What The Helm Diesel Water impeller incident on sailboat The Boat Life Sailing Adventure travel vlog

this whole thing started because I was
getting a little bit of water well a lot of bit of water under the engine but
here’s the problem with the c-clip there’s a c-clip I don’t have pliers for a
c-clip that’s that’s why I made this quick video the first in a series called
what the helm so here I am trying to replace the water impeller I was
actually really worried that I did something wrong the first time because
it was the first time I ever replaced the water impeller so I thought oh man
maybe I didn’t put the seal on or I didn’t get the gasket right or something
like that but I pulled it apart and it looks great check it out look at this
well the impeller looks fine everything looked good
grooves looked good so I didn’t know what was going on but then I looked closer at
the impeller because well hold on this whole thing started because I was getting a
little bit of water a lot of bit of water under the engine and you know
that’s that was a cause for concern because I have a little mat under there
so I can tell if I get water and I saw some after we ran the engine so I
started to investigate and I saw that it was basically coming from the impeller
so I thought immediately okay that’s probably what I did turns out it’s not
it’s when I looked at there’s some corrosion like coming from the center so
I think the seal that’s actually on the shaft of the impeller I don’t know but
here’s the problem with the c-clip there’s a c-clip I don’t have pliers for a
c-clip so I’m gonna wait I’m gonna buy some but what the helm
so try to replace my water impeller today well I didn’t try to replace it try to
troubleshoot it because I did replace the impeller before we came on our
excursion down her e and I thought oh no I %&$#ed something up turns out I didn’t just
that the water pump crapped out on me well I think that a seal went bad so
I’ve been trying to take it apart that was fine I have the manuals manual I saw
I was low connected but then there’s a c-clip do you know what a c-clip is I’ll show
you right here has two little rings on it and you just take a special pair of
pliers and you put them in there you squeeze it and you pull it right out
it’s awesome it’s a great little clip unless you don’t have the pliers what
the HELM but that’s all it’s my it’s my what the helm for the day little
frustration from the old water impeller as you can see I’m trying to get things
together and I was recording over there so I put everything over here but since
it’s what the helm here I am at the helm in the comments share one of your what
the HELM moments love to hear about it it makes me feel a little bit better I
think that’s the boat life thanks for watching

56 thoughts on “What The Helm Diesel Water impeller incident on sailboat The Boat Life Sailing Adventure travel vlog

  1. LOL … the longer you have a boat the more ‘special’ tools you’ll collect for those WTH moments 😤. Yes, I have some C-clip pliers 😉

  2. Snap Ring pliers … get both types because you may find snap rings in your winches too. I got a set from harbor freight that is reversible and the tips can be replaced… https://www.harborfreight.com/snap-ring-pliers-with-reversible-action-63938.html

  3. I used a pair of jewelers needle nose pliers on a "C" CLIP once worked good on the internal ones but the eternal ones you definitely need the pliers.

  4. Put your MacGyver hat on, you don't absolutely need those special pliers. What if you were in the middle of an ocean? Try using a pair of needlenose pliers to pinch those loops together. If that doesn't work try working on it with a couple of small screw drivers. Or try using your file to sharpen a nail and hold it with your vice-grips to work on the clip. Or unless you're near a Harbor Freight throw money at it and buy the special pliers

  5. We had a hydraulic leak in the upper helm… Purchased a seal rebuild kit and with the help of YouTube videos, rebuilt the steering hydraulics, bled the lines and pressurized the system. Impressed myself with a job well done. Until, a few.days later I was out having a lesson. All seemed well out in the harbor, UNTIL, we lost all steering, AHHhh. Zero pressure in the lines. We managed to limp back to the slip with the help of the captain I hired to give me the lesson. He steered the boat with the props until I repressurized the system. Briefly scary, and a little embarrassed. After the lesson I did find with fresh tephlon tape on the pressure gauge threads the system seems to hold pressure… What the helm.

  6. There is nothing Worse than working on something and finding out you don’t have the right tools to finish the job. It sucks and the little pair pliers that you need only two dollars

  7. Been there..Thread a piece of wire through the eyelets and back onto itself. Then a pair of pliers to twist together and compress. (wear glasses in case of wire breakage)

  8. Wow gotta love all these morons who love to put in there 2 cents…I love watching the idiots call the kettle black 😀 Anyway, side note…figured you guys went MIA, been a minute since a post!

