We got Drenched, Sailing to Northern Africa! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 124

We have no idea where we are Hello everyone, I just wanted to say a quick congrats to Matt Brasco and Ryan Hagglestrom who are our patrons Thank you guys so much for the support. Can you make it to Florida to join us and a bunch of others? Yeah, sailing diving adventuring around It’s gonna be a lot of fun And we’d really love it if you could come along so let us know You know what to do and enjoy the rest of the episode everyone, cool. Bye Previously on Sailing La Vagabond, you were with us in the Med sea on the island and country of Malta We provisioned Picked up a new crew member. Oh my god Hello! And set sail towards Tunisia a North African country It was our last day at sea and we were hoping to arrive before the sunset. Morning all. We’ve all had a pretty good night The wind has been consistent, so we haven’t had to play with the sails much It’s been about 15 knots from the South, but now it’s just swinging to the west Exactly where we need to go so we just slowed right down. We’re about 30 degrees off course With 72 nautical miles left, so I’m considering turning the engine on if we want to get there in the daylight Which we definitely do we could potentially make it today But we’re going to have to floor it.. I need the captain’s opinion, and he is asleep So we’re just heading off course right now I made a coffee.. Been listening to the radio there’s been a bit of chitchat Yeah that is stuck.. That is glued Don’t worry about it girls, you did a fantastic job much better than I could’ve done by myself. wait stop. This can’t be happening.. It’s fine Just bandage it up again. I’ll just have to wear it for a couple of weeks are you sure you’re ok with this? Yeah I don’t care What if your skin heals to that What do you mean? My skins not gonna heal. I’m not gonna become part man part bandage I fear that you might No, it’s all good the the glue will slowly dissipate Disintegrate like over a week and the bandage we fall out im so sorry its alright Bandage me up Oh *&^% What? Apparent wind speed Oh shit 18 Knots Well great start to the day we nearly blew out our code zero, I well Yosher, and I have glued a bandage to Riley’s head look if you brush your hair or Brush your hair you can you can barely notice it I shouldn’t laugh Things have gotten crazy.. got a little bit too much sail up But we’re the sea staid is quite calm compared to the wind so… We’re gonna roll with it All right team meeting, whats going on? We’re going to port Yasmine, Hammamet. It’s it is blowing.. Up to 30 knots apparent which is what, 20-25 true So it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare getting in here We don’t have a book and we don’t we don’t have paper charts. We don’t know the proper Pilot guide all we’ve got is which is quite good is the Navionics app Like it looks like everywhere is too shallow.. Which I know it wouldn’t be the case because this is a pretty reputable marina and so the wind’s coming this way right Sort of coming this way we want to just tuck up ideally somewhere in here if there’s no spots I don’t mind anchoring right there In four meters of water we could also Probably anchor out here. That’s probably not a bad idea actually, yeah Yeah, but you know. I don’t know what the coast is, I don’t know if it’s sand, and I don’t know if it’s good holding Elayna you would have to go and dive on the anchor Ideally, we just sneak up into here and get a little spot bow first throw out 2 bow lines and once we’ve done that We’re pretty much safe Elayna you can as you can see here You just come back on that right-hand side, so hopefully we get that one that would That would be very nice Yeah We were pretty happy to have made it before dark having received no radio response or Instructions we tied off to a random spot inside a man from the marina told us to move straight to the customs building to firstly check-in It’ll be a fairly long process having to visit a few different buildings translation errors and such nothing we weren’t used to though By the time they searched through the whole boat it was time for bed look at it Sultaan. Sultan? Saltana. Saltana! Its super tacky ay, yea. Its *&%^ing… Oh my god theres a *&^%ing monkey at the back a real monkey? Theres a real monkey! what? no theres not.. yes, look its moving, in that hole, in that hole at the top holy *&^% monkey come out to play, where are you? The three of us had caught up on some work And it was finally time to leave our little cocoon on La Vagabond. We got a cab into town The week leading up to our sail in Tunisia year we were warned by a fair few people and in particular Different government websites not to go, however a quick google showed us on wikipedia a list of countries per capita Intentional homicide rates with Tunisia at three point zero five falling in way under the US at four point eight eight per 100,000 people For us it. Just put a lot of things in perspective and made us feel a lot better about our decision to visit What’s going on ladies Well we’ve just arrived at the camel place There are 3 camels lined up for us, and we’re about to go on a mission. Would you say we arrived at a camel ranch We’d asked our driver if he knew of any camel farms out in the wilderness Run by a local farmer that might be happy to take us for an adventurous ride to watch the sunset Instead we were taken to a place down the road that was the opposite of what we’d hoped for It was very clear that these animals weren’t happy and immediately after we set off I didn’t want to be a part of this whole operation We’ve got Three camels was tied together on very short leashes escorted by a carriage, 2 horses This young bloke on a bike who was wandering past And about 4.. what would you call these guys? babysitters yeah, Thought we were gonna be on a camel going across it into a mountain or the desert or something They have muzzles on their mouths. Yeah, I feel a bit sorry for them Yep, im numb Cannot adjust myself At least your camel is pretty chill But he had a good camel Nicely done oh He got trod on the foot After that unfortunate Experience we hit the town to find some food I’ve blown out a jandle, as Yosher would say so my string of bad luck continues I’m gonna have to stay put and the girls are gonna go and buy me some local leather sandals, i think we’ve found Pleather, Probably ok We’re after men’s sandals for men for men for men yes There’s pumpkins on a waterfall what the So were going to get Riley a really, really ridiculous pair of shoes, cos he has to wear them I reckon these ones.. yep Oh no its for my boyfriend, because he broke his shoes 45? no it says 10! Lemonade lemonade oh thank you thank you, cheers Oh nice, oh thats for me? thank you. Cheers
cheers These are quite cool though ay I think they’re used Maybe these are secondhand ones probably explains the price Yeah, they really suit you, that’s a perfect fit Yeah Smile Very nice shot, I will put you in a russian magazine I cant wait to see Riley walking around in these hey Cant wait to see his face.. Did you get the worst ones? No they were the best ones there really? yea They actually look good No they dont yea i like them I Took the other ones back cos they were too big and terrible, now I’ve got these new ones and we’re all pretty happy They’re actually cool I love em Join us as we go into the Tunisian out back And then embark upon an awful sale for Sardinia, we would be beating into the wind and waves for days

