Why China Can Finally Defeat the US Navy

China’s meteoric economic rise in the last
three decades has seen the world’s largest nation pick itself up from its agrarian roots
to become a robust and modern economy. While not more powerful than the US economically,
China’s is the only economy in the world to truly rival the US’s. Yet all of China’s economic expansion has
created a crippling national achille’s heel- it’s overwhelming reliance on naval trade
routes to export its trade goods and supply its ravenous appetite for oil. If China is to truly become a peer competitor
to the US, it must secure and defend its access to the world’s most important shipping lanes. In today’s episode of the Infographics Show,
we’re taking a look at the Asian powerhouse, and asking: Is China Ready to Take on the
US Navy? For decades China focused primarily on maintaining
national sovereignty by establishing a large ground force capable of fighting off another
Japanese invasion or their former Soviet rivals. As China’s economy expanded though, its reliance
on maritime trade grew to a staggering disproportion. While every nation relies on maritime trade,
China’s economy depends on the sea for 60-80% of its imports and exports, and almost all
of its oil supply. This has placed China in a precarious situation
where it is uniquely vulnerable to disruption of those trade routes, and forced a shift
in focus from a ground army to a growing naval and air force. China’s maritime strategic position is unique,
and completely stacked against it. With the bulk of its oil passing through the
Indian ocean, another of China’s long-time rivals- India- is in a position to easily
disrupt and even completely shut down Chinese shipping. While China maintains a larger and better
equipped naval force than India, Indian ships would enjoy land-based support and quick resupply,
while China would have to find a way to forward deploy a sizable battlegroup to the Indian
ocean that could fend off not just the Indian navy, but the land-based Indian air force
as well. Not only is this currently strategically impossible
for the limited Chinese navy, but China also lacks the supply and logistics ships needed
to keep a task force out at sea for extended periods of time. War against the US would likely involve India
as an American ally, but even if it didn’t China would still have to face America’s formidable
Pacific Fleet. With 2,000 aircraft and 200 ships, to include
33 nuclear attack submarines, America’s Pacific Fleet alone is more than a match for China’s
entire navy- which numbers at 193 combat ships and 710 aircraft. In any conflict the US Pacific Fleet would
also quickly be augmented by other American naval forces. So could China hope to fend off the US Pacific
Fleet in the event of war? In 1996 in response to the US granting a visa
to Taiwan’s President, Lee Teng-hui, China launched massive military exercises meant
to intimidate Taiwan, beginning with live fire missile and artillery firing just kilometers
from Taiwan’s shores. This was followed by a widely publicized amphibious
assault exercise meant to signal that China was ready and willing to cross the Taiwan
strait and invade the long-independent island. In response, the United States deployed three
aircraft carrier battlegroups to the area and an amphibious assault ship- the largest
display of American military might in Asia since Vietnam. This brief confrontation forced the Chinese
to admit that they could not hope to stop the US from defending Taiwan, and internally
Chinese military leadership doubted the possibility of defeating the US navy in any combat scenario. Humiliated by the US’s response and their
inability to prevent it, China reshuffled its military priorities, placing a much greater
emphasis on its naval, missile and air forces. Two decades later, their efforts have paid
off in spades, with China boasting the largest ballistic missile force in the world and a
competent, if still limited navy. Yet China is still saddled with a great deal
of internal issues, the most pressing being the systemic corruption that has for decades
thrived amongst the Communist party leadership and the armed forces both. Despite Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption purges,
the damage to China’s military by a long legacy of corrupt and ineffective leadership
could take years to reverse. China also faces a serious recruitment, training,
and experience problem with its armed forces. Unable to meet military recruitment quotas,
China’s armed forces have been forced to lower their recruiting standards several times since
2010. This has resulted in a crop of recruits who’s
current capabilities are questionable to say the least. As noted by Chinese observers, in 2012 a People’s
Liberation Army unit became so stressed out in the midst of a 15-day wartime simulation
that the ongoing exercise had to be put on pause, and time taken out for movie nights
and karaoke parties. By day nine of the exercise a “cultural
performance troupe”, PLA parlance for song-and-dance girls, had to be brought in to entertain the
