We are the Canadian Coast Guard

We are the Red and White… 114 ships, 21 helos, and 4,500 members working round the clock to protect and secure 243,000 kilometres of Canada’s vast and rugged coastline We are first responders… the foundation of Canada’s immense maritime search and rescue system, and the best response regime in the world, saving an average of 15 lives a day. We are standing guard… monitoring 1,233 vessel movements each day across the country thanks to our highly skilled Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officers and Integrated Technical Services personnel. We are environmental stewards… preventing threats to Canada’s marine environment and leading the response to pollution events from coast-to-coast-to-coast. We are active in indigenous and coastal communities… building partnerships and empowering Indigenous peoples to take an active role in increasing the safety and security of their waters. We keep the Canadian economy moving… by keeping shipping routes clear of ice and facilitating the safe and efficient transport of more than 470 million tons of cargo transiting through the Canadian ports each year. We are welders, machinists, technicians, carpenters and electricians… Maintaining and repairing equipment and systems onshore that keep our organization moving offshore 24/7/365. We are innovators… transforming the Canadian Coast Guard into a strong, proactive Agency under the government’s Oceans Protection Plan. We are a key partner… working collaboratively with our partners to support enforcement by identifying threats and providing the ships, helicopters and people to help them do their jobs. We are critical to Canada… taking a proactive, take charge approach to emergencies, pollution, and vessels of concern along the world’s longest coastline. We are courageous. We are dedicated. We are the Canadian Coast Guard.

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