We Landed In A Surprise Location (Funny Skit) / That YouTub3 Family | The Adventurers

hi guys welcome back to so today we are
gonna discuss going on vacations I need everybody to take and go find five
things five things only that you will take on vacation
alright so everybody got what they wanted yep alright so the way I figured
out how to get us all there is I’m going to ship you all there so I went to the
store I’m so excited to go on vacation early
this is gonna be Taylor’s home it’s a surprise when we get there
you guys will be able to see what did you bring you brought teddy bear teddy
bear oh oh your Valentine’s candy ooh good idea a flashlight a blanket and a
pillow you’re gonna be comfy hey Jake can get in your box marker soda and a
couple of Jolly Ranchers and Oreos okay hopefully you’re comfy
Jordan so the things that I have are some Girl
Scout cookies cuz you cannot survive without Girl Scout cookies Thin Mints
best ones ever a blanket cuz if you didn’t know it’s really cold here in
Utah so I don’t want to freeze I’ve got some entertainment here Simon
Darth Vader edition toilet paper in case I have to go my phone so I could
entertain myself in case if I get bored of Simon the last thing I have is a huge
water bottle so we’ll never get thirsty I’m just gonna
take us to get there that’s a big thing of water okay all right
say goodbye to Jordan first item is a
chair cushion so there’s some padding next item is an eyeball picture because we
need some decoration in here this is pretty dull with all the brown so I’m
just gonna hang that up in here and then I’ve got my pet pinecone named pokey
he’s pretty pokey but you know it’ll keep me company then I’ve got a bamboo tree
for the trip because it absorb all of the co2 and
then lastly some cookies so I do not go hungry there okay mom okay I
got me some Pepsi some chocolate oranges my pajamas and a swimsuit cuz I’m really
hoping someplace warm I want lots and lots of packing material squishing it
and filling it with packing stuff this is so fun okay well I hope they come pick up these
packages soon because I don’t want to miss my flight I gotta go get ready to
pack as well get my suitcase got some
games to play got my phone oh my gosh oh my gosh
oh I can’t see anything I need cut through so they stopped moving now
I do share of low humming so I think from the plane I don’t know but I think
I have to conserve my battery on my phone because it’s at 80% and I have a
probably have a long road ahead of me so I might have to turn off my battery but
this is not a comfortable position at all I’m like squished maybe there’s packaging just waiting to
get on the flight but they have to choose the tire right so hopefully it’s a bit flight I can get
on the flight takeoff the box top pretty good in here you can
see if I could turn on my flashlight I don’t want my battery to die you can see
this is a very hot in here got my swimsuit and my Pepsi’s down here
somewhere we are very crunched I’m squished in
here you can’t see me at all but this is Audrey and oh wait you can see
there’s my teeth yep okay so snacks here my cookies what is the noise do you hear
that noise we must be take us to wherever we’re
going maybe it’s on a boat I don’t know okay let’s see okay so this is like
really squishy in here I think we should just put on an airplane it would I can
like hear some packages being moved around what’s going on here I hope they
don’t tip me over again uh better get my player oh my gosh
gotta get my plant ready just the people here really are like crazy with their
packaging because they don’t really care if something gets damaged I think I
should open up my soda so guys it’s the next day even get comfy on this they could I don’t want to be in here anymore and
we just glad that I have a Pepsi something to drink
hopefully we’ll get there fast hey wait look I can see some light maybe if I sit
like this you’ll be able to see me better no oh my gosh that was so breath
I think we might be here let me see maybe if I can peek out of
the box maybe I’ll be like close to where we’re supposed to be at let me see
I mean oh my gosh I’m tilted maybe if I could sit up straight here we go I’m
gonna open it’s very hard open here we go maybe we’re here ha
let’s see do you think my phone died but there’s some bright
light showing the little cracks I think we’re here cuz all of the
noise yes stops so I’m gonna open up the box ready guys you

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