homesick soldiers who’s morale had plummeted. Further reporting notes that this is likely
not an isolated incident, and Chinese watchdogs have long observed that China engages in little
comprehensive training of its troops in comparison with their western counterparts. In fact, China’s confidence in its own troops
is so low that it was only in the early 2010s that Chinese units began to take part in UN
peacekeeping deployments, long refusing to take part out of fear of international embarrassment. To further compound China’s challenges in
waging war against the US or another peer power, the nation has not fought a major conflict
since a brief skirmish against Vietnam in 1979. The modern Chinese military has absolutely
no experience in modern combined arms warfare, and to further compound China’s problems,
it also lacks a joint command structure amongst its various military branches like the US
employs. This means that in war it would be difficult
to coordinate Chinese ground forces with their air forces, or naval forces with their missile
forces, etc. Given the fast pace and chaotic nature of
modern war, this would leave China unable to quickly respond to and defend from threats. After the humiliation of the 1996 Taiwan Strait
crisis, China began to invest heavily into its missile forces with the goal of threatening
American aircraft carriers from deep within the Chinese mainland. Maintaining the world’s only missile service
as a separate branch of its military, China’s commitment to long-range stand-off weapons
is not to be underestimated- yet despite boasting that its new DF-21 ‘carrier killer’ ballistic
missiles could shut the US out of the West Pacific, the truth behind these boasts is
dubious at best. A ballistic missile strike on a moving target
in the middle of the ocean requires a long and very complicated ‘kill chain’ involving
land-based radar, airborne radar, satellites and command and control nodes to all coordinate
tracking and targeting of an enemy ship, and to date China has not displayed the capability
to successfully execute every step in this complex kill chain, or to protect the individual
links from attack or interference. Yet even the most optimistic American naval
commanders acknowledge the threat that China’s ballistic missiles present to a carrier battle
group, which is why the US has responded by engaging in the most ambitious ballistic missile
defense program in its history. Testing everything from airborne to ship-installed
directed energy weapons such as lasers, to a new generation of the Standard Model anti-air
missile, to classified anti-satellite weapons projects, the US has taken the Chinese ballistic
missile threat very seriously. China’s missile forces are its best tool for
keeping the US Navy at bay, but unproven as they are its doubtful just how effective they
would ultimately be. However, the one thing that China (and most
people in the US) tend to forget about are the US’s submarine forces, and that’s no coincidence. Secretive by design, the US’s ‘silent service’
is the most advanced submarine force in the world, and it maintains a constant rotation
of 18 subs forward deployed in the Pacific with another 8 loitering in potential conflict
zones. For the US navy in the Pacific this means
Chinese coastal waters, and with China’s very limited anti-submarine capabilities and notoriously
noisy subs, this underwater force alone would be enough to choke China’s trade completely
and sink the entirety of China’s very small amphibious assault fleet should it try to
invade Taiwan. Immune to China’s ballistic missile forces,
America’s nuclear attack submarines are its best weapon in any conflict against China,
something both China and the US are keenly aware of. In response, China has installed underwater
listening sensors across the South China Sea, and for its part the US has increased annual
production of its new Virginia-class submarines to 2 a year through to at least 2030. China is not yet ready to take on the US Navy
and win, yet this is a deficiency it has clearly identified and is working to address with
a huge expansion of its own navy, the building of two aircraft carriers, and building new
diesel-powered submarines. But with a looming population crisis set to
explode a demographic timebomb by 2030 where over 65% of its population will be of retirement
age, China may find itself pressed for the economic resources it needs to continue expanding
its military. The US also faces challenges in maintaining
its global peacekeeping naval fleet, but with a strong network of alliances and access to
financial networks China does not, it will take some serious and very focused investment
in its Navy- perhaps at the expense of its other branches- for China to ever truly challenge
America in the open ocean. So, Can China’s navy take on the US Navy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called China vs the US! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

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