What Your Favorite Miraculous Ladybug Ship Says About You

You just want good things for Marinette,
which, based off what I’ve seen does not seem to be a universal sentiment You want to be wooed by Chat Noir You love a blushy lovestruck dork so
much that one day you were like “hey, you know what’s better than one lovestruck dork two lovestruck dorks” You’re always a sucker for dramatic irony [IT’S LIKE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIN] You have waded through over
three years and 70 episodes worth of emotional investment in the
relationship equivalent of a Scooby Doo door gag and it has smoothed over your
brain and turned it to mush. You’ve gotten to the point where anytime you see these two clowns alone together, your mind reverts back to that of a
seven-year-old girl frantically smashing her dolls’ faces into each other and yelling NOW KISS!!! You like the dynamic of Ladynoir, but you have HAD IT with all of these love square shenanigans Your ideal relationship dynamic is a couple of nerds nerding out together Your ideal relationship dynamic is just
girls being friends. Gals bein’ pals Your ideal relationship dynamic is that
one clip from Mean Girls where they’re talking about Regina George and that one girl is like “One time, she punched me in the face… it was awesome.” Your ideal date involves getting pinned up against the wall by your sworn enemy as they place the tip of
their sword just underneath your chin and use it to tilt your head up a little You’re always a sucker for a man with a guitar You really liked the ending of Adventure Time You spend your afternoons posted up
outside the Zagtoon office panhandling for Chloé character development Two possibilities: Either you find Nathalie’s devotion to Gabriel extremely romantic and compelling and a sort of “this is so sad can we get 50 likes” kinda way OR you think most of the problems in this show could have been avoided if Gabriel had
just gotten a good rebound Your top priorities are keeping things gay and
keeping things canon You saw one of those memes where
the two bros have like those really tender homoerotic moments and you were like “yeah I could probably get a good 100,000 words of fanfic out of this premise This is just the same joke as Chloé and Marinette but you’re also heterosexual You’re just here for some wholesome side characters You’re just here for some pretty boys You think Miraculous has only
gone downhill since season one You’re always a sucker for a friendly rivalry You think Adrien is
cool and all but you cannot stand Marinette’s inability to talk to him You are either so fed up with Marinette’s creepy stalker behavior towards Adrien that you just want to see her suffer as
much as possible or you are a masterful troll [IT’S JOKE] You don’t understand why everybody’s so mad that season three finale was great! [Congratulations!][Congratulations!]

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