WOW!! Checkout this Ship Wreck on the most Stunning Beach in Greece! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 116

there’s nothing on the charts here, so were going in blind.
Really?! Yeah one engine with a med mooring how nervous are you out of 10? quick, grab me a glass of water.
oh my god, ok we spent the past two days with inconsistent winds sailing from sicily across the ionian sea to zakynthos having such fluky winds meant there wasn’t much sailing going on jack my cousin had just joined us and it was our last night on passage, we were expected to arrive at our final destination of a zackynthos when the sun came up well hello there it is 11 p.m., and i’m on watch Riley is awake helping me out keeping an eye on her Sailing conditions, what’s been going on this afternoon Riles? this afternoon we’ve had about 11 knots at 130 degrees 137 and we’re headed 10 or 20 degrees off course just to maintain that speed of about seven knots seven and a half. yeah. But yeah before then we had to motor a bit because it dropped down to 2 knots but then it was bombing this morning and got up to 18 It’s been it’s been a little bit of everything there’s nothing on the charts here and there’s nothing from rod so we’re going in blind. really?! yeah. This is the first ive heard of it yeah There’s a little bit on the iphone but it’s just there i don’t know it’s just uncharted i mean i don’t know why it’s not on any of these charts weird. that’s really weird don’t you think thats a sign maybe we shouldn’t go in Na thats a that can be good On top of the fact we were about to enter an unfamiliar, uncharted anchorage, we’ve been having problems with our port side engine. Last night when the wind died we fired it up only to have it conk out not to long after this morning we were to get on the job.
whats going on Riles? last night we started the port side engine and revs died and then i put it in neutral and sort of maintained and then i put it in forwards again and it died completely out so we pulled apart poor old jacks bed, we waited until morning cos we have had the other engine and also sails for when we’re not near land So we’re just gonna muck around with, we Think it’s fuel hey jack? yeah, well it just died out of nowhere, so..
so there’s a lots of different things that it could be and we’re gonna start pulling stuff apart now, we think we think it could be a leaky fuel hose or something like that blocked fuel filter i’ll give this a pump it was air in the fuel line we looked around for the leak and tightened everything we could i had run the diesel tanks pretty low on this crossing and thought that that might have something to do with it but for now we Had a large anchorage with plenty of room so even one engine would suffice Shipwreck beach or smuggler’s cove as its referred to has been a place on my bucket list to visit for many years now this freightliner the mv penny artists run aground one stormy day in 1980 there are rumors of this ship smuggling things like cigarettes alcohol and women you, can only reach this cove by boat or you can base jump down if you’re into that So we’ve all just been for a quick swim and checked on the anchor it’s not Really set or it’s dug but there’s so many boulders around so yeah it wouldn’t be good To stay the night here what’s the deal riley we’re staying the night here? no it picks up from here in the next 3-4 hours so there’s a an anchorage on the island to the north of here which would be quite good. okay All right well we only got a few hours then so we’re gonna swim to shore and check out this shipwreck there’s a stack of tourists around but for good reason the water is crystal blue and yeah, the whitest sandy beach it’s it really is something I cant see, Riley made a good move bringing his sunglasses, its so bright I reckon its a swing.
is there a swing up there?
well you can just see really really high up here it’s either swing or Like flying fox zipline but.
ive never been on one of them How do you slow down?
i think it’s a swing i think you jump off over here and you swing down and around and i am totally not gonna do that we swam back to La Vaga and got on our way, it would still be a few hours until we reached our next stop You know we’ve only got one engine so it’s like zoolander to go, like you know how he’s an ambi-turner he can’t turn right So he goes to go left we’re going to have to do that when we get up into the harbour So we’ve just been in shipwreck bay which is down here in Zackynthos and now we’re heading up to cephalonia we’re gonna anchor in there for the night hopefully hopefully no dramas and we’ll be totally fine yay thanks Jacky isn’t he the cutest?
Oh hes great oh no we’re just coming in One engine with a med mooring how nervous are you out of 10?
it’s the first med mooring i have had to do since Raratonga maybe like seven months ago So i’m really nervous Riley’s just spent the past ten minutes trying to calm me down because if that engine dies Like i can do minimal steering with the one engine and the helm but it’s going, to be difficult.
you’ll be fine pants I have massive faith in you yeah, awesome thanks i see it There’s a large mountain here on the left.. yep thank you very much Is it there’s a bunch of lights no, no its a city well we managed to do it with no dramas the engine held out until we tied off so Luckily one of the people who were standing on the shore awaiting our arrival which made me super nervous by the way lucy is a stalker she was on the ais and saw that we were coming So there was like a little welcoming party for us and i was worried the engine was gonna die so super nervous but it didn’t we got in here tied off and our a bunch of lovely people and one of them is a diesel mechanic so thats handy, riley is gonna go See him tomorrow and see if he can look at it anyway we all just had showers we’re feeling fresh and we’re about to head into town alright quick because there’s a beer calling in my name Okay, so just just quickly i just wanted to explain how fantastically Elayna did just then so we’ve got
and jack and troyer
no but in particular Elayna, it was that your first mediterranean mooring? yes my first med mooring in this boat.
so okay it’s night-time There’s a cross-breeze which is a nightmare and we’ve got one engine with jack downstairs on the fuel bleed screw nozzle because the revs are dying and the engines about to die friday night yeah how’s that? and it’s elaynas first mediterranean mooring which i’ll explain to you down here.
yeah we didn’t get too much about on film because it’s dark yeah so for those of you that don’t know what a mediterranean moring is it’s just a way that they more in the mediterranean so that they can fit more boats in very phallic for a minute there So you’re coming along here and you have to drop your anchor there whilst the wind is pushing you this way and then reverse back into your spot here So you sort of have to drop the anchor you’re getting pushed this way and then you’re like going like this all the time Then you drop into your spot and then you’ve got to throw your dock lines on pretty quickly get into place and then come in on this anchor and it holds you off of the key So that is a med mooring, that’s it, that’s how you do it and it’s pretty difficult like everyone panics about it when they’re over here and Elayna nailed it in a cross-breeze at night first time ever that was pretty impressive with one engine at times it’s not a very traditional greek town but it’ll do we found ourselves with some kind of square here what do you think jack
hmm okay a euros is a traditional greek like wrap things with chips and all naughty stuff it’s like a taco What’s going on?
this is the harbormaster and he he asked me to borrow the hose Yeah,
and he’s and he goes and also i need your boat papers and i was like who are you? he was like, im the harbour master Oh, okay sorry no worries, how much is it to stay here how much is it to stay here? 10-15 euros okay, alright, fair enough and we filled up with water as well so we it’s a nice island and i like you nice town
yeah very nice turns out we were in a nice town our boat was surrounded by hundreds of loggerhead turtles that come to nest each year we were tied off To the town quay of agostole in a very protected natural harbour agostoles also the capital here on the island of catalonia? what ya upto?
having a bit of a wash down, a little for you, a little for me how good is it..? you better not be wetting my rugs, good, you’ll be in trouble you want a hand with this thingy, no do you wanna make some water here or quick grab me a glass of water oh, my god, ok ill get you some water that how much diesel you reckon you just got in your mouth? a lot Skoll it and spew it honestly you do not want, to have diesel go through your system That’s so rough, so rough, i feel so bad for you right now have a skull of this milk, Riley swallowed Diesel there’s girls at the back of the boat saying there’s a massive turtle which i totally miss cuz i’m like Freaking out about the diesel.. i don’t know no offense riley i feel real bad for you but i did want to see the turtle yeah i understand that i wanted to see it aswell that afternoon we went for a wander around the place The last time we were in greece was 3 years ago, it felt surreal to be back in the same country where it all began they’re really good.. 1, 2 please give the video a thumbs up guys and drop us a comment join us next week for a day trip around Catelonia, interviews as sailors goodbyes and possibly the end of the world..

