Watch These Audience Members Get Soaked in ‘Oh Ship!’

I love looking out into the
audience and seeing all of you. You’re like a sea
of smiling faces. You’re an ocean of positivity. You’re a body of water of– something. My point is, it’s time to play
a brand new game, Oh Ship! [MUSIC – VILLAGE PEOPLE, “IN THE
NAVY”] (SINGING) In the Navy, yes,
you can sail the seven seas. In the Navy, come on,
now people, make a stand. In the Navy. Let’s meet our contestants,
Jill and Brianna. Come on out. [MUSIC – VILLAGE PEOPLE, “IN THE
NAVY”] (SINGING) In the Navy, yes,
you can sail the seven seas. In the Navy, yes, you can
put your mind at ease. In the Navy. Hi. Who’s who? I’m Jill. I’m Brianna. Hi, Jill. So Jill Eads? Jill Eads. What do you do in
Rancho Cucamonga? Rancho Cucamonga, I’m
a restaurant manager. Wonderful. And you are Brianna– Rondomanski. Right, exactly. And what you do
in Phillips Ranch? I am a legal assistant. Wonderful. Where’s Phillips Ranch? It’s, like, by Diamond Bar,
Chino Hills, Pomona area. OK. Wonderful. All right. Here’s how we play this game. It’s called Oh Ship. [SHIP HORN BLARES] I am going to give you answers– two answers– up on the screens. Then as soon as I’m done
reading the question, you’ll race to stick
your head into the hole under the answer you want. You must stick your head
into a hole each round, OK? Whoever has the most points
at the end wins Oh Ship. [SHIP HORN BLARES] Whoo! All right. So if she beats you to
the answer that you want, you’ll see why. Because you have to stick– if
you miss the hole that you’re going for, you have to stick
it in the hole that’s left. And you never know, maybe
you’re in the right hole. [LAUGHTER] Head on over there. All right. All right. Here we go. The answers are, a beautiful
woman or an enchanting mermaid? The question is, who adorns the
side of every Starbucks cup? All right. Put your head in there. All the way. All right. Jill, how do you feel
about where you are? I don’t feel good. No. You didn’t make it to
the one you wanted? No, I didn’t. Brianna, you feel good? I do. All right. Let’s see who has
the winning answer. [SCREAMS] OK. Yep. You were not in the right hole. All right. Head back to your mark. All right. Next time, you’ll run faster. Yes. OK. Here we go. The answers are 10 and 13. The question is, how many
nipples does a female opossum have? All right. I feel like your heads are not
as far in the hole as I’d like. I’m stuck! All right. Brianna, how do you
feel about that? Uh, OK. OK. You think maybe you’re in
the right one this time? Maybe. All right. Let’s see. Yes. Turns out you were. That’s good. All right, head on back. OK. Here we go. It’s tied. The answers are, prostitutes
and gamblers or housewives without makeup. And the question is,
originally, banks thought that ATMs wouldn’t
work because only these types of people would want to
avoid talking to a teller face-to-face. All right. How does everybody feel? Jill? How do you feel? I feel pretty good. No? I’m not sure. All right. Brianna? You feel good about the
housewives without makeup? You think they’re
the ones that didn’t want to talk to a teller? Not really. But it’s OK. All right. Let’s see. Yes. You were correct in
worrying about that. Yes. All right, head on back. Oh! It’s wet! OK. All right. All right. Here we go. Jill, it seems like
your hat is shrinking. Whoo! OK. The answers are,
winked at the grocer, or said, “it’s grrrreat”
to the checker. And the question
is, Kellogg’s used to offer a free
box of cornflakes to any woman that did what? All right, Jill. You for sure wanted
to go to that– Yeah. I feel good. You feel good about that. Brianna, do you think she
made the right choice? Do you think– I do think she made
the right choice. So you think in the wrong one. Maybe? Well, let’s see. [SCREAMS] Nope. See how sometimes it works out
when you’re in the wrong one? Yeah. Yep. Oh. My hat– Yep. Isn’t this a fun game? Yes. Yeah. It’s really fun. And the answers
are six and eight. The question is, how many
Es are in the name Ellen Lee DeGeneres? All right. So you made a beeline for a six. Jill? Yep. I sure did. While your head’s in
there and you’re actually saying Ellen Lee
DeGeneres, do you think that there are more Es? You know, I’m really not sure. I’m just wondering
about that water. Let’s just see. [SCREAMS] All right. It’s 3 to 6. Brianna’s ahead right now. OK. All right. OK. Whoo! This is– [APPLAUSE] This is the last one. The answers are
9-volt and triple-A. The question is, not that size
matters, but which one of these is a cylinder-shaped battery? [LAUGHING] (GASPING) I don’t know. I’m right! I think you’re right. No! Whoo! It’s OK. [CORRECT BUZZER] All right. Congratulations. You won a 65-inch TCL Roku TV. You’re not going
home empty-handed. You’re also getting one. And we’ll be right back.

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