Why Won’t My Outboard Turn Over? Starting Issue?

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100 thoughts on “Why Won’t My Outboard Turn Over? Starting Issue?

  1. If you don’t have a load tester , note the voltage at the battery , the battery while cranking or load test , and the voltage at the starter while cranking , good charged battery should not drop more than two volts , a proper size cable in good shape should have less than a voltage drop of more than one volt

    # otc

  2. #otc I’ve had saltwater get into my battery cable through a crack in the isolation which caused it to corrode on the inside and cause poor starting….

  3. #OTC Just bought our first outboard. 77 Mercury 115 HP and have been watching episodes to be proactive! THANKS for the posts!

  4. #OTC that would be a great tool that I don’t have yet. As for your video, I had an 1970 115 Evenrude, great motor once it was started but always having to mess with the starter. Would never head out without a screwdriver for jumping and a hammer for tapping. No matter how many times I replaced it or shimmed it there was always a problem. But I did love it once it was running. Plus it was my first boat. 1960 19’ Stamas. Good solid boat. Thumbs up Arron.

  5. About 3 years ago my dad's friend who had a 1988 evinrude 115 on his boat that would turn over but way to slow and would start smoking if you left they key on for my then 10 second. Turns out when he first set up the boat he didn't have enough wire to run to the starters so he spliced 2 smaller sections to get the length he needed. It worked at first but over time the wire became corridor. He changed the starter twice and check all the fuse and switch but couldn't figure it out. We got a fresh battery and some jumper cables and when right to the starter with it. Turn the key to the on position hit the starter with the juice from our spare battery and vuhala! Would have used a load tester to make things simple but I've never owned one looks to be a very useful tool! Would have one thank for the opportunity to win one in this contest #OTC.

  6. #otc. I’ve had to on multiple occasions pull start a engine dead battery, bad starter, solenoid, corroded wiring always wise to keep a pull rope in the tool kit. Biggest ive done was a 70hp Johnson cold but ive heard it can be done on some bigger engines warm.

  7. #otc new used boat new to me used for years tho chilling on the sand bar with everything off tide came back on and it was time to leave click click click nothing both batteries dead thank God for the jump packs

  8. It sucks to know that one corroded or lose wire can leave you stranded or drifting into a bridge 😪😪
    Welcome to stress Ville

  9. Oh man have I had this issue over the years! It’s good to learn the order of the tests that should be done to try and quickly diagnose the problem. Good video! #OTC

  10. Well I have to be honest anchored up bottom fishing got ready to go in for the day turned the key and nothing keep in mind brand new Yamaha 115 sho well maybe 50 hours took me about 10 min of checking batteries and cable connections and noticed the binacle had been just barley pushed into gear yup🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 it’s usually something simple once again thanks for the great you tube channel you guys have

  11. #otc I had a no-start situation because my bulge pump failed and ran my batteries down. It took me a bit to troubleshoot it and your video really hit on some key areas we often overlook!

  12. #OTC I’ve had fuel problems, battery problems, and some temperature issues due water pump. All were repaired with good planning and patience! Great video with great information!

  13. Great video mate. Once I had corrosion on the battery terminals but nothing major just a clean and ready it started. #OTC

  14. #OTC was running boat for a couple of weeks when she wouldn't start. Starter was spinning but not kicking up to spin motor. I replaced the starter with one I had on hand and still the same. I went to switch to both batteries and when I did I had my wife turn the key and heard the spark from the wires to the battery . A little tightening and we were off and running

  15. #OTC another great video! A lot of info in this one. I also love the lit of the tools you use. I rather if I need it use the ones you use.

  16. #OTC once my old boat had a Johnson 175 2 stroke and I went to start it and it had no fuel pressure and I looked through the whole fuel system turns out it was the fuel filter btw great vid

  17. Had dual Mercury Optimax. The port engine wanted “perfect power”. If the battery wasn’t fully charged it wouldn’t turn over. The starboard engine was less picky. When port didn’t want to start I was usually able to start starboard and slave (through the battery switches) and get port to start. I decided it was a picky engine by starting starboard without an issue. Shut off starboard, swap batteries and start starboard with what was the port battery, no problem. Trying port with what was the starboard battery, still no joy. If I kept the batteries on trickle chargers, never and issue with either engine.

  18. Suggest Topics That You Would Like For Us To Cover On Technician's Tuesday! https://www.bornagainboating.com/technicians-tuesday/

  19. buddy of mine went thru all wiring for over an hour trying to figure out why his twins would not start… he called me over and it took me less than 15 seconds to identify that his kill switches were tripped. don't overlook the obvious. #OTC

  20. #OTC, hopefully I’ll be ok a few years with a new pair of Honda’s and all new batteries! Great info as always! 👍

  21. #OTC
    Another great troubleshooting video! Keep my battery, wiring and terminals in tip top shape so no issues. 🤞🏻

  22. Sitting 16 miles off Fort Pierce Fl. Inlet and turned the key to start the motor and all I got was "Crickets", the battery was only 6 months old and the battery cables clean and tight. Decided to jump the starter solenoid posts and she fired right up. #OTC

  23. First time I ever started my Yamaha 150, I got the same alarm sound and wondered why it wouldn’t start after 10 minutes of cranking. That kill switch lanyard is easily overlooked when your excited to get out on the water! 😂 #OTC

