What the F#*% do we do? [Ep. 136]

But what’s the doctor gonna be able to tell me without an x-ray not so much I wouldn’t have thought It’s just crazy how, something like that really puts things into perspective Last time you were with us as we got ready to leave the Canary Islands so easy provisioning for just two yeah And we’re off people It would be just Riley and I on La Vagabond for at least two weeks until we arrived in the Caribbean with Antigua being the Island we planned to make landfall We were off to a good start until something terrible happened Do you want to just explain what’s happened? I’ve never Really explained on the Channel about the time I broke my neck in Brazil, but there’s a long story about it but um I paralyzed My left arm For For a while and it was a very distinct feeling all pins and needles went up my arm then I had spinal surgery in Brazil and During the operation they paralyzed my vocal cord, and I spent six months in Alice Springs Getting better and just then just totally head-butted the chair, and I freaked out again because the Same thing happened And I’ve grabbed my neck and I said “Oh my neck my neck” and I sat down, and I was like “ah no, like I think I’m alright” and then I got The same Feeling in my left arm again Of the The pins and needles and how it got paralyzed, but then it started working again, but I don’t know what’s happened to my neck Where that feeling it’s still my heart hasn’t slowed down yet I just thought Its alright I know but its a horrible feeling But he thinks he’s ok so.. We’re about 350 miles out from the Canary Islands and the winds blowing us towards the Caribbean so we can try and turn around and go back I guess the next thing is we’ll sort of seek some medical advice. I don’t know if something else has happened to my neck I’ll probably have to fly somewhere and get some scans Very dangerous you should never leave port without a spinal surgeon on board Dont try to make jokes Riles This is from memory from like five years ago, or whatever, c6 c7 So this one popped out and twisted, it dislocated, so my arm went was Paralyzed for I can’t even remember, an hour, three hours, six hours But it then it came it slowly got better and better and better whereas now it got it was like just Starting to feel like it was and then it went away. It’s a and they’re not like I couldn’t lift it It was exactly the same thing what they did was they took some metal plates and they screwed them together again on the back and on the front they put a part of my hip in And I don’t know if any of that hardware has come free last time my fingers were like that and it was Like I couldn’t move a thing and this time it just that came back and then disappeared and so it was like Elayna and I were In this intense panic followed by oh you know, maybe it’s not so bad Sorry Elayna its not your fault How did it happen? According to you You just hit your head well, I thought you hit your head on the desk, but you hit you said you hit your head front on I don’t know it just happened so quickly and I it’s a bit blurry to me, honestly, because in a matter of seconds like You were like, “ah my necks *&%^, my necks *&^%” lying on the ground like in all sorts, and I thought It was all it’s all a bit of a blur to me You know I can’t even remember how you actually did it, but we were on the floor for ages. Just like crying and holding each other and I got up to like I got up to turn the boat around, like I got up, and I was nearly about to run Outside and just turn the boat around but like It’s 4 o’clock in the morning in Australia, so we haven’t got a hold of anyone there yet But what’s the doctor gonna be able to tell me… Without an x-ray? Not so much, I wouldn’t have thought Elayna is playing me music to cheer me up Yeah well done Thank you I rested up whilst Elayna kept the boat running and moving in the right direction Starting with hooking up the satellite phone in preparation for when Australia woke up It’s been a very emotional 24 hours so it’s the day after Riley’s accident Yesterday was the hardest thing the worst experience scariest thing I’ve ever been through and that was me like I can’t even imagine him Thinking he was gonna be paralyzed on the boat, and he was just reliving his broken neck experience You can see it, and he just thought we both just thought the worst And um I just can’t express how horrific Yesterday was and just the whole night, and we don’t know if he’s 100% just yet but um you know he feels ok And he can move around and he’s gonna get an x-ray as soon as we arrive It’s just crazy how something like that really puts things into perspective and just he means so much to me, and I’m just so glad that he’s okay right now But fingers crossed for for the x-ray I hope, everything is still in place And the rest of the trip goes alright Last night couldn’t have been a better sail the weather was so like consistent And we had you know 15 to 20 knots about 120 degrees surfing down the waves at about 15 knots so we’ve been making good ground and Yeah, anyway We had