Who Pays the Price for Amazon’s Free Shipping?

Hey this is Jericho and today you’re going to learn who’s really paying the price for Amazon’s two-day free shipping Maybe you’ve gotten one of these That had one of these inside Thanks to Amazon Prime You got it shipped in two days for free But wait How can Amazon afford to ship their stuff To 100 million people for free? What if I told you it’s not Amazon that’s paying the price but you, me and the planet Let’s break this down When Amazon sells you something it’s coming from a third party merchant that’s using Amazon as the middle man The merchant pays the storage and shipping fees And Amazon ships it to you. So that price you’re paying it already has the shipping cost baked in It’s not free But wait, there’s more Amazon also saves money by treating their warehouse workers like robots Their work environment is so demanding that some Amazon workers are literally peeing in bottles because they don’t have time to take a break And now Amazon has a patent to track their workers’ hand movements But wait, there’s more Now there’s a program called Amazon Flex where drivers are promised great earnings and flexible hours and people love it! Wait, No they don’t. With Flex Amazon doesn’t have to pay your mail carrier who’s backed by a union and has this things called ‘work benefits’ Instead, They’ve been replaced by an independent contractor with no health care no retirement plan and no paid holidays Because who needs to retire? But wait, there’s more Amazon’s free shipping is also hurting the planet The city of San Francisco alone is collecting over 100 tons of cardboard every single day And we’re not talking about the environmental damage from shipping emissions So what’s the solution? How about thinking twice before hitting that confirm order button How about asking yourself if you really want to support an anti-union company that puts their profit over the people and the planet Why not support small businesses where the money goes to local communities and families and not this guy Because the only Amazon that really needs our support is this one Thanks for watching What’s an awesome local business that you choose to support? Let us know in the comments below If you want to see more videos like this Please like this video, subscribe and hit that bell button Thanks

83 thoughts on “Who Pays the Price for Amazon’s Free Shipping?

  1. It true. I used to work at Amazon and they treat their workers like shit. I was there for a year, and I have litteraly seen hundreds of people getting hired and fired after just working there for 2 or 3 months. Use eBay instead…

  2. Our local Farmer's Market of course! But also this awesome hardware store https://medium.com/@goddin/the-unlikely-case-of-the-brick-and-mortar-hardware-store-that-undercut-amazon-cd56cc1224d0?fbclid=IwAR3OCLddA_2ujVgV8CRx6Gniv8wyXnU1U7jnwCyVFPM66ifkJt_MxQ-u3IY

  3. The reason why we don't support the small businesses is convenience. That's not going to change. We need to come up with a better solution. Competition comes to mind. Not with brick and mortar or small businesses but another Amazon type company all online that has everything we want to buy and will ship it to us but operating in a more ethical way. Ebay, doesn't have everything we want like Amazon, but I suppose its a distant second and the best we have for now.

  4. You can order directly from the companies that use amazon as a mediation to the customer. A lot of times the retailers that are selling through amazon are small and you can find them on the net and order directly from them their selfs.

  5. Let’s be real here. Amazon saves time and money (depending on product) for the consumer. 2 VERY important factors. Not to mention better choices depending where you live. But hey if you want to drive to stores to spend more money on something, IF they even have the product in stock, by all means go for it. Also helps having the reviews about the product and consumers personal experience with it, makes the whole shopping experience more efficient and resourceful. Majority of people don’t really care about the workers conditions because let’s face it
    , they are not forced to work there and some people just can’t hack it. And this is coming from someone that HAD 3 jobs.

  6. Buy local! We support our local independently owned grocers, restaurants, hardware store, pet supply store, coffee shop, movie theater/playhouse, and farmer's markets. My household rarely buys non-essential basic goods; but, when we want to buy a household or personal accessory item, I try to seek out a local artisan, usually at a farmer's market. For example, over the past decade, I've only purchased jewelry items from local artists. My wood cutting board and fermentation crock were made by local artisans as well.

  7. Sadly, buying local isn't always an option. Wal-Mart has ran a lot of the mom and pop stores out of business.

  8. local businesses (and mostly social businesses) are for example eyd humanitarian clothing, Kipepeo, soulbottles, little sun, challenging heights, buckle and seam, mud jeans and so much more 🙂

  9. The only reason why I order online is because what I want, usually can't be bought in my local stores. We don't have a local video store, music store, or toy store anymore. The books I buy from the book store all have to be ordered for me, because the store only stocks the most popular titles. The clothes stores only carry up to an ever-shrinking size XL. I don't order through Amazon, though, because of the times I've been cheated on orders or they don't ship to Sweden. I normally go to the stores directly and look there.

