What It’s Like To Be NEW CREW on Delos! NEW SEASON! Ep.206

100 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be NEW CREW on Delos! NEW SEASON! Ep.206

  1. I've missed you guy's. So glad to see your new crew too. Great job on the editing by the way. It's 10 degrees here in Tawas , Michigan. Nice to see Blue skies ,Green trees and open water.

  2. It’s amazing how so many are complaining about their choice in crew. It’s only is it the very first episode and the beginning of the trip. I even read comments about them not meshing well; how can that be when the reason they chose them was because they said they had a connection. It’s amazing how some of you feel like youtubers in general are here solely for your personal entertainment and you bug out when there is a change you disagree with…

  3. Really loved this episode and the new vibe brought in by Jordan! New crew/tribe members always kept Delos fun to watch and I look forward to the new season!

  4. Thought Jordan did an excellent job for her first crack at the Delos themed videos. A lot to live up to for sure, but she did an admirable job. Any nitpickers should zip it because they could not come close to doing a better job. Karyn is smart to have a shopping list, less impulse buying that way with barely enough room to store what you really need. Off to a good start to the season, lots of smiles all around. Brian is amazing how he can diagnose and fix anything. Great shots of the bottom paint. Looks like it will last a long time and provide no drag for an unimpeded maximum hull speed. "Go Fast" is always fun especially with another boat nearby. It only takes two to make a race as they say.

  5. So looking forward to the new season. With Drenched on board, definitely going to bring a new dynamic to the team, fair winds guys & gals

  6. I was looking back at an older video and I know this won't make any sense to you but I've just finished the best year of my life that backed on to some of the hardest years a human being can experience and you guys helped me smile through it all. I know you guys are just living life and enjoying yourselves but thanks for documenting it all and sharing it. It meant the world to me and I don't know how I would have got through it all without someone to make me smile. Keep smiling.

  7. The sense of entitlement that social media has manifested amongst the viewing public is fascinating…we get it all the time with our nothing channel, and i can only imagine how much more entrenched people get about a well established show. But if we’ve learned anything in a short while, it’s that some will drop off while many more pile on as long as you’re moving and doing anything interesting…because it’s still more interesting than anything the cheap seats are doing…😂 Fuck it!! I fully expect to see David Hasselhoff and Jessie from saved by the bell on future episodes. People are on fire about this shit, throw some gas on it!! Lol

  8. Regarding Ramukanji, It is said that “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

    Last season, some were complaining that the Delos theme song was getting stale and needed changing and now that it has changed, others are complaining about change.

    Regardless of which way this goes, I LOVE Delos!

    With all the criticism, Delos must feel like they are turning in a final exam every week. Not cool, some people should just chill!

  9. Great to see Delos in another perspective (like always)! There are always new perspectives for sailors, new horizons, new anchorages, new people to meet etc. The Delos nerve is there 👍🏽

  10. Not into Drenched yet they keep managing to leverage their way into so many of the more successful sailing YouTube vlogs. I'll be back later. If I wanted to watch those guys, I know where to find them. But I don't. Too much other quality stuff out there these days.

  11. WOW some comments down below. Beware the free-beezzs are circling the boat. Be less dreamy and more creamy smooth them edges off and talk the talk. Dive in and enjoy the ride..

  12. I'm late to the party but I have to say when the Ramukanji tunes dropped I was immediately like "uh-oh." The video was still good, not the best not the worst. I don't know much about Drenched so I will watch and draw my own conclusions, BUUUUT I will also say I trust you guys and it's your boat soooo if you like them and they don't detract from the videos I'm cool with them. Most people don't like change, and I agree with some of the other comments that changing the intro, crew, and having new crew edit right away was probably a bit too much change at one time. Regardless I'm a fan to the end of the story, and my Patreon will always be tuned to Delos on Friday! Love you guys Skol! Justin SV Flighty Drifter

  13. Perfectly enjoyable episode! Not sure what everyone is whining about… well edited, "in style" with previous episodes, and just overall a good watch. Well done!

  14. Clearly, based on many of the comments it’s hard to evolve from the proven performance of the “Delos” style. I agree the original intro music is part of the Delos DNA and I am sure it will continue in future episodes.

    I like Drenched and look forward to seeing how their underwater filming melds with what we are accustomed to with Delos. I’m not sure it’s possible to raise that bar but this will be fun to watch.

    As for the video length, I’m good with anything in the twenty to thirty minute range.

    Looking forward to this season.

  15. Time to dust off some of the old salty viewers that don't like ANY change, they want you to paint the same picture every week, with the same colors with the same paintbrush. That's not how artists work, if Delos wants to tweak their theme song THEY SHOULD DO IT, I simply can't imagine going to an art gallery and telling the artist that they should only paint the same picture over and over again and never evolve.
    I for one loved this episode such a unique perspective we've never seen, excited to see the new crew paint us a new beautiful painting this season as only new blood can. Jordan is hot with a beautiful voice.
    Been following for a long time and will continue to do so, Thank you for the hard work you guys put into this art form.
    Will the REAL DELOS TRIBE & Supporters please stand?

  16. Hey Delos Great to see you back for another season. I am surprised though. For a season opener it's only 19 minutes long. You hit the nail on the head when you did the long Season ending and start last year in Africa. Anyways great to see you back.

  17. The drenched crew don’t belong on Delos and don’t have the same vibe/positivity and Karma as the Delos crew. This will hurt your ratings/ subscribers.

  18. I see a lot of negative comments about Jordan's editing and narrating. I'm enjoying it just fine, I like Jordan's narration.

