Wowowin: ‘Sexy Hipon’ Herlene, tinamaan sa isang U.S. Navy! (with English subtitles)

Please speak in English because we have some friends from… California. Oh my gosh! That’s going to be a bit of a challenge! Oh my gosh! English! I can talk. You’re so handsome. Wow! What else? What else, Hips? Do you want to talk to him? I want to talk [to] you. Do you want to talk to me? Do you want to talk to me? What’s your name? How are you, my name is Patrick. Oh my gosh. Do you have a girlfriend? I don’t have. What? I have nothing. Wait a minute. He doesn’t have girlfriend. Hey, Hipon [Shrimp]. What’s with your body language? What about that? You’re being too cutesy. There’s another one. We have another one here. There’s another entry. I’m just simple, he’s staring at me. Oh my gosh. Hey, you’re blushing! You’re so fast. Hi, I’m ahh… by the way I would like to introduce myself. Ahmm, I’m Rodello. I’m Rodello Solano Jr., 24. Hi, nice meeting you. You’re so good-look—yah. The way you smile, I think you catch my attention already. If ever you [have a] plan to sing, what [would be your] song? ***Donita sings*** Excuse me… That’s not a song. What? I have a song, this [is] for you. What song is that? “Talikodgenic Daw Ako” Do want to sing your song? You wanna sing a sing? You wanna song a sing? [Do] you want a song? I will sing for you. Oh, the dancers, the dancers. All out, all out. Backup [dancers]! Backup [dancers]! Backup [dancers]! With the Backup [dancers]! Ha? With the Backup [dancers]! Look at that. With the Backup [dancers]! Come on, girls! Come on, come on! Look at me, not my girls, huh? Ah, there’s the backup [dancers]! Come on! Let’s go! So, are you saying that you have a song for him? Yes, I have a song for you. Come close to her. Compress, compress. Oh [do] you want to sing? Compress, compress. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Okay? Listen, handsome. I will sing for you. This is for you. This is dedicated for you. Go! Join me! ***Hipon [shrimp] sings*** Thank you very much, ‘Wowowin’ dancers! Thank you! You did well, Hipon [Shrimp]! Oh, he might like you! It was amazing! However, you should always be facing backwards. What [can] you say about my song? What? Baby? Oh, it’s baby already? What? She’s coughing! Water! Water! Did you love her dance? Yeah, it was really good. Super. My dance only? She has a strong personality Very driven, you’re radiant. You already knew it, girl; you have strong personality but he didn’t say anything about your appearance. How about my face? Did you not — About the face? About face. No, just joking. No girlfriend? Oh wow. He doesn’t have girlfriend, he’s good-looking. Bring me to US [United States], I’ve never been there, baby. Maybe we should go to your dad, to Papa! What? Did you like it? You’re my crush, crush, crush. You’re my type [ideal guy] Talk to her mother, he’s with his parents. Mama! Come to mama! Mama, did you like it? You’re gorgeous. Approved! Do you want me for your son? Yes, you’re kind. Huh? Yes, you’re kind. She only said kind. “Yes, you’re kind.” Mother, do you prefer a younger girl for your son? Donita is gay; she’s like too dynamic; me, a younger girl – never been kissed, never been touched. Baby, come on, baby!

100 thoughts on “Wowowin: ‘Sexy Hipon’ Herlene, tinamaan sa isang U.S. Navy! (with English subtitles)

  1. Repeatedly watching this video…nakakawala ng stress kayo Patrick and Hipon…sana muli kayong mgkita and more videos…God bless.

  2. this segment moment ni herlene @ patrick i won't 4get him 4ever,im very happy during that time.& this is the 1st time that i started to watch wowowin until now super masaya actually bagay sila ni hipon subra.amazing chemistry dalawang ito..thanx to patrick for visiting wowowin for the first time i think!?and he come back again last nov.21,so very very super kilig hehehe million fans was very happy that time.thank you so much herpat,super bagay kayo..mabuhay kayo!merry x'mas..from C🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  3. Bukod sa kakaibang beauty mo Hipon…..ang lakas ng iyong Charisma humahatak hanggang dto sa Sydney….mala Cyclone Yolanda ang lakas

  4. Patrick, balik ka ulit sa wowowin. Please! I enjoyed your second visit when you brought Hipon flowers, chocolates, and a Navy cap. I can’t get enough of you together with our Hipon

  5. Gamitin mo isip mo Herlene,mas mahal ka ni Patrick di tulad ng nanjan ngayon….taken for granted ka lang…walang panahon sa iyo pero may kasamang iba! mgisip isip ka for your future….

  6. D po nababagay Si IDOL HIPON KO.kay PATRICK..gagamitin lng sya ng mga taong gustong SUMIKAT instantly..kaya tumigil kayo sa ngbabalak.OK

  7. Gusto. Po ang pinzpanood ko kayo. Masaya si Patrick at talagang in love sya Kay Helene mararamdaman MO. At makikita sa itsura

  8. Ako dn inu ulit ulit k tlaga pnanood to lalo n pg nboring ako,ang gnda tlaga nla tingnan bgay n bgay clang dlawa patrick at herlene love it💖💖nkita k rn s mga mukha nga mama n patrick at knyang sister,na gustohan dn nla c hips mukha dn clang mbait godbless s inyo🙏🙏

  9. Ang tangkad ni Harlene😍😍😍 pang model height talaga..I love her body sexy at matangkad bagay cla ni Patrick, who knows diba Baka Maging cla in the future… Enjoy life muna.

  10. Kua Will bagay kau ni Janene ung Ilocana Vlogger . Dpat sya ligawan nyo. Kc Maganda, Intellegent, Decente ung tipong pinapakasalan kua Will

  11. Hello kuya willy i Need your help
    may problima po ako
    sana tulongan nyo po ako sa problima ko na sana ma lukat ko yung lupa namin mag ka patid sa Banko sa halagang 200k sana kahit maka hiram ako ng pang tubos Sir tulong nyo po ako isa akung OFW sir pls …HAPPY Birthday po in advaance po .
    God Bless you po

  12. Happy Birthday Kuya Willy. I & our family hope that God will shower more blessings and give many many birthdays to come🎂❤️🙏🎈🎉🌹🎂

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