  9. Great videos!! On a side note your fire extinguisher is recalled! I have several of the same and they were all recalled. Just go to the kidde website and they have a recall tab on the left and they will send you a new one in less than a week for free. The new ones have all metal handles, metal nozzles, and a metal pull ring and are built much better.. keep up the videos, we love watching you guys!! https://www.kidde.com/home-safety/en/us/support/product-alerts/recall-kidde-fire-extinguisher/

  10. I ran head long into a C clip many years ago so I grabbed my needle nose pliers and had to grind down the ends a wee bit so they would fit in the holes of the clip. Shoved them in the holes and there and then that c clip and everyone after that one came out with no problem. Then years latter they made a set of pliers just for c clips and I bought me a set about 10 years ago. But for about 10 pluse years before then I just use my home made C clip pliers…. LOL,LOL

  11. My what the Helm moment, When I realized I could use a regular pair of needle nose pliers to take a snap ring off. But what the Helm, ya never got what ya need anyway, fact of life there.
    Sometimes you just got to take them Old Records Off The Shelf and say the Helm with it!

  12. Bought a boat. First thing I went over was wiring… bilge pump wired together with wire nuts and silicone… what the helm?

  13. man a light year between videos post more videos please how wife is doing on the boat let me know if you coming to jacksonville

  14. Took family out boating… battery died so we could not start engine… pull startrd a 175 hp outboard, put cover back on… It ran like crap… go to get off lake because of engine issues… i find I knocked off a spark plug wire… wasted an entire day on the water… what the HELM!!!!!

  15. I had the same leak recently.  That little 'weep hole' behind the impeller housing is there on purpose.   If water is coming from there, it means the seal on the impeller side has failed.  If oil is coming out, it means the seal on the engine side is failing.    I had the right tool for the C clip, but could not get the gear off on the rear end of the shaft.  I took it to a machine shop and they pressed it out very easily (for an outrageous fee of course).  Fair winds.

  16. I'm about to Subscribe to your channel cus I truly find it interesting. I hope you have spare time to check out mine. I do Travel Vlogs but I'm still new to Vlogging. I hope we can support each other. Thanks in advance!

  17. Needle nose, flat tip screw drivers and even pick at times have been used to remove snap rings. If you have time and the funds for a special tool. Have at it:)

  18. My "what the helm" was last season out in the middle of Kentucky Lake when my kill switch lanyard broke on the little part that pushes the button it, and the engine would not turn over. being that I clearly saw that the kill lanyard was installed properly, I didn't second guess that it was that and moved on to literally every other sub system in the boat. after several mayday calls and several hours later i bowed my head in defeat to notice a small black piece of plastic on the floor that was the pin that snapped off the lanyard. WHAT THE HELM!!!
    Love the channel my brother. Keep up the great work and safe boating!

  19. I have used needle nose pliers to do the same task. Helm sakes, I once even used a small Phillips and flat blade screw driver. Wasn't fun but I got it out.  I've been wondering what you two have been up too. Keep making your funny and cool vids.

  20. To many to mention. Wrapped dingy painter around the prop in a gale, in a marina. Caught shroud in a gin pole while driving by it. Etc. etc. they happen routinely and just have to be tolerated and worked through

  21. I've following you up since you guys start your channel. And I can tell you that I love your channel very much!!! But seriously what the hell is that in your face??? Is that a jungle taking over the civilization or a you are getting into the business of a future crab motel??? Anyways guys I really love your channel.Keep your videos coming we are loving it.

  22. Try needle-nose pliers or a fine flat blade screwdriver but watch that the "C"-clip doesnt fly away on you. You can re-instal by pressing "C"-clip in with your fingers, starting at the opposite side from the "C" opening.

  23. I'm up three o'clock every morning to get to work as a semi drive,in England we call it c+e or artic, it's -6 and I got ice inside and outside of my windshield, I tried to turn on my heaters to clear the ice and WHAT THE HELL the motor and filament have packed in ,had to drive to work with my head out of the window in -6 only got pulled over by the police aaarrrrrrrrr WHAT THE HELL

  24. If you are in a real bind you can use needle-nose pliers but if you're at the dock go get the right pliers you can buy sit where you change out the little tips four different size c clips they're also two types one for inside c clips one for outside c clips any of your major auto parts stores will have them I have also seen them at Walmart

  25. You are living the good life in LBK "Long Boat Key " marina. Nice marina? Does the marina charge for parking space for your car?

  26. Did you see this? I hope you guys have insurance. https://www.yahoo.com/news/couple-quit-jobs-sold-belongings-102322009.html

  27. Mr. Laine below is correct…It's a safety design built into the pump to let you know that the impeller side seal is failing, and allow the bypass sea water to drip in the bilge, and not your engine case. Not a show stopper but, should be addressed…Note: Depending on your maintenance philosophy and budget, buy a rebuild kit or, replace the entire pump. Also, the machine shop work can be done at an automotive shop for less…Nothing marine exotic here just routine seals….Good Luck!

  28. Home Depot – 8 bucks for snap ring pliers.😁 How do you like you're IP27 so far? I've been looking at them also but kind of pricey.

  29. Theirs 2 seals & bearings. One seals the water from going in the engine & one seals the oil from leaking out of the engine. Rebuilt my yanmar one recently with aftermarket bearings and yanmar seals. Fairly easy job as a new pump is so expensive.

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