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When you start getting into solo white water
canoing you’ll see that there’s a huge variety of boats you can use. All the way from very
short play boats like this one up to longer boats that are more intended for tripping
and for other sort of down more down river uses. The major differences in these boats
have to do with length, width, and materials and often with rocker. And the rocker is the
amount of the hull curves from one end to the other. This boat has a fair amount of
rocker and it’s also very short so that’s what’s going to make the boat spin very easily.
It’s going to turn relatively and it’s going to be really great play boat it will surf
really nice short waves well and it will spin into eddies. What it won’t do is it won’t
go straight very easily, a longer boat such as this one that has much less rocker and
a lot more of hull in the water than anyone time is going to much better in going a straight
line. So it will be less frustrating for a beginner or someone trying to go down river
it makes them distance on a river. The other element that makes it difference on these
boats is width, if you look at this one for instance is a nice wide boat has nice wide
center, a fairly flat bottom it’s going to have a lot of initial stability so when your
first sitting in the boat it’s going to be fairly stable side to side. The contrast to
that again is the zoom here which is super narrow and still has a fairly flat bottom
but it’s going to be fairly tippy side to side because there’s not a whole lot of secondary
stability there once you start to lean over. So no matter what boat you choose for solo
white water canoing make sure its suited for the type of boating your going to do and the
type of rivers your going to run and do some research ahead of time there lot’s of varieties
out there and lot’s to choose from.

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