decided to keep going rather than turn around for many different reasons I’ll outline in the comment section below, but for one it definitely felt different to last time I had broken my neck Its green tea with lemon I could honestly Sit here for an eternity and just watch this following sea doo doo doo Looking out my back door Thats scary – it was ay Yeah Hows your day Riles? not to bad all things considered I got hold of a mate of mine from back home who has emailed ahead to Antigua just to get the ball rolling there Touch base with the doctor hopefully find out if they’ve got an x-ray machine because I’m definitely going to need to do that I haven’t raised the alarm, so I haven’t told mum or dad Because I don’t think… I know what happened to them last time So I just want to spare them that I’d like to approach them with good news later Because I don’t think that it’s gonna be too bad And I I just wanted to, basically just to thank Outremer, which I don’t I probably don’t do this enough But yeah just being on a boat a yacht, so comfortable like Heading towards help and safety as fast as we are and At the comfort level that we are has just made this Infinitely less Traumatic and disastrous so I can lie down there And I mean we had a pretty conservative sail plan But we’ve we’re even more so now headed depending a bit further down wind, I can lie down there and just relax and be in About as comfortable as you can be This far off shore. So I mean that’s just that’s been a huge help It’s been a bit of a rough start to the trip but this morning we’ve got out fishing rods and we are determined to catch a fish, a massive dorado, thats on our list I’ll be impressed if a fish could see anything today in these conditions. It’s still pretty rough isn’t it.. not that Yeah, I just don’t know about turning around and going and getting it Na thats going to be hard Woah Oh man, its going to surf! That was 15 knots, we just got to 15 a little bit wet it’s already so much better really? I changed the pitch on the Propeller blades because we weren’t getting enough power So, I had it set because I’m not sure if it’s set to.. Okay, this is the safety thing so if it spins any faster It’ll break or if it’s this is your optimum level, but I had it set to about 20 thinking that if we surf down a wave we could easily get to 20 and we were just getting no power So I’ve just changed it to 13 and now we’re getting 11 amps amazing yeah really good and Fingers crossed we don’t have to run the engine, cos we dont like doing that do we Elayna? no Dont chew on that And so people don’t panic, tell everyone about your neck Ah so It feels good like I know that’s ridiculous because I’m trying to judge whether or not a piece is hanging off inside my spinal cord, but it doesn’t feel stiff like it did last time like I’ve explained previously and I feel ok so I mean that’s not particularly labor intensive I had the line tight so I couldn’t fall off and it wasn’t wasn’t difficult it was just awkward so I mean I don’t think I’d go running out and Reefing on lines and stuff we’re still sailing very conservatively, but yeah Just trying to take it easy aren’t we Pants Riley just wound in the fishing rods because we’re going so fast right now that there is no way we could slow down If we caught something, if we were lucky enough to catch something We’ve reached 18 knots today. It’s our top speed so we are hammering along Oh the autopilot, it’s just Shuddering it’s not doing anything wrong, but I’m just gonna film it and show Send it to the guys at Outremer and ask them What they recommend. I won’t attempt anything out here like im just not going to touch anything, i just wanna Know exactly what it’s doing. im going to shut this okay Otherwise you’re going to get a wave in here yep I went to open this window and I’ve got like no power in my left arm there, I can’t Stop trying it babe. I cannot open that and with that one bang, you know, like that’s.. So I’ve definitely damaged The nerve which I knew anyway, but I didn’t know exactly what had happened Not many times you walk around trying to lift stuff like that on that particular angle And even if I wanted to I couldn’t so Do you think we’re ever gonna catch a fish? come on Alfred We’re going too fast I reckon That has to be it, I can’t be that unlucky broken neck and no fish What have you spotted? Ive seen some, I believe it’s pronounced Sargassum It’s a sea weed in the water when there’s big clumps of it, last time every time we went past one We would catch some Dorado, so I haven’t seen any large groupings of it, but it’s starting to be Starting to pop up sporadic bits of it in the water so There’s life Im getting a good feeling Elayna Here fishy fishy fishy fishy Everyone deserves the right to be able to Have this view at some stage in their life I wish I could have every single person in the world on my boat just to look out at the horizon at the moment It’s that good. It is a perfect afternoon Join us next week as we reach the halfway mark and witness a sacrifice to the sea gods that actually works

