin’ the event, and we could go spend
a day on the water. – I saw an ad on TV
actually, for this contest. I went online and I
followed the link, and submitted my name
for this contest, and I was really lucky and
I actually got the chance to come fish with Mr.
Clark Wendlandt today. – Hey, I think it’s
just gonna be a fun day. It’s a super great
place to fish. – Yeah, I’m super excited
to come fish out here. I’ve never been out here before, and I’m really excited to get
this chance to fish with you. – It’s awesome. It’s a tidal fishery. I think we’re gonna
catch some fish. Let’s go see what happens. The Potomac River’s
a tidal fishery. And when you’ve got a tidal
fishery the tides fluctuate here as much as about
two and a half feet. It’s every six hours, so you
could have on a really low tide the fish could be in
totally different places. You always think about it. I love this fishery because
it’s a thinkin’ man’s fishery. You have to always be thinkin’, where are the fish
gonna go on this tide? What’s gonna happen
on a low tide? What’s gonna happen
on a high tide? Generally speaking, a
low tide is the best. We’ve got a pretty cool day. I’m gonna actually go over
here on my Garmin 7612. I’m gonna go to tides. There’s a nearby station
right here, Indian Head. What it says to me is,
is high tide about 5 AM. What we’re gonna
have all day today, we’re here early in the
mornin’, it’s about six o’clock. Our tide’s just gonna
be fallin’ out all day. I think it’s gonna make
the fishin’ better. It oughta get better
late in the day. So you’re just basically
startin’ to get into fishin’? – Kinda, so when I was
a kid in Pennsylvania, I’d do a lot of fishing ’cause
I used to live on a lake. I never learned out
to fish with lures, so it was all live bait. Minnows, and worms,
and stuff like that. So I’m just getting
back into fishing, and kinda learning
how to do fishing with all the lures, and hard
plastics, and everything. – Yeah, there’s a
whole world out there, and there’s so many
different things to think of. You can get
overwhelmed in no time. It used to be when I very
first started fishin’, there wasn’t all this
variety that there is now. Now when you start lookin’
at all the different baits, to me they’re kind of
tools that I use every day, but when you think of that,
man, it’s fairly overwhelming. We’ve been just fishin’ along on the outside edge
of this grass bed. There’s grass out
and there’s grass in. Ooh, look at that. He pretty much choked on
that plug right there. See that? That’s cool. First bite of the day on top
water is what I was hopin’. (ambient music) Good start. – Clark, how do you get
ready for a tournament? Like for an area like
this that you just had. – When I’m fishin’ a tournament,
what I usually do is, is I get to a body of water
and I want to see it all. I want to see every
bit of it, if I can. I’ll get out there, and a
lot of the very first day I practice is, is
just ridin’ around. I’m gonna look at as
much of it as I can. I want to know what,
like on this fishery, I want to know how
much grass there is, and where the grass is, and if there’s some wood
that looks different. I’ve been here a lot of times, so I kinda know where a
lot of the hard cover, the wood or the rocks are. But the grass changes,
and every year is a little bit different. You just gotta get out there
and ride, and look at it. The other thing that happens is, is at low tide you can
see it all really well. At high tide, you don’t
even really know it’s there, for the most part. And so low tide’s
kinda the time to go. It’s one of those things. The only way to really find
fish on a place like this is just to cover a lot of water. Alright. Well, you better get
after it out there. – I know, I gotta get it. (ambient music) – Look at that, he’s
got some kinda wound in his back right there. – Oh wow. – It just shows you
how hardy they can be. His fin only goes halfway
right there, but cool. – Maybe he got into a
fight with a snakehead. – Maybe he did. – Get out there,
and it’s kinda slow. – Clark picks up
two really quickly, and I’m sittin’
there in the boat. I’m like, oh no, I’m gonna
spend all day out here and not catch a fish. I don’t wanna be skunked and
fish with a pro fisherman. It’d just be terrible. – Americana Outdoors
will be right back after these messages. – Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin has been brought to
you by Yamaha Marine. Reliability starts here. Engel Coolers. Rugged, durable,
high-performance marine coolers. And by Sawyer Products. Sawyer, we keep you outdoors. (upbeat music) Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Now as part of showing
our appreciation, we’re thrilled to be able
to give our viewer and fan, an opportunity to
get to fish with us. William Higgins entered
the giveaways program on AmericanaOutdoors.com,
and won the fishing trip with three-time FLW Angler
of the Year, Clark Wendlandt. (grunting) – Oh, it came off. Doggone it. That was on a frog. Which that grass just
looks so good out there that it’s just hard
not to throw a frog. In that heavy vegetation,
you’re gonna lose one every once in a while. (upbeat music) – I think I’m gonna
change to a frog. – Yeah, throw a frog
’cause we’ll go through this whole grass bed right here. – How do you decide a bait color when you’re throwin’ something? – A lot of it’s just trial
and error, or experience. On a frog, you
can go with black, you can go with white,
or you can kinda go with that greenish
lookin’ frog color. I think any of ’em
can work equally well. – Clark, how did you end
up as a pro fisherman? – I really just
always loved to fish. I went fishin’, my mom
and dad took me fishin’. That’s kinda what
we did on the week, fishin’ or huntin’,
one of the two. And then I’m just
extremely competitive. Like for example, even my kids, I don’t let ’em win
at anything, you know? At Candy Land, hey I’m
gonna win in Candy Land. It doesn’t matter what it
is, I just want to win. You gotta be competitive
to win at fish tournaments because it’s just something
that kinda drives you to win. We’re all competitive
to an extent, but I’ve kinda got it
worse than most people do. Anyway, that’s kinda
how I got goin’, and had some success,
