Why I chose a Dreamcatcher canoe / kayak

sprung over forms, so most of the strength
comes from the structure. It’s all just lashed and pegged together so , almost no nails.
A few screws along the gunwales to hold the fabric in. It is ballistic nylon, so this
will stop bullets. Carry it? yes, yes, pick it up, pick it up, it’s amazing. Ohh! To buy
a boat that was this light, that was an ultralight boat, you’d be paying $2500-3000. So you’re
building it with assistance? Yes, I’m building it with the expert, and I know about boats>
Born in Vancouver, grew up in Nanaimo I’ve sailed and canoed and kayaked all my life.
I moved back here from Ontario a couple years ago and I wanted to get a boat well suited
to this coast, these waters. I spent a lot of time looking around and this is the perfect
boat for this coasts.Is this a canoe? it’s a kayak style canoe. Are you covering it over
the top? I could if I wanted to. but I’m going to leave it open for now, see how it goes,
and if I wanted to go out on water trips, and I wanted to take it on open water, I would
put a cover on it.this is big enough that I can handle it myself, but if I want to take
my girlfriend on it, there’s enough room for her, or i an load it with gear if I wanted
to go camping. And of course you can put it on , on your vehicle? Yeah! Piece of cake!
And I had a canoe, that was not much bigger than this, weighed 80 lbs. This is 30 lbs!
Huge, huge difference. And the tools are really complicated: there’s handsaw, drill, hammer,
and I think that’s it! You’re not talking about something…..And it’s a beautiful mix,
yeah these are all, this is synthetic sinew and red cedar lashed onto yellow cedar ribs
are yellow cedar structure, the wood is bent around a curve, so not only does it look beautiful,
but it’s really strong.How many hours?well, we’ve been slow about it, but probably about
30 hours, in that range I’ve never built anything with lashing before, so that was quite novel
but I was amazed by how strong it is. As soon as the boat starts to take it’s shape, you
can feel the strength of the structure, you know, it looks so delicate, and then you realize,
no , no, I can bounce it around. I made him let me take one out before I built it( that
one over there)and it is,uh, this is what sold me:mostly a canoeist, and canoes are
always being picked up by the wind, you’re always fighting the wind.when I came here,
there was a five or ten knot wind blowing, which isn’t much, but it would be enough to
turn a canoe. This thing. I took a bead off a point across False Creek about thirty degrees
off the wind, and I could feel it sliding sideways
there was no weathercocking, there was no turning, I didn’t have to fight the wind at
all. Trees are designed to bend in ways to minimize fluid forces, right, otherwise they
fall over, so when you’e got a natural curve from the wood, you glide through the water
extremely easily. It’s hydrodynamic and very very efficient. I’m a physicist and engineer
in my ordinary life so these are the things I think about, and these boats, they just
glide through the water, they’re so easy to move…

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  1. Thank you for this enlightening presentation! I struggled to focus on the gentle voices, versus the noisy teenager, in the background, but the tape is made, so we just do our best…(eyes rolling).

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