White Water Canoeing Gear : What Is a Canoe Made Of?

White water canoes are made tough so they
can hit rocks and bounce back and while there are varieties of different designs there are
only a few different construction methods. The most common one is the royalex this material
which is a sandwich between vinyl ABS, and ABS foam another layer of ABS and another
layer of vinyl. So these layers of vinyl on the outside prevents the UV from damaging
the inside layers and ABS and the ABS foam give the boat the rigidity and the strength
it needs to be able to resist those impacts. This boat is AB is royalex and you can see
that it is taking some abuse already it’s taken some dents and comes right back it’s
able to stand a fair amount of scraping over rocks and hitting rocks. Another important
component of the construction of these boats are the gunwales, these areas on the top edge
of each side and these gunwales have aluminum on the inside and vinyl on the outside to
give the boats from rigidity and some resistance to rapping and to changing shape. The other
part of the boat that’s really important in the structure is the ward. These cross wards
again maintain the width of the boat and they maintain the rigidity of the boat, so if it
does hit something it doesn’t get damaged. A new material thats out and one that’s showing
some promises is a material thats a composite this is polypropylene with a matrix and this
material does take a fair amount of beating and bounce back although is you can see if
you do over stress it, it could be cracked. This one is repairable which is a disadvantage
of royalex and royalex is very difficult to repair well. This material is some repairable
so there are some composites out boats out there and some composites construction options
that can be fairly tough. But for the toughest longest lasting boats royalex is really the
way to go.

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