World’s Largest Container Ship, Evergreen 20,000+ TEU Class “Ever Given” Into Kaohsiung Harbor

Evergreen Ever Given container ship into the harbor Spectacular approaching Through the middle Two harbor tugboats assist right turn in front left Ready for mooring Turn right by four harbor tugboats (mooring) Turn right by four harbor tugboats (mooring)

40 thoughts on “World’s Largest Container Ship, Evergreen 20,000+ TEU Class “Ever Given” Into Kaohsiung Harbor

  1. 1:00………Just think of the value of the ship plus cargo. You'd think they would double up on the handling tugs. The tug dispatcher: "What's that? The 'Ever Given' is arriving? Double up boys. Everybody on deck. I want half the fleet on that baby…..and the other half on hot-standby."

  2. Every Carriers eager to build larger container vessel but the lifting is decreasing every year.
    There is not enough volume in the market

  3. One ship , big deal , marsk has 20 triple e class ships that hold 18000 each , ya 20 they built not one like this one , ya maybe they hold the record but marsk is the biggest in amount of ships moving

  4. I was wearing ear buds for this to get the best sound quality, I heard those big engines in the tugs, but is it possible to hear the ship's main engine also?

  5. I can think of a lot of different things I could do with all that steel. I think we should be shipping under water instead of on top. This thing is tons of maintenance.

  6. not true – OOCL Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and Indonesia are lagest. do not post carp and fake info

    these evergreen ships are 4th largest behind OOCL, CMA and Maersk

  7. Nice video, and impressive ship. Interesting to watch how the tugs coordinate to maneuver the ship , first slowing the ship down (the tug at the rear)as she enters the harbor, then teaming up to turn her in preparation for docking, two tugs forward on the port side, one towing aft, while on pushes on the starboard side aft. I would love seeing that ship fully loaded with containers.

  8. "World's largest" in title is a little misleading, it's NOT in terms of TEU. Regardless, it's a product of magnificent engineering. Thanks for the quality video!

  9. i wouldnt want to work here.. been with 15k teus ships.. steering is pretty bad especially if manual. imagine having a very big ship put not so much power.

  10. "You don't have to be a multinational corporation like Samsung, Hyundai or Daewoo to build a 400m long 20.000+ TEU container ship".

    Regards, Imabari-san
    ;D 😀

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