When will my trees ship?

we get a lot of questions folks wanting
to clarify our shipping process and how things work so I’m going to go over that
with you. When you order from Nativ Nurseries it’s going to ship we ship
Monday through Thursday and it will go out the next business day so if
you order on a Monday it will go out on a Tuesday on the day after but we will
also hold your order for up to three months. On the checkout page of our
website there’s a little miniature calendar looking thing you can choose
the date that you want it to ship so if you choose Monday December 23rd it’s
going to leave our nursery on Monday December the 23rd via UPS. Depending on
where you are it’s going to take probably 2 to 4 days after that for you
to receive the plants.

One thought on “When will my trees ship?

  1. This is a good shipping policy. Too many growers just ship whenever they want anywhere within a month or so & bad luck if you don't happen to be home & the plant dies.

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