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  1. I ended up with a similar neck issue due to surfing. I have No power to raise anything in my left arm any longer. Funny as my left hand and fingers are fine.

  2. I would have thought Lana Del Rey was the last singer to cheers up Riley. Take care out there, help is a long way of. Fair winds.

  3. You lucky ijo do puta, stay safe pedejo, stop taking risks like this! No more arguing! Or at least don’t stomp away like a child! Too much love to you both! Give Lenny a hug from us mate. Be seeing you out there (soon tm*).

  4. Whoever put a thumbs down on this video has no heart. You put your thumbs down because your life is a big thumbs down. Be positive and supportive dont shoot ppl down. Cool video. Life isn't always happy it's got its ups and downs but strong is the person that stays positive in those down times

  5. Hi guys I love watching yr vlogs hope he is ok am from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago would love to go on a sail with u guys

  6. I caught myself crying and saying what a strong couple. U can tell they love each other so much ❤️

  7. This was heartbreaking. Trust me I know that feeling, I have it permanently in my left arm and it's starting in my right now. Pins and needles numb and it's constant. It's just terrible, my heart truly goes out. Oh wow that hand position just got me, I always sit on my hand or have it curled up like next to my side. You are so blessed to have each other and your health you have no idea and it's all that matters. Once the shit health becomes something permanent in your life everything is put in it's place and you realize good health is number one in life and it's just something you can't grasp until you've experienced perfect health then just lost it. Like everything else in life is fixable or doable with good health and I think it's taken for granted and I was guilty of that and could never have grasped it until I got sick myself. Happy to see you were ok and all is well. Wow I've gotten to the part at the window and now I'm crying because that's me, that's my everyday, wow I try to just normalize it now since it's been years of this but that released a shit load of emotions I hold in everyday, wow powerful hard stuff for me to watch today and I'm sure scary as hell to experience this once and recover, because I know what it would mean to me to be whole again even if for just a little while, and then feel it somewhat happen again. Man my heart just went out because I just know and understand.

  8. When you are sailing for so long does it ever feel like you need some space from your partner? i’m a alone type person this looks so fun but i’d be worried about that

  9. Hi NS perhaps you should keep a neck brace on board! Just a suggestion from a little nurse who has had suffered serious back and neck injuries. Though some may disagree a neck brace has helped me ease pressure and pain at times. Safe journey love & hugs from the UK xxxx

  10. Riley my heart goes out to you and I hope you don’t mind if I pray for you…. Heavenly Father I pray that you continue to bless him and protect him and his family and I thank you for guiding and directing his every step. All things happen for a reason and the Bible says all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose, so I know you hold him in the palm of your hand and you will see him through this too. Thank you for healing him from the top of his head to the soles of his feet and making him whole again in JESUS Name.

  11. Often the worst part of illness & injury is the not knowing…….. how bad, how long, will I ever recover??. Dear gorgeous couple you've so much good will behind you from all us land lubbers watching from the safety of our homes

  12. so so risky being up and moving around etc…not knowing what was going on in your neck….you never know…love watching your videos!!!! such a cute fun family .. I agree with experiencing that view….so amazing!

  13. Sunday morning England hey..
    Just found a little pearl that's you guys u ,and loving it truly the music the sea the sunsets … I'll be back lol

  14. I also wish you could have all of us on your boat. The perfect life. I am so envious. But being disabled I can live through you all.

