Wild camping with an Old Town Katahdin canoe, Adirondacks, Days 1 and 2 of 17

Put it down over there Bob My gear is all in This is all clothing and this is all gear This is your kit? This is my kit no that is just my camping gear, the electronic technology is separate The funny thing i love about being in a canoe or kayak when you first get in one you’re in a rush and you start powering away at the paddles and then … you realise it is not just about getting there most of the journeys we do are about getting there quick but in a canoe or a kayak the journey is a part of, a big part of the joy of it the movement of it all just trawling along at a pace where you can see everything that’s all a part of the experience instead of just paddling to your destination as quick as you can Give me a hug In the Adirondacks here again eh? Greetings peoples of the internet back in the Adirondacks again and due to popular request i’m shooting a little video of our campsite It is super bright this morning You might be able to hear that my throat is horse as hell so any presenting from me at the moment will be minimal until this gets better but i thought i would show you around it’s a beautiful morning although a bit cold bright! There is my sleep system It’s a 4.5 x 3.5 meter DD tarp my Dad is in a tent Over there is our Bear Locker for the foods Stunning when it is like this! Totally understandable why Doctors could recommend this for clearing up lung health I can watch my raw footage as much as watch the videos for the videos i am trying to make something other people would want to watch all of it is memories for me, do you understand? even the shit parts where i am looking at the camera arguing with myself maybe one day i’ll make an out takes bloopers reel all of the bits where i am staring down at a camera the sky as background and i’m saying “This fucking piece of crap!” I love the little pond skaters that must be like a dancing dinner for a fish The water was higher at the time, see where the green is on top of those rocks? Yes No you’re not looking at them Ahh i thought you meant that green over there ….sounds good maybe we can get some fly fishing done Yes, i can get some beginners luck fly fishing action done Do you remember when i got a catch the first time? that little small mouth (Bass) I’m seeing if i can skirt along the edge of this underwater log I was sure the last time we could see him and we were like casting past his we were from the boat casting past his nose and trawling our lures past him and all the other littler fish were staying out of his way No, that was just your childhood imagination was it? I remember seeing it’s face It was snagged up or something was snagged up, i think it was you that caught him it was me you were just about to take it and I got over eager tried to reel him in and he got off I remember seeing it’s face and it had a bill a bit like a salmon like a beak I remember he was dark with white spots what do you remember? Just a big eye and like a beak type bill like a ……. Like a Platypus do you mean? No more like a spawning salmon you when they have spent their loads and they are ready to die in the river and don’t give a shit We’re in a hole It doesn’t get much better than that Dad It doesn’t I can hear the kettle calling I can hear the kettle calling (same exact second repeated from the other camera)

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  1. That water is so smooth. Hard to believe with the rough water we had coming back that Sunday. What sort of mount are you using for you camera in this? Seems pretty far out from the canoe at times.

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