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  7. A quick tip for fuel problems. I carry a 2 litre bottle of super clean diesel pre filtered and it has two 1 metre hoses coming out. plumbed with no air leaks in bottom feed line and return near top. Not lid. It is see through. So….the feed goes directly onto my fuel filter on motor and the other has a male fitting for fuel return. I always start with fuel return off and collect first 5 seconds in a beaker to see what diesel in engine is like. Water ? Bad diesel ?you will see… Then I put return into my nipple once I see it clear and OK. Takes me 40 second to install in an emergency. It will happen. Bad diesel , blocked filter , water in DIESEL. Lifter pump failure.. It will give me 2 hours at 1400rpm… Also has to be above engine . in case problem is fuel lifter pump. Anyway Enough time to change filters get on a mooring, chathe batteries to call for help etc. It has saved me twice.

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    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  17. Most likely is the water impeller that keeps the engine cool along with the water pump. You need to keep at least 2 of each one of those parts in your boat along with plenty of filters for your water maker with the tools needed to replace each one of these parts.
    Mouth siphoning diesel fuel, it is the biggest NO, NO, I am an 18 wheel driver who also work in diesel 18 wheeler diesel engines , I would not touch it with my bare hands, let it alone with my mouth. Besides diesel being very toxic, it is a major cancer producer.
    When in the USA go to a Harbor freight store, they have portable 3 pounds size battery operated fuel pumps able to pump 10 gallons per minute. (125.00 USA dollars )
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  26. Cephalonia

    Cephalonia or Kefalonia, formerly also known as Kefallinia or Kephallenia, is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece and the 6th larger island in Greece after Crete, Evoia, Lesvos, Rhodes and Chios. It is also a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands region, and the only municipality of the regional unit. It was also a former Latin Catholic diocese Kefalonia–Zakynthos and short-lived titular see as just Kefalonia.Wikipedia

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