  15. I have a woman like that. I nearly broke her heart when I had a dissected carotid artery and lost my entire left side for a while. She cried for me. I couldn’t. Riley, It really hit me when you were saying “I’m sorry” like that, and I was really pulled back into my own experiences with injury and loving how awesome but broken hearted my wife was. Both of you showed us how much you love each other. Be careful. Get a neck brace like Brian wrote.

  16. Soft tissue injuries are nothing to ignore, and they can be assessed with specific range of motion analysis, how the tissue feels, and MRI instead of X-ray. Someone without specific training and experience in this area is working off of old info from Med school so I would really recommend consulting with an expert. You can’t keep going the way your going without degenerating the disc more so please take it seriously for the sake of your family

  17. I have been binging episodes for hours!!! Y’alls (that is Georgia slang for “you all”) love for each other is so special! ❤️❤️

  18. cried with you nice to see your love in the videos have been thinking that it was missing the real shit lol so glad your alright prayers

  19. Many episode I watch never seen u guys argument, elayna I see u was a very good lady that most man wanted , for the following this few week … I hope that can join u guys for sometime… for knowing u guys more then in youtube

  20. DAMN!!! OUCH!!!!!…I Crushed 3 of my Vertebrae 2 times about 8 months apart!!!! NIOT a Good thing to happen…..Especially on a Boat!!!…Lucky you are not on a Mono hull !!!!!….Glad things are better now!!!!

  21. I had something similar happen while practicing handstands..I knew I damaged a nerve because I couldn’t even lift a coffee pot with my left arm. It got better after a few weeks of weight lifiting. Glad you’ve gotten past your injury.

  22. I am so glad that I didn't watch this until a year later, and I know you guys are OK!! I'm not sure I have ever been emotionaly impacted by a YouTube video, the way I have by this one!! I know that terrifying feeling, when someone you love, so much gets hurt!!

  23. "real men cry" you could see how a tear went down his face and it immediately made me think of this quote 3:01

  24. I’m so addicted to this channel. This has been my refuge every time I take a break from studying. Haha big exam coming in 2 weeks and here I am! You guys make me calm down ❤️ MORE POWAAAR!
    Hi from the islands of the Philippines!!

  25. Jeezz…Riley wtf don't go headbutting shit. Your smarter than that. I have a suppressed vertebra in the middle of my back and I'm in constant pain, gotta stay conscious of your limitations brother. Be safe. Also check out "stem cell therapy" for your spinal cord.

  26. You two are such a great couple, but in this episode I really see your realness and vulnerability…and you both wear it well. I recently lost my wife and best friend. We were like you two, real and loving and adventurous. So let me remind you that in this world where things can change so fast, remember always how lucky you are to have such a true love and treat each other with special kindness.

  27. I know what you mean rileyI was on my friends 36ft momo hull recently coming back to wales from the canaries I caught the sailing bug badly Im trying to find a boat of my own

  28. I get worried if something goes wrong with Lenny on board, like when your boat got caught up with another boat or if Riley hurt himself and by chance you hurt yourself at the same time I worry for little Lenny, I am sure you have everything under control with flares and back up radio ect ect, maybe I am just an over worried dummy lol

  29. It's good watching this from the future and knowing you're safe and sound.
    What beautiful sights you share with us, and what gorgeous music! I hope we hear more and I love these insights into the nitty gritty of life at sea.

  30. From someone who had 3 level cervical fusion on my C4, 5 & 6 with titanium plate and screws in 2009, profound neck problems effects every part of your body, down to your toes because every nerve in the body runs through the neck.

  31. Riley watching Elayna sing is everything.. ❤️❤️ you two are such a beautiful couple. Even more so now that little Lenny is on board. God bless & safe travels!

  32. What is the point of this constant living on the sea moving across large expanses of water risking Pirates, Whales, Sharks etc?
    Surely you want to be able to walk around on a fixed ground?
    Also your autopilot system can't see what other boats are around and im curious to know what contingency is there to avoid collisions?
    It's not a long term living solution.

