Welcome to the Navy Supply Corps School

We train the world’s greatest logisticians
to enable and sustain mission success. This is the Navy Supply Corps School. We develop fleet-ready men and women prepared for accountable leadership in the world’s preeminent global logistics force. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and our supply officers are
advancing right along with it…. to ensure readiness and to deliver unwavering support. Our graduates stand side-by-side
our fellow warfighters–in every arena. We are built into the DNA of the Navy’s fighting force. We show our students what right looks like through a culture that epitomizes
integrity, teamwork and mutual respect. Training leaders to protect this great Nation
isn’t something we take lightly, nor can we do it on our own. Community is everything, which is why we are dedicated to strengthening our strategic partnerships and bolstering our international alliances. We are constantly developing
cutting-edge training techniques to keep pace with the
ever-changing global environment. Simultaneously, we foster a culture that
encourages innovative problem solving from all members, students and staff. Good ideas come from everywhere. We are also committed to the little things. We are the stewards of our Sailors’ well-being. We know our mission… and we know what’s at stake. We train to ensure warfighter success… in every theater across the globe… because the sun never sets on supply.

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