Welcome to the S.S Star! | Sailboat Survival Ep.1

again the audio doesn’t work. Why!? and yes it’s a new intro. i am doing a brand new survival i’ll create a new world called SS hold the bird off the sandwich fries preset sorta plow tree ok okay done create new worlds that were your first of a few pauses in my sentences I just cannot string and more sold yay tomorrow is the last day off score yay yay I’ll throw some up to land well doesn’t have the same temple I’m gonna stay away from that Josh simply dash spookley down one step a simple boat a really simple one donnell to fail that survival there will be a few bases place it costs for survival such as trees always good mmm just a good search this is my favorite turkey board I’ll just have we’ll just pop it like this this address same time oh good so strongly laughing table I’ll have some iron sister set off in a bit of a start and that’s it that’s definitely it if I’m normal will be added and call some person who died I’m not falling off the edge which I’m probably gonna do I don’t have that but there’s no place Penn State live in areas efficient yeah that’s literally gonna be okay that is a decent Bert to start off with like I anything that I shove it much for a start then click the title edit okay let’s see can I do it can I get a customer to end yep yeah oh gosh they all do check on it started myself a fishing rod and if you want sapling yeah just out of starch so just gonna throw it overboard yeah there’s a step that’s good okay also of the tracks specifically and I in picture mincraft I and understood fit back there nice natural get to Zion stiletto it shows an adorable yeah okay coughing do bring dinner dance that many Wow more than stack hmm that’s a bit much bit such as i can i can just make my stuff easy so I know it isn’t kind of cheating but there’s no other way to get the supplies so at least it isn’t diamond– then you guys would just be like spammy and full cast up peter also exchanged my skin to this hopefully you guys like it as much as i do that oh yeah there’s a fishing rod in my back on my back right where the stick is very ironic oh such games that cancel back today these bitches are real really real to reel that 48 my lucky or maybe I’m like a number okay that covering up my diet half your jazz enough to want my dad hair who look at mmm haywood okay still good fishing get some food see patience patience yes whoa spirit goes real high just by touching one fish um I guess it’s a good thing and so put a few soft wings in just three hopefully that what ya don’t keep that left leg okay okay i just i do some things to give myself the stuff that I require just so that i can make the damn work taken it all and you Ramiel actually about that about that okay good it started burning almost to stop it brand new yeah and I forgot a bit make a bed not to bake a med and it’s even a med isn’t even a thing okay I always forgive me on the fence I just need to fence like grouchy will sprout come now that Nathan’s have no rule oh just get myself a bed bed now I just want to bed but bed yeah same here oh that’s pretty bad places okay better places thank you okay just gonna sleep tonight yeah that would go ahead and break these trees with a pickaxe we know is that reason but I am that’s really fast excuse i’m making i don’t care little bit line quickly i do not care 16 perfect stick there and stones may break my bones yeah now i can get wood much quicker yay okay i’m not really sure what did I get it yeah I got it good okay yeah that’s a good amount of wood because that’s all the ones that I have Wow okay put it all whoa statue 10 more wood very precise actually very in precise okay I’ll try and trash another fish to get my experience way further up patience patience patience song is played patience of the squid standing right now trying to nibble on my fishing rod on now a puffer fish nope get back in there be free Papa fish I want to eat you get food poisoning okay yeah I know a few more installs I just breathes a bit more jazz does eyes something to it I’m not sure it’s like I’m a genius with music actually I am a musical genius because I can actually play many many many many many many many many many many songs on the team board one that I remember most is river where your boat yeah thanks ken de danse arms well the midgets does really really hope your mind especially growing vines so children is one thing that you should do learn how to play music just see you all right i’m making this video one thing i should say bye um I mean by

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