Where the Work Really Happens…

– Hey, I’m on a river trip on the Green River with my wife and daughter. We’re in Utah. We’re about a week in. We’re just about to take out in another half hour,
we’ll get to the take out, and the trip will be done. I was thinking about way back in ’13, one of the first weekly videos I did for you, was from a trip in the same stretch of river here on the Green River. And over the years, so I think it was in 2013, so it’s been a long time. Six years or something of weekly videos. And I’ve shot on many
different water craft. I think of at least, this will be like, I’m in a canoe now, so this will be like, the fourth water craft that I can think of. Anywhere from, you know, a big huge, sailing catamaran to a standup paddleboard and everything in between. And I think one of the reasons I try to shoot these videos for you from different areas and from the wild, ’cause I’ve shot videos from many river trips for you, is I think I’m sorta like, that, just to be a voice for, you know, we’re all busy. We’re all entrepreneurs. That means by definition, we’re super busy, and we got too much going on. And I think, I just always want to be the voice for sanity in your business and sanity in your life. And actually building a business that gives you a great life. And I know when you start out, I know when I started out, I was struggling, and scrambling and that’s, there’s a time where you have to hustle, but there’s also a time where you need to kick back. And I think, if you’re
going to be creative, you need to build this in. And for me, the wilderness is where I recharge. This is where I do the work. I was just talking to
my friend, Eben Pagan, and we’re talking about the work we had left to do in the world. And I said to him, you know, I think, I’ve got a lot of work to do in the world and it begins for me out in the woods or out in the river, out in the wilderness. Because that’s where I recharge, that’s what gives me the energy to keep on driving my business and our entire movement forward. So, yeah, just another voice from the wilderness, a cry from the wilderness to, to build the time in for yourself so you can recharge. And I know not everyone got the easy access to wilderness that I do, but I believe that wilderness is an important thing for humans. … where we can actually get out into the wild and experience the wild and see the night sky. And I think the wilderness is an incredibly valuable thing for us as humans. So, here’s a cry for the wilderness and from the wilderness. That’s all I got for you. It’s been a very, very peaceful week I’m gonna come back recharged. We’re about to go into our big LaunchCon event. It’s just, the juxtaposition from being out here in the outer wilderness to, you know, going out for another
week, couple of weeks. Then I’m gonna be on stage in front of a thousand people. It’s just magical, that I get to experience this. And I’m just really grateful and really happy. For those of you who are
going to be at LaunchCon, I’m looking forward to seeing you, and for those of you who aren’t going to be there, figure out some way to recharge yourself. As an entrepreneur, you need to do that, you need to build that into your life. That’s all I got for ya.
Lets go get ’em this week.

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  1. The desert no matter in part of the world is magical it's like you're meditating it's like you can reflect the past and the future at the same time it generates a very big inner peace is where we can understand ourselves more our conscious subi where we can also reflect on our lives and the people or what we really love

    Thanks again my friend Jeff Walker.

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