Write an IELTS Task 2 essay on NATURAL DISASTERS – lifeboat

e-fluentenglish.com Walk ‘n’ Talk The word for today is LIFEBOAT LIFEBOAT (noun) Let’s read: This boat formed part of the rescue equipment on the Finnish ferry Finpartner built at the shipyard in Dansk, Poland and launched in 1995 by the shipping company Finnlines for crossings between Finland, Sweden and Germany with the capacity for 274 passengers. Before it was purchased by the Finnish shipping company, the boat was apparently used to rescue the crews of the tanker that sank after a fire broke out aboard. It never had to be used on its routes with the Finnpartner and when the ferry was adapted in 2007 to meet new shipping regulations the rescue equipment was replaced and the lifeboat was decommissioned. I want you to check the grammar, is it perfect? Are there any mistakes? I want you to look at the word (the last word) DECOMMISIONED. This is a verb. What does it mean to ‘decommission’? Let’s have a look at this LIFEBOAT. I’m in the Parque de Ciencias in (Granada) Spain. This is why I want you to check the English on the signs. This is the lifeboat, and this is inside. This is the safety equipment. Everyone has … like a seatbelt to secure them in the rough seas. LIFEBOAT e-fluentenglish.com

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