  24. Smoked a starter at the ramp trying to fire up a 70hp Johnson 2 stroke. Turns out the choke primer solenoid was stuck open flooding the thing. #otc

  25. Had an intermittent no crank on my 1971 mercury 500, when I rebuilt it last season, I noticed the wiring harness was very rotten, ever since I put a new CDI harness on it, she’s never failed to start. #otc

  26. On my previous boat I was getting a slow wind-over when starting. Cleaned the starter brushes, and it was like new. #OTC

  27. I recently had a no start issue. 2001 Yamaha 2 stroke 3.1l FI VMAX 200… after changing my water separator (pre-filled new filter with fuel), and engine mounted fuel filter (pre-filled new filter with fuel as well) Engine fired up quick and idled smooth, Then sat for a week and upon firing up the next time it ran awesome for about 2 min and slowly lost power and stalled.. and would'nt fire again. Huh its never done that, after checking for spark (which it had at every cylinder @ the plug)The fuel system looked fine no leaks fuel filter was full so I took the cover off the throttle bodies and noticed no fuel spray upon turning it over which verified no fuel at the cylinders.. WTF! Finally found that the fuel check valve that is located just after the engine mounted filter was stuck closed.. taped on it and blew it out.. walla.. back up and running again..water testing this weekend. so if your having the same issue it worth checking.. Are the check valves known failure items….. Thanx Born again love your vids….

  28. Wow i could use that !! #OTC Knock on wood !!! Most of our issues have been fuel flow . Buy a used boat and have to replace most everything in the fuel system . ETHANOL KILLS old engines !!!! Thanks !! Good video !!

  29. I had just this sort of problem on my little boat and by using yours (and 1 other) youtubers channels I fixed it all my self. Turned out to be a solenoid problem. Did the job my self and saved a tonne of cash. Plus now I know how to diagnose a problem if I'm out at sea.

  30. #OTC
    I have a few boats , one restoration is a 1986 sportcraft with a 1976 evinrude 90 hp that wouldn't crank. After much tracing the gremlin ended up being bad grounds. But at least the harness is all nice new and pretty!!!

  31. #OTC Love the videos, tons of info and "how to". I have a Finnmaster pilot 7.0 w/ a Yamaha 225 since 2013 never had any issue yet, I do all the maintenance on it and follow the procedures from the SM. A good video could be if a fault suddenly appears on the boat and help is far, make a step by step on how to fault find anything from electrics to fuel issues.

  32. #OTC my motor runs fine at first but when we decide to leave the fishing spot sometimes it decides to not start. Sitting there trying to start it for about 10 minutes before it fires up

  33. I love Tech Tuesday! I am restoring a 60 year old fiberglass boat just for fun! Great tips to help me put the whole package together! #OTC

  34. #OTC I need that load tester I was going to buy one this weekend. The screwdriver on the starter brings back memory’s. When I was 17 I had an old Chevy Vega that I had to start by jumping it with a screwdriver or park on a hill for an entire summer.

  35. Interesting that you are using a load tester to test for voltage drop across the cables, it's certainly a shortcut if you can safely place the clamps, I wouldn't have ever thought of that. Great video Aaron! #OTC (ps I don't need one) BTW your amazon links are not working correctly.

  36. Mercury 225 EFI:  I had an ignition fuse keep blowing.  It turned out that the fuel pump/VST was gummed up causing the fuel pump to pull a higher current then the fuse would allow.  Cleaned the fuel pump screen and VST tank, then ran Sea Foam through it and it's been running great ever since.

  37. #OTC This past November my engine died due to a defective fuel/water separator. It was allowing air to be sucked in to the fuel system, but not leaking gas out of it. Bypassing the filter aka cutting and splicing my fuel lines in the middle of the bay got me home under my own power.

  38. #OTC i once had a schrader valve on the high pressure fuel rail fail on my fuel injected 2 stroke. the little valve wasn't sealing and it wouldn't hold enough fuel pressure to run… so i got my dirt bike tire stuff, and with the little tool pulled out the valve and put in a little replacement that was in the kit. Its worked great ever since.

  39. So far haven’t been stranded (knock on wood). Heard enough horror stories to know that shoring up the electric start components was the first order of business on my old fixer-upper. Good video, though. Can be applied to basically every e-start machine. #OTC

  40. #OTC Bad key switch and cables. Jumped ignition with 12 volt lead to the coil and battery. Then I was able to clean the terminals on the starter and jump that with a screwdriver. I made it back home safely and finished the repair with a new ignition switch and all new cables. 👍🏻

  41. My boat when turn the key is weak but have battery need to test the whole system. That battery tester would be amazing. I was looking to get one this week 👌🏼. #otc

  42. #otc I'd like to see some videos on detailing although it's not mechanically related. Maybe some on the electronics as well

  43. Last February, I went to go push the start button for the starboard engine on my boat. The engine wouldn't turn over and made a clicking noise. Our mechanic checked it out and it was a bad starter. It was because the mechanic accidentally crimped the hoses during the 100 hour service and put in broken o rings. He admitted it and the starter was seized on both engines, including the port engine which started completely normal the first time. Because he admitted it, he said to take it over to his place and he'd give us new starters and new thermostats for free. #OTC

  44. I would like to add one more piece to this puzzle, The gear shifter, ive had to troubleshoot more than a dozen nuetral safety switches, or just plane in gear select levers.

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