and just went from there. Now Will, we just
gotta figure out what they’re gonna bite on. Anything you want to try,
you’re welcome to try. (slow music) Yeah, that’s one thing
that people think at home. They think you
come out and film, and you’re just catchin’
’em the whole time, but it’s never that way. It’s always work to
try to figure ’em out. You know, some days you
have those dream days where you just get out
there and just kill ’em. A lot of days, it’s just
you gotta figure out what they’re doin’. (mumbling) caught him
on a little swimbait. I was sittin’ there lookin’. There’s a perch in
the water right there that looked like
somethin’ had spit it up, and then all of a
sudden that one bit. Not very big, but it’s a fish. – Yeah. (laughs) – There’s one. – Nice. – Right up on that point
where you missed that one. That’s a good one. Now I picked up that popper,
and it was pretty much the first cast with the popper. He ate it. (slow music) Get him. – Oh boy. – Yeah, he tried to
eat the whole popper and it got him
hooked right there, and it come outside the mouth. Grab some pliers. – Yeah. – That was a great
bite right there. Man, he bit it hard. Strike King KVD Splash. That’s a Potomac River bass. The tournament we
just fished here, there were so many fish
caught like this right here. Two and a half to three
and a half pounds. It was unbelievable. (slow music) – Got one. – There you go. There you go. – Whoo. – Not a great, big one, but– – Still a fish. – Yeah, it’s definitely
still a fish. You’re throwin’ a
little swimbait there. – Little swimbait, yeah. – Cool. Now that’s the second
bite you’ve had. I had one on a swimbait,
and then I also caught that one on top water. You need some pliers? – Yeah. – There you go. – Thank you. – He was hooked good. – Alright, there we go. Cool. – Awesome. – Hey, stay tuned. Americana Outdoors
will be right back. – Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been brought to
you by Bradley Smoker. Food smoking made easy. Power-Pole. Swift, silent, secure. And by SPRO Sports
Professionals. (upbeat music) Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. We’re fishing with
Clark Wendlandt and the winner of the
Americana Outdoors Fishing Trip Giveaway,
on the Potomac River. – Really what makes
the Potomac River such a vibrant
fishery is, is grass. If you didn’t have grass
here, it’d still be good. There’s hard cover, and
there’s rocky banks. There’s all kinds of
places for fish to spawn. But when you have grass, that’s
what makes it so dynamic. These flats run a long way, and there’s all
different kinds of grass. There’s eel grass, milfoil,
coontail, hydrilla, and probably four or five I
don’t even know what they are. There’s also lily pads, and there’s two different
kinds of lily pads. You can just about
find anything here, and the grass is really the key. – Oh boy. – There you go. – Yeah. – Oh, there’s one followin’ him. – Oh yeah. – Look at that. – Was a big one. – It was. – I think he wanted
the swimbait too. Just this guy got to it first. – Yeah, that’s probably
exactly what happened. – Oh my goodness, if he quit. – Yeah, that fish went
right under the boat, but I couldn’t catch him. – Yeah. – Cool. – Nice. – There you go. – Another one. (energetic music) – There he is! – Ah! – Good job, man. – Whoo. – Another one on the
swimbait, that’s cool. – Another one on the swimbait. – We’ve kinda just
worked our way to the outside of this grass, and the wind, Will will
tell ya, wind is howlin’. I mean, it is howlin’. We’re just gettin’
out here and driftin’. A lot of times, if you just
use the wind as your friend, it’ll help you
catch a lot of fish. – There you go. – Good job, Will. That’s fun. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – We’ve caught some of our
fish today on a popper. I’m throwin’ a Strike
King KVD Splash. The setup with this bait, I used to only throw
monofilament on top water because you want
your line to float. What I’ve actually gotten into, is throwin’ braid with
a monofilament leader. If you look, you can see
the braid right here. This is actually Sunline BX2 going to the fire 15-pound mono. The reason I do that is,
is just when I hook a fish I’ve got instant
contact with that fish. I can tell if he’s on there, can tell if I need to
keep workin’ the bait. It helps me work the bait just
a little bit more crisper, because I don’t
necessarily have to have any stretch in that line. As far as my rod goes,
I’m throwin’ an XML Bass jerkbait top water rod. This rod right here
makes it really easy to work those walkin’ baits. It’s the right size. If you get a rod that’s too
big, you just can’t do it. This rod feels
absolutely perfect. Right around six and a
half foot, you can work it. It’s light, you can
just do it all day long. That’s a good one,
that’s a snakehead. Look at there! – Wow! (energetic music) – Big, old snakehead. – That was cool. – I could see him comin’. (laughs) – Wow. That thing is mean. – Look at the size of that guy? – Holy cow. – Look at the pattern on him? That’s pretty awesome. (energetic music) Eeh! – Oh wow. – They say that those guys
are pretty good eatin’. Not really sure I
want to touch him. (laughs) When you look at
’em, you can see why they call ’em a snakehead. I mean their pattern
looks like a snake. They’re supposed to be
extremely good eatin’. Hey Will, thanks for
joinin’ us today, man. It’s been a lot of fun. I mean, it’s a
really cool place, and you were a great guest. I enjoyed fishin’ with you. – Well I really appreciate
you havin’ me out here. This was a lot of fun. I had a great time, we
caught a bunch of fish, for may standards, anyways, so thanks for
havin’ me out here. – We’ll do it again sometime. (energetic music) – The next winner could be you. To win this fishing
trip with a pro just simply go to
AmericanaOutdoors.com, click on giveaways, and sign up. You can also keep up with
Americana Outdoors Giveaways and prizes information
on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Hey thanks for watching,
and we’ll see you next time on Americana Outdoors. (dramatic music) Americana Outdoors is
a CarecoTV Production.

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