We Explored A Haunted Cruise Ship

100 thoughts on “We Explored A Haunted Cruise Ship

  1. Gadiel is 95% of all Latino guys that don’t believe in that bullshit. I was gonna keep it pushing till he made me laugh and said the shit I would.

  2. Gladiel was just laying down all relaxed 💀 curly is was sitting there being serious and open not scared 😂😂😂 im living for this

  3. Born and raised in Long Beach and I’ve been inside Queen Mary once and I won’t be going back ever again lol. Do not know how people stay overnight there because it’s the creepiest feeling being inside there.

  4. Yhhhh i’m gona have to watch this video in the morning…..in the day light. I’m in London yet i still feel too close to this place😂😂

  5. 2:52 If anyone watched this on Shane Dawson videos. Rylan went on that top bunk and made a crack in the middle.
    Also Shane layed on the bottom bunk and said that he felt it was a lady in that room

  6. @Perolike Hi brother. I am a travel Youtuber currently making content in Dominican Republic. I enjoy your content and would like to collab with you. Thank you. Could you email me? Or provide your email? [email protected]

  7. Please make more videos about this!!! You three are freaking hilarious!!

    Gadiel asking if it likes mangu is life!!! 😂

  8. I've been on that boat my whole life I live in long beach all I have to say is I refuse to go down to the lower deck/ward the energy is so dark and heavy you fell you cant breathe

  9. You guys should do a video idea I have… Each of you will be given a text message conversation from each others phones, but you don't know whose conversation you are reading… And the others listen to you read the conversation out loud and try to guess whose msgs you are reading. You could do different scenarios, like the dating or romantic msgs, or msgs from Mom. Let's do it!!! It will be funny!!

  10. I remember the first time I went to the Queen Mary it was for a Christmas party and in all my photos you can see my rosary.

  11. My previous job had an event and booked us at the Queen Mary to stay overnight, and legit it was the best sleep I've ever had (without knowing it was "haunted").

  12. My husband and his inlaws went there and on the top deck the floors were kinda slippery so I was trying to be careful and I feel as if someone with a cold hand pushed me like to hurry me up but no one was behind me

  13. "Gadiel, we're not repeating what we did last time!" – Thank you for saying that, Maya! Lol! I was thinking that and was hoping this wouldn't be a repeat of folks disrespecting dead folks…heh heh.

  14. Nice episode I just wanted to tell you God loves you so much, he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins and rose on the third day victoriously defeating the devil and death and proving his immense love for you and me! You are very valuable and loved immensely. Their is no greater love than the fathers love for you. THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH WANTS A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU!!

    John 15:13 King James Version (KJV)
    13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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