  33. Riley, I suggest seeing a Chiropractor they work with old injuries by maintenance the neck and the spine and you can take Xray copies with you and see others, Chiropractors worldwide all you need is the Xrays. it works I have a few discs in my back herniated and also in my neck Chiropractic care makes a big difference for the better. they put everything back in place. give it a tried you won't be disappointed

  34. The ram looks like its getting some aspirated fluid from the pump.possible leak somewhere in the system or worn impeller

  35. I know it's been a while, but I hope that you are getting checked at least every so often by a chiropractor. Actually, both of you should be…and the baby, too.

  36. Riley- and I quote, "everyone in the world deserves to see this view"… I agree with the sentiment, but I disagree that everyone deserves it. Most people will never see your view, nor will you see many of the views they have had that they would like to share with the world. Words have meaning, don't cheapen language by making ridiculous, impossible, comments that are meant only to make you feel good about yourself. I love the channel and really enjoy watching your adventure, ( I'm jealous), but don't cheapen the your success, hard work and sacrifice by saying that everyone deserves what you have earned. Best wishes Mate.

  37. Hi guys,
    I feel ya. Had an intracranial hemorrhage two years ago which had left my left arm and leg pretty much useless for about a year . I am also aware of the panic thinking "it just happened again". Been there.
    Well done for pushing through! 🙂

  38. A kind person must tell you about the corrupt Country of India and the targetting that India does to populations and the coercion and targetting to the human race about the lie of Schizophrenia and the Corruption of India's manufacturing of Schizophrenic mediacation. I have been watching and listening
    to your wonderful videos and the love that your family has to each other. So I got to tell ya that your husband will never molest your son and or any future children, because your husband is so loving and so wonderful especially as a father. Do not allow the corrupt or any malice minded person ever seperate your family. The strength is in your family and that must always stay amongst your family.
    I hope you get to read this. Be careful because _hocking with a S in front of that hocking word is one of the malice attempts that corrupt will also try to disable one of you and or your whole family. Do not
    ever take Schizophrenic medication because it has terrible effects and disrupts the equalibrium. If they ever burn your family members by corrupt surveillance cameras and your child gets mono nucleaousis,
    and you hear and or someone lies to you and tells you that it came from the water, do not believe
    that it came from the water, it did not come from ther air in its natural sense, it was not God that did it
    and it did not come from a kiss of affection. Keep your child hydrated and wrap cold wet towels on the
    head and if you the parents get burnt too, then you wrap your heads with cold wet towels, Remember
    RICE = REST + ICE+ COMPRESION + ELEVATION. The cold wet towel will replace the ice.
    If you can keep your child out of public schools and home teach him.
    I hope you and your family get to continue to stay together and continue to love each other.

  39. Never subscribed to this channel yet it comes up every time I open YouTube and always before the channels I do subscribe to.
    Friends at YouTube? I think so…

