What It’s Like to Train With the U.S. Navy SEALS

(glass shattering)
Whoa! Smashing through windows. (gun firing) Firing 21st century weaponry. Get down, get down, get down! It’s part of the intense training for the Navy Seals who took out Bin Laden. I wanted to find out, can a woman keep up with America’s super men? I’m firing with a 50 cal, the same type of weapon used to take out terrorists. (massive gun fire)
Wow! Each year, about 1000 guys try out for the Navy Seals, but only 20% make it; there are no women in the Seals. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! I’m being trained by former Navy Seals, Don Shipley and Lyla Roberte at Extreme Seal Experience outside Norfolk, Virginia. At dawn I climb into the back of a truck and we drive to a remote site where I’ll go through the same tactical training used by Seal Team Six when they raided Bin Laden’s compound. We’re on route to start the first leg of my Navy Seal training. I’m told it’s very intense. We pull up to an old abandoned house, where I put on a bullet proof vest, a helmet, and over 60 pounds of combat gear. (loud propeller twirling) Then I jump into a helicopter and we fly at 120 miles an hour to simulate a Navy Seal raid on the house. (loud gun fire) Explosives blast open the front door. Then we rush in to take out a terrorist. (blank gun fire noises) Here’s another way to open a door using a 12 gauge shotgun and a swift kick. (door opens with a crack) I’m also shown how to infiltrate an enemy building with a hook and a rope ladder. It’s heel toe, heel toe okay? Then I climb to the second floor window. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. Good. The next maneuver is learning how to get back down. Right now I’m getting ready to rappel off a building and into a glass window. I’ve got on all my protective gear; my helmet, gloves, I have on my goggles. (exciting music)
I feel like Spider-Man as I use a rope to walk down the side of the building. Strapped to my helmet is a camera to show you what it looks like from my point of view. But the big test is yet to come. Believe it or not, I’m about to crash through the glass feet first, and this isn’t some fake glass, that’s the real stuff. (glass shattering)
Whoa! Here’s how it looks on my helmet cam. (glass shattering) That is hard to break through! Tough for me, but not for this special breed of warriors. I now have a new, deeper appreciation for my heroes, the Navy Seals. (glass shattering)
(epic tones playing) Faster, faster, faster! (propeller twirling overhead) What does it take to be a Navy Seal like the heroes who took out Bin Laden? Get your face in the mud! I found out today during the most grueling day of my life. (water sound drowns out speaker) let the hurting begin. (yells and moans) When I was pushed to the limit and beyond. Get up Paul! Get up! My instructors are former Navy Seals who run The Extreme Seal Experience outside Norfold, Virginia; home base for the elite of the elite, Seal Team Six. Good morning. My training started at the crack of dawn, 5 a.m. I met Chief Instructor, Don Shipley. And he immediately ordered me to drop and give him 10 push ups. Drop. Wha? Push ups?
Drop No walking here, Seals run wherever they go. I quickly changed into boots and camouflaged fatigues. Here we go! Then came punishing exercises that were only a warm up for the brutal day ahead. Jumping jacks. One, two, three, one. Leg lifts. Four! A one, two- Crawling on my belly. He looks like a flounder guys! Way too much time in New York City. I had camouflaged paint applied to my face. Every part of my body needs to become invisible. Like this. The ability to operate undetected is a crucial element in the transformation into a Navy Seal. (gun action cocked) Next comes weapons training from instructor Lyla Roberte. He showed me the primary weapon for a Navy Seal, the M4 Carbine Assault Rifle. It’s 100% chance that this is the weapon that killed Osama Bin Laden. Seals are proficient with all kinds of weapons. I was taught the double tap technique, used to kill Bin Laden. Two quick kill shots with a pistol. (pistol firing) There you go! Then came the biggest test of all. Whoa!
(propeller twirling overhead) As the chopper zoomed into position over a river I had to jump 25 feet into the water. My heart was pounding! Faster, faster, faster! (propeller twirling overhead) Still wearing boots, I could barely move my legs as I swam through the freezing water. And dry land never looked so sweet. Cold and dripping wet, and my training was far from over. One, down. This is how a Navy Seal tests his limits. (breathing heavily) More pain, more exercises. I felt like I was drowning as I was hosed down while rolling in the mud. Then it was back into the water. And more running until my legs felt like rubber. Get up Paul, get up Paul, get up! Finally, just when I thought it would never end, training was over for the day. Whoa! What a day man, what a day, good job! Thank you. Congratulations. And after an experience like this you have even more appreciation for these American heroes, the Navy Seals. (epic tone sounds) (helicopter propeller twirling)

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  1. There’s a reason why women don’t make it to the SEALS…….they haven’t run the simulations (COD & AND LEGO STAR WARS THE COMPLETE SAGA)

  2. Reasons why women aren’t in the SEALS
    1: She screamed when that explosive went off (1:17)
    2: the way she holds that gun doe, she looks scared af (2:30)

  3. What is mark hamill came up behind Adam driver and shot him

    P.S this might not make sense because this is a copy and pasted note

  4. It is Way harder to be a Navy seal because they have hell week
    And a hole bunch and if working out for one day they do that for a week with two hour of sleep

  5. Had a buddy in the Marines that got kicked out if Recon (they train with Navy Seals) because his broke his ankle. He was depressed because of it and all of our training was not fulfilling enough for him, he was bored out of his mind.

  6. For everyone defending the clearly uneducated lady, she is NOT holding the gun correctly and if you think otherwise you have clearly not handled a gun in a safe way or possibly anyway so do all of us a favor and shut your bum asses up.

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