  10. 1. Buy less stuff – think – do I really need it, what is it costing the planet. Think how you can become part of the restorer species not the consumer species. For gifts – donate to Treesisters, Wildlife orgs etc and gift back to nature. 2. Support the real Amazon – the life supporting rainforest that is being deforested at an alarming rate right now.

  11. I have already closed my amazon account down, promised my self a long time ago i would never buy from them again, best thing i have ever done.

  12. in Sweden we got unions and almost everybody are members of a union. It's a human right to be a member of a union and that can't be a reason for getting sacked. (Swedish law). We got laws that says we can't work more than 8 hrs. a day (with some exceptions) and that everyone has the right to have at leat a 5 min break every hour AND a decent lunch break. But with Donald Trump as president the possibility of implementing such laws or even organize decent unions are very low. They will clash down on you.

  13. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago and one local business I like to support is the Planter’s Palette Garden Center, in Winfield. They have a beautiful selection of plants and great gardening supplies. The staff are friendly and really know a lot about the business’ garden offerings. I also like to support I Have a Bean cafe, in Wheaton. They make a point to offer jobs to workers who have previously been incarcerated and desperately need economic opportunities to get back into society.

  14. I live in a small suburban town in Arizonan that has a very limited number of stores. If I need something that I can't get here I would have to drive about 40-45 minutes. And that would be for just a couple of items. So Amazon is really much more convenient.
    I do buy locally when I can. We have a good hardware store, a grocery store and some other small businesses close by and a pet supply store not too far. I use them for grooming my dog but the problem is that one item I get from the pet supply store is $10.00 cheaper from Amazon. So I will, of course, save that money by buying from Amazon.

  15. I don't buy too much stuff but usually I buy electronics and I can guarantee you that Amazon is NOT even the cheapest anymore. Instead of assuming that Amazon is the cheapest, use google shopping and you will discover that many sellers now offer the same deal as Amazon, including free shipping. For electronics, use B&H from NYC, created in 1976, they match any Amazon price including shipping and you can talk to a real person, an expert in the product you bought. I do NOT work for BH. Use Neweggs.com, much better price than Amazon. Bezos is disgusting and screwing us!

  16. One of the main things I regularly order online is health supplements but I never order heat-sensitive items anymore after learning that amazon warehouse temps can reach 90 degrees and,since amazon bought out Whole Foods, I seldom shop there anymore as I can't tell if they've stocked the shelves with unsold items coming from their hot warehouses or not. Also, someone mentioned ebay but I recently ordered a health supplement from there and it was drop-shipped from amazon, even though I bought it on ebay so now I ask before buying. I still get frozen and fresh organic items there, just because I can't find organic locally.

  17. If you want to support small businesses then try Etsy.. Use your filters and search for handmade to avoid mass production. While Etsy is now trying to compete with Amazon by encouraging vendors not to charge shipping, they are not forcing us to do that (yet). Small Artisans like me would welcome your business.

  18. I choose to buy Znuggle products, they are Fair Trade products, 100% made of waste and used recycled cardboad! www.znuggle.me

  19. I buy soap from local vendors who make it themselves. Easily found for me at nearby farmer's markets, plant sales, fairs. Lovely soap, no shipping!

  20. I try to buy locally as much as possible. However, much of what I buy from Amazon isn't available locally. It is also a waste of time and money to drive all over the place looking for what I want. I do try to ask myself if what I am ordering is something I really need or just think I want.

  21. There's no such thing as a free lunch. I'd like to see Story of Stuff make a video on the "freebie" drivers enjoy when they park at shopping malls, big box stores, strip malls, restaurants, cinemas, etc. Yes, I'm talking about the "free" parking, the hidden cost that all of us pay for as part of our purchases whether or not we park in their "free" parking lots. Someone has to pay property taxes and insurance for parking lots, and for asphalt maintenance, snow clearing, road salt, signage and painted parking lines, and it is the customer who pays.

  22. WOW had sermon to day at my Unitarian Universalist Fellowship that compliments this entirely! Capitalism incarnate!

  23. I always try to either buy local or order direct from the company that makes the products I want. I try never to buy anything on Amazon or to support Jeff Bezos.

  24. Librairie Point Virgule in Namur. Books in the shop or on two days order. Free shipping = my feet. Same price than amazon. I love my bookshop !