  19. Seems like $990 doesn't buy much. I see a lot of negative feedback but I do not see it maybe need a bit more crazy action, antics of sea voyagers.

  20. The new intro is not as good. Ramukanji seems cut off and poorly mixed. The editing and camera seems off, too… production quality has gone down. What’s going on?

  21. Loved the episode! You guys are amazing ! We know you guys arnt always going to stay the same and we love that and will always watch through your changes .

  22. sorry brady  …  but I must say this ……..  less beer bro and start working out ……dam   you have gained some weight  🙂

  23. All of these people attacking the Drenched crew for grabbing "free rides"… Then trying to tell you guys how to live so they can be more comfortable at home being lame. Y'all complaining are just looking for an imaginary free ride lol

    Delos crew, glad to see you guys in the water again. Looking forward to a new season.

  24. A few days ago I made mention about new crewmember Nate's scraggly hair … well, I suggested he could benefit a lot from a haircut. He took my comment well, and I would just leave it at that. People will do what they want to do, and that's fine. Live and let live. I have been following since Delos was in Malaysia and Philipines. I'm struck at how something for the last few days, however, seems very un-Delos. Change can be a good thing. But I have been thinking how … I don't know, "odd" 206 is. #207 is starting out the same way. Odd. Disingenuous? What's the right word? Slick? Razzmatazz? I have admired Brian and Karin for their down-to-earthiness, and now with Nate and Jordan coming on board, it's clear the atmosphere has changed. They seemed fine on Captain Rick's boat — very suitable to Rick's ethos and all, and I want to make it clear they seem like good people. But I'm talking Delos. Now it has become a "show," with people outdoing each other to see who can out-rogue, out-pirate the other. I'm going to hang on, and see how it goes. Long live Delos.

  25. So the whole thing about taking the labels off the can's is to stop bugs like Roches that lay eggs between the label and the can. we use to wash all canned goods with a little bleach water. Great video as always

  26. Kind of disappointed in this video, not your normal flow and what’s with the blurry face making the cut? I read some other comments too and I think the thrill of new crew is also with their lack of experience and seeing and experiencing something new. Not a fan of the crew and the style they are bringing.

  27. I'm properly organized and totally super excited at receiving your love for ever (as explained when provisioning and how to organize it to Kazzas' high standards. For those interested and a bit anal about these things the Kazza Standard (KS-512BB) is a non nonnegotiable unspoken contract that is sealed in Delos lore…. and law… that requires total subservience while being a volunteer/captive/inmate/detainee crew member (passengers are excluded because there is no such nonsense) on the Delos.

    I is looking forward to receiving my love Kazza………why for do I waits so long to receiving your loves???

  28. I posted last Friday and can not find my post anymore?? I don’t see 890 posts as stated on the video. Do they get archived or blocked after a certain number?

  29. Congrats on being able to work and collaborate with SV Delos! My wife and I have enjoyed watching your journey. We spent time diving with Nate out of Lahaina and Kona Honu. Keep up the good work and great content! Safe travels!

  30. Total respect. Maybe your viewers haven't seen the parlay
    revival guys? They are on a similar journey:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSxczLXQi3Y Maybe you guys can meet up again?

  31. The new crew change the vibe in a very negative way. Looking for a new channel until Drenched is gone. Suggestions?

  32. Brian, how is that new slippery antifoul going and what was its name? A reply would be much appreciated. I have to agree slightly with the other posters on the new format. Like Blue is a fantastic addition to the crew and Lisa was great to. The only crew member that I was not keen was your bro's ex girlfriends sister, that was obvious what was happening there.

  33. No thanks..ive found sailing channels i like much better now..
    Essential oils?? Didnt take yall for such fools…but it explains a lot

  34. You should write a SV Delos galley cookbook. Take that list and show all the recipes one can make from that inventory. I'd buy it. Love your channel.

  35. Lots of negative comments, do your thing guys. Change is good. Change got you to where you are today. It’s not about subs, it’s about what makes you happy. Mabanga crew

  36. You are my Favorite Americans and Swedes on the Firkin Planet… I would love to meet your parents they must be Cool humans Man

  37. I thought it was an excellent collaboration of the two crews to mix it up a bit. Who ever brought in the scuba diving full face mask idea with coms is worth their weight in pirates gold. I'd no idea coms would work under water. Was looking for the episode that introduced these. Wanting to see more. Organized and food transported and packed away(good organizing tips once again) after clearing up all the initial bugs and shinning Delos up. You're set to sail.

  38. Need an update on how the new paint and electronic anti-foul is working. Per "eco-friendly antifouling project begins video"

  39. ….all that maintenance work…..and what are you stupid girls doing, except from spreading legs?

  40. to all of you rude commenters.. relax yuselfs… you speak of the delos spirit yet you all act like a bunch of drunken arseholes… the spirit of delos has been a universal love. island boy is ashamed of you all… i love anything the delos crew decides.. its their freedom to share all the aspects of being world sailors. loved the drenches, and jordan thanks for adding some spice.

  41. Hey this question is for Jordan, although this appeared many moons ago, you are such a beautiful spirit and young women and it seems that everybody who encounters you notices that am I question for you have you noticed that everybody responds to you and such a positive way… And I mean everybody seems to fall in love and adore you you've got something very very special about yourself Nate you're a fortunate man to have such a wonderful young woman to be with you… And yes I've been following you channel on drenched in congratulations on your new boat you guys are doing wonderful you're going to be on fire as far as YouTube is concerned

  42. Im so incredibly confused about who's actually crew and who owns the boat, ect. It's always different people and guys. And then they all look alike. Is there a video that explains any of this?

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