  40. Hey You Two now #3 with Little Lenny, I have been following your journey for about the past 9 or 10 months and I was a Vagabond with my Girlfriend Susan from 1993-2000 and explored the east coast of the U.S. mostly from the Cape Cod around the west coast of Florida up to the Suwanee River aboard our 1957 Dickerson Ketch "The Pterodactyl" . 1 1/2" Philipean Mahogany on Oak Frame. I have not watched your videos in any particular order,so, April 2018 date of your posting this video made me think that ,so many of your adventures remind me of Susan and I having similar adventures to you guys and I must say,you have made a great life for yourselves and the 7 years I spent living like you guys were some of the very best Memories I still enjoy thinking about the Boat Life and thank God I made the choice to leave dry land when I was young enough to really enjoy it. But, why did I comment for the first time about this video? Well,#1 the picture of Elayna looking freaked out,and the title;" WTF do we do now?????" Like any good Sailor, I feel like I must come to the aid of my fellow cruisers if they are in distress. I have never seen Riley down for the count and Elayna all red eyed from crying? WTF??Was a good title,you chose. I know you are both fine because I have watched your life backwards. You must be like Susan and I and other Boaters who really Live the Life, I told you similar things happened to me and Susan during the 7 years we spent out there,Riley I have C-4,C-5,&C-6 Fused in my neck and ran to my bunk screaming with pain running down my "Left Arm" Anchored in Boot Key Harbor in Marathon Florida. It scared the shit out of me and Susan too and all of our Pets we had onboard. Well,just like Riley,I survived after being taken up to Miami in an ambulance where I went through the whole process,I don't have to tell you about it. However I had paralasis down my arm to my fingers and it was a while to get my "Chording Hand" back to 100%? Similarity #2 I was the Guitarist Vocalist on our Boat and that was one of the ways we supported our Lifestyle,by me doing my One Man Band Shows at every TIKI Bar and little streets like St.George Street in Saint Augustine Florida. To every beach club on the intra-coastal Waterway on the east coast. My Vocal chords got a little messed up but with time I came back to 100% again and it seems that you are doing better now and keep on doing those videos!! Ole salts like me enjoy the show and Being a professional Entertainer all my life,I know it's not easy Pumping out those shows all the time We are out here and we love them So Keep on going We are all with you. Be Safe,Live Long and Prosper and Sail On….. Joshua Douglass 1st Mate Pterodactyl 1993-2000 Yes Susan was Captain and taught me all I know to Suvive out there!!!

  41. I have travelled all over the world and I would say that travel and culture is my first passion in life. I think you are both truly inspirational people.

    Living the dream.

  42. I just watched this one and cant imagine how terribly scary that must have been. I know this was a while back and you all are OK. The two of you are awesome people. You two are so accomplished at such a young age, truly talented in so many ways and you can feel the strength of the love you have for each other. Keep doing what you do. You will look back on these WONDERFUL experiences and memories you are making. How amazing a life you are living and I again thank you for letting us all come along. I would never be able to get to these places without you 🙂

  43. What a beautiful voice you have I just started watching ur videos .. I would love to hear more singing videos on ur channel 🧜‍♀️

  44. Got a funny tale!
    I was camping in the Redwoods of California. One day hiking back up a 9% grade hill(MTN side) from town. I was feeling fine. We get to the playground atth top and bam!!!?? #_&$##$
    Me falling to the ground back hunched and couldn't move….
    (Back story)
    I had spinal meningitis 2x once as a baby left me legally blind in my left eye.
    So this time I was on the top of the MTN no way to move. As a traveler I like to have with me survival medicines…. All I had was organic chilli peppers sauce…..
    The the ingredient found in all peppers sweet mild spicy is called capsaicin.
    What does all that mean that means that that is nature's pain reliever. the world over countries the people whenever they're in pain they just grabbed a chili pepper and put directly on their skin if you're not used to our accustomed to this intense usage of chili pepper hot sauce is more mild because it has other ingredients that will help stimulate the process of healing nerve damage is very specific kind of pain and all that goes into it I to have issues in that department.
    so there I was hot sauce in a yoga pose where my back is stretched fully stretching you probably know the pose I'm talking about if you know yoga at all.
    I actually wrote the hot sauce directly on my skin and I sat there and just focus on my breathing for about 30 minutes and I rose up like nothing had ever happened and for 2 weeks anytime the nerve would go to act up I felt a cooling sensation because the hot sauce will react kinda like icy hot but an actual version.
    gladly I can say it's been six years and I have not had any issues with that since I still have pain from time to time but nothing like drop to my knees and cannot move.
    Other things to keep in mind eucalyptus and sitz baths are also great for nerve damage.
    There I go again fam rambling on…..
    Totally love the jam session and I sing on the streets "looking out my back door is one of those… Cows also like that one! Don't ask!! 🤣🙃😂
    Jasper and I sending healing prayers to you all!
    Safe travels and far winds

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