  25. I agree with the overall point of the video, but online shopping is better in terms of emissions because a) the items are stored in warehouses, where space is more efficiently used and there’s less heating and cooling than stores where customers are expecting comfortable temperatures b) the delivery drivers (as opposed to Flex workers) are driving much more fuel-efficient vehicles than what customers driving to stores are using (because it saves UPS, USPS money on gas) and c) the delivery drivers’ routes are more efficient as well, delivering many things in one trip.

    So even though I agree with buying locally/small business, saving people making individual trips to and from whatever store is a good thing for the planet. Of course, Bezos has the monopoly power to make his business much greener, more humane, etc if he wants to…

  26. Amazon must also be paying for urban free shipping because they overcharge on the shipping to "remote" addresses. They were going to charge me over $200 for shipping on items weighing about 10lbs. in total. I had them ship it to a friend for free and she sent it to me for $65 without changing a thing. I suspect that they are not redirecting the overcharge to the third party business who paid for the shipping in the first place, as you stated. Amazon is taking advantage of remote dwellers to boost their profits. Since then, I have quit buying from Amazon although I do use the marketplace and pay much more reasonable shipping directly from the third parties. There are also other businesses who will ship to remote communities for free or for reasonable amounts. It is just a matter of doing some research.

  27. I feel trapped by Amazon's convenience but hate the culture of this company and others like it. This video was helpful in putting things into perspective and I will pause to think of alternatives before I order. Thank you

  28. Please, fact check this. Just because his reference sources are listed does not mean that they are factual. The pee in a bottle rumor is as old a there is glass in grandma's pudding. What is his beef with Amazon? Who is this guy? How does he have such inside access to proprietary information? Can he verify all of his statements other than listing names of magazines he has read?? Amazon is paying entry-level employees $15hr? Or, How about this -$22.50 for working on the holidays. And another one! When the Raleigh location closed for Hurricane Florence, all those part-time workers were paid! Purely out of the goodness of Amazon's amazing heart.

  29. I wish that that there were more people who cared about the earth and and what it really means when it were we all safely live

  30. I live in Berkshire County, MA. In Great Barrington, there is actually an indie bookstore, The Bookloft. That's where I buy all my books. If I need the ISBN, I find the book on Amazon, get the ISBN, and give that to the store to place my order.

  31. I don't use Amazon and have learned a lot from this video to support my decision. Wish more people could/would see this video and take it to heart. Instead of falling for the hype promoted by Bezos.

  32. It's hard, but try to buy only what you need (and second hand if you can find it). It seems like there are a lot of local businesses here in Germany, we try and support shopping at these stores (with the help of our translate phone app) and look for quality items that will last. Great video, I didn't know just how much cardboard was being generated by us all, often for things we don't even really need.

  33. Wow, the hate on Jeff Bezos is so palpable here. Get over it, technology innovates markets and industry and things change. Brick-and-mortar stores, for the most part, are becoming more antiquated. This is what efficiency looks like.

  34. McGuckin Hardware in Boulder Colorado. Also, Resource Central, which sells used and donated construction and landscaping materials for low prices.

  35. Melaleuca is a USA consumer manufacturing company that I've shopped from for over 12 years. They manufacture the products in Idaho Falls, Idaho and ship directly to the consumer. They have done this for over 33 years and they pass the savings on to us!

  36. I shop local and have never purchased from Amazon becuase I like to see items before I buy them and support my community.

  37. My great small local business is called Lomond Soap. Naturally fragranced palm oil free soap,wrapped in paper tied with string. http://www.lomondsoap.com/

  38. A great small business to support is Penzey's. They spread messages of kindness and are a great place for holiday shopping. https://www.penzeys.com/

  39. I try to buy gifts from museums and historic sites, or directly from artists. Every dollar spent that way helps the maker, the museum, and the community, besides being a great gift. That's the best way I know to boost use my buying power for good.

  40. He talks too fast. I know he is imparting a good message but this video has the image clips fly past too quickly and he is shown talking too much. It would be more effective if we see the speaker's image less while his voice explains the sections about the worker conditions and garbage resulting from all the packaging . This is really important especially as cities like mine have bought into the employment opportunities when Amazon sets up a facility in my region. These are not the kind of jobs we need if workers end up with mental and other health problems.

  41. Bezos is the wealthiest man in human history. If he cared about people and the environment, his employees would be treated like fellow human beings, and he would have created a zero-waste cardboard recycling program!