100 thoughts on “We got Drenched, Sailing to Northern Africa! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 124

  1. Watching you has taught me to rethink some of the perceptions I have towards various countries. I like to think of myself as an open minded person, but you help me see where fear has been installed in my mind without my full awareness of it. 🙂 You are truely living, experiencing the whole world, without so much propaganda.
     I would love to get a boat one day and I wouldn't have this dream without you guys!
    much love & many thanks

  2. You took what amounts to a third world country at their word on its homicide rates? Seems a bit risky. Even Venezuela is hailed as a paradise of socialism, education, and medical efficiency.
    Killings within the native population and killsing of forigners is two extremely different things btw.

  3. Hey guys just started to binge watch ur episodes, caught last one with the head laceration. I am an ER doctor and am watching this at 330 in the morning in between my traumas. You can also just clean the area with soap and water and tie your hair together using the top closest to the cut and bottom on the other side, than repeat the same in a criss cross pattern leave in place without washing for 5 days. should be good to go. stay out of salt water for first two days than wash out in 5 days.

  4. I would not have drank that lemonade. Two attractive western women in a Muslim country…… There's a reason Germany/Sweden are the rape capitals of Europe. Be careful in any Islamic country …

  5. It is common to improperly interpret statistics when attempting to apply them to oneself. While what you said about the per capita intentional homicide rates is accurate, there is a difference you did not account for. Part of the reason those government sites were warning you is because as a foreign tourist you might be specifically targeted, so while the risk for the general population is represented by that number, your risk was not. Not that your risk was so great that you should not have visited, I am not trying to fear-monger, just pointing out that your interpretation of those statistics as they applied to you specifically was faulty.

  6. Haven’t been watching in awhile. Surprised to see Josje on board. I’m guessing that cat is like being in a rocket ship compared to the Amel she was used to.

  7. cool i have a boat called honyfly in wales its a okay size boat it does 3.0 kts with about 7.0 kts wind speed

  8. Percentages mean nothing mate, but targeting criteria practiced by criminals as a matter of culture mean everything.

  9. i am an absolute fan and dont want this to come across as a hate comment but,I really wish that you didnt put the camel riding in the vlog. That was truly disgusting, not blaming it on you.

  10. You missed one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean on the way, PANTELLERIA!!!!! Shame on you guys 🙁
    If you're around there again, let me know, I have a house to host you!

  11. I've seen Sultan in Venice once. About Tunisia, I am from Africa, red tape and immigration officers here are a special breed. These guys were actually cool.

  12. Totally agree about camels… Don"t encourage cruelty by riding camels and if in Thailand don't ride elephants. You really don't want to know how they "train" them into submission…

  13. bad comment please stop prejudices and stereotypes! Tunisia is a very beautiful tourist country and Tunisians a welcoming and tolerant people!
    I had the chance to visit Tunisia and a lot of other country … and I can confirm that is less dangerous than Mexico or many USA city ! Make things in perspective !