  42. God bless you for this video. I will be thinking twice/three times before I buy from Amazon.
    Great Video…nice job. Thanks for loving the planet and the people on it 🙂

  43. SO good to hear! I have been staying away for awhile realizing I didn't NEED anything really from A-Z…. I can make it happen for ME when I open up my eyes to SEE. BA BAmmm.. Let's keep the small businesses IN business! <3

  44. I would share this IF 1.) it stayed away from demonizing Beni’s without any attribution backing it up; some people like what he’s done with Washington Post, for example. 2.) video provided more attribution of worker mistreatments- there’s a little tiny headline about workers in UK with no other info. How does that translate? 3.) presentation of information was less juvenile with cheers, cartoons, & a snarky kid telling me what to do. What are the presenters credentials? Perhaps someone credentialed like a pollution expert, scientist, researcher with some gravitas & attributed facts. Also agree SoS needs to address feedback which is common about convenience, lack of supply in many areas, etc. I’m with the sentiment but won’t share this representation of what is a serious issue with a video like this. Thanks.

  45. Ok. Here is the story. I spent 3 days looking for flower girl shoes for my daughter in our small town. Nothing , no white shoes ! Town works from 10 -5 , seriously????? 5 !! I finish work at 5 … how on earth . Then they complained that we buy online … Well get organised better!

  46. So you're saying that the cardboard isn't being recycled? And Brits are so scared to go to the bathroom they pee in bottles so that blame is the company's fault? Should Uber drivers (aka independent contractors) unionize? Unions aren't ideal; but then again individuals have the right to assemble if they choose. Should Brazil not develop its land for agriculture or industry to support its growing population? Bugger off! Also, Amazon charges $120 for a year of Prime, in order for you to get the 2-day free shipping, on top of the price for the products purchased from the retailers on their website (or from Amazon itself). With so many subscribers/users that adds up to a lot of money that can cover the costs of free shipping. Besides, most of the third-party sellers charge for shipping! Do you even use Amazon Prime???? Get a clue, you damn commie, and get educated!

  47. Amazon got rid of most of the plastic packaging and replaced it with tons of excess cardboard packaging. Localisation has to be a better way to work. In my little community, we have a great hardware store, where I can get almost everything I need.

  48. Thanks for this informative and disturbing video. Companies don't become a trillion dollar turnover company by being nice. I've boycotted this company for 6 or 7 years because of the effects on local bookstores and the fact that free delivery did on a £1 or £2 book did not stack up and that their model relies on pushing other companies out of business with high volume. The anti union, medicare and pension is eye opening but not surprising. Having heard of the conditions of a local amazon warehouse including long hours and searches they are remain on the boycott list for life.

    More people need to support local and think about needs rather than wants.

    100 tonnes of cardboard per day is horrific.

    Thanks for this.

  49. I've literally ordered a total of MAYBE 3 things off Amazon in my entire life. Honestly, I just haven't had hardly any need (or want) to shop on their site; I buy my groceries at my local store (less than a 5 min drive away), I order clothing direct from merchant online (because I'm 6'0" tall), and electronics and gifts, well, direct from the merchant again 🤷🏻‍♀️

  50. So Jeff Besos is basically a corporate despot running a corporate gulag and virtue signals as a progressive philanthropist?! Gotcha!

  51. Instead of using Amazon, we use Taobao and JingDong in HongKong and China. I used to enjoy buying things at Taobao. When I released I have spent so much time shopped around the apps, buying a lot things I don't actually need and seeing so many bubble bags and carton boxes for packing; I uninstalled the apps last year and keep my life simple by buying less.

  52. I choose to support walmart as my local business. because all the manufacturing jobs are sent over seas and my job pays 10 dollars an hour

  53. Your video really sucks man all these memes scare the shit out of me. Moreover you talking speed is like Sonic

  54. I stopped buying audio CDs from Amazon because I can't pay $3.99 for the slowest shipping possible and wait over a week to get my stuff. Every time I have purchased on eBay, the seller gets it in the mail same day and I have it at the latest in three to five days (the latter if it's an international seller). Or I'll drive down to Target or Walmart. I really wish those stores would start carrying audio CDs again. Push Amazon out of the market.

  55. Yes I do support non-union companies. Unions just make labor more expensive to the point where it forces companies to offshore jobs (see General Motors). I worked in a union for four years doing construction work and basically what I noticed is it is just a buddy system. It doesn't reward the most skilled or hardest working people. And I do not like the idea that my union dues go to politicians (the Democrat Party) instead of back into the union's benefits.

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