  14. At 7:14 the custom guy just talking about food , he say :"you can go eat lamb meat in restaurant…".
    he just trying to sympathise…

  15. I know this comment belongs on EP 123 .. but…  On you accidently busting your head open…  Sorry that it happened to ya man…  I know how you feel though…  I work at an auto manufacturing  plant… and I work in an area call Chassis.. which is the under part of the car…  anyhow I was crossing the line with the cars up in the air so we can work under them… right before work started up to get to the ice and water machine…  I rose up to soon and busted my head wide open too….  So I can relate to your accident … 🙂

  16. This is the most amazing channel I’ve ever watched. I’ve been binge watching you guys for 2 days now. I’m cancelling my Netflix account.

  17. Such a stupid idea pushing your luck in such dangerous waters and countries with 2 white girls? I hope you never experiance bad situations and your luck keep holding up.

  18. Offhandedly comparing murder rates in the united states to that of 3rd world or Muslim countries is extremely naïve and outright foolish, to say the least.  If you remove only 4 or 5 large cities populated primarily by blacks, the murder rate in the US in near the lowest of ANY country in the world. and that's only removing a few of the many.  So unless you plan on docking your boat in Detroit or Chicago or Baltimore your about 1,000,000 times safer in the US than the 3rd world places you visit. I hope your willing naïveté doesn't get you hurt or killed in the future.  You seem like very nice people.

  19. ….two girls get together and start acting like they don't have three brain cells between the both of them…thumbs down…

  20. I'd needed a good laugh…those shoes. Riley is a ride or die.  He could lose an ear, but as long as he can still sail he'd say "That's all right…"

  21. Usually don’t ever comment, with that said as a man and father of a daughter your philosophy on murder between where you took those young girls and my country United States was at best…… actually I’m not going to say. I use to be twenty something many years ago, but had much better judgement and decision making, not for myself necessarily when I was alone or with other guys but for the younger and girls that were with me. Sometimes at first your deductions make sense if that’s the answer you want but please dig deeper into your thinking about dangerous stuff. Thank god you and everyone is safe and unharmed, my speech is over now. Damn!!! sometimes I hear myself and think it sucks to get old😂BE CARFUL PLEASE.

  22. Having walked about Hammamet, I can tell you that you are taking a risk here. I'm a pretty easy going westerner that tries to keep a low profile while travelling – However I've had the pleasure of Tunisians spitting on my pathway. As I walked, old people and children spat in front on me. I highly doubt it was a sign of respect.

  23. In general, people don't have such a negative opinion of Tunisia and Morocco in Europe. At least in the Iberian peninsula. Many would consider it relatively safe and a potential holiday destination

  24. that must have been the best beer ever had…. Enjoy the ride and happy sailing! new to the channel and can't get enough!

  25. You all are great together, I think you each bring out the positive in the other and it shows you care deeply for one another…may you always have the best!!!!

  26. What a sweet cast of glance lol at 5:59 By the way it was a nice surprise with Josje crossover episode. 🙂 Huge like!

  27. haha the part with all the ????? was so hilarious! The camel part was super sad 🙁 I wish animal tourism wasn't a thing….

  28. Hey guys and gals, I know it's a bit late, but a good thing to do with head cuts is to use the hair and tie the hair together like stitches. The hair grows out and the cut will have healed. For future reference, hope it is not needed. 🙂

  29. We need a Sailing La Vagabonde Music Playlist! I love the songs you pick for your videos!! A YouTube playlist would be EPIC!! All the songs from all the videos!

    Great Channel! Excellent Content!

  30. Still catching up on past videos here in 2019
    I'm glad to hear you all cuss like I do, I know it's hard now cause youtube demonetizes everything now and maybe you don't cuss around baby Lenny but anyhoo nice to hear you all finally cuss like the sailors you are 🙂

  31. Riley keep in mind those are 'reported homicide' cases, the U.S. has the best reporting process in the world therefore nearly every homicide is reported, not sure that's the case in Tunisia but I could be wrong. Looks like you made it out alive thou Cheers!

  32. I honestly swear to you I thought the first song it was Riley singing with Elayna on the guitar! I thought damn, he can sing too???!!!! Then I looked at the song credits list………………….

  33. Did Riley get the medical attention after all? My goodness! Next time call the SOS to get a boat Doctor – if you are luck, Please take care and stop to take care of your cut wound

  34. You guys need one of those handheld devices that will translate for you. That way you can talk to anyone no matter the language

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