Washing Machine Dies. Choosing Best Washer for our Sailboat. Replacing Eumenia with Candy Aquamatic

Just got the washing machine
going. It’s going to explode! As we were.. had the washing machine on it entered into the wrong bilge and then we got all
the floors up and we realized that there’s a leak somewhere down there. So
now we’ve got to do all this hand washing so I’m going to take it into the the aft heads and finish it off by hand. So ever since we’ve had the boat we’ve
had the washing machine I think the washing machine was
installed when the boat was commissioned and so it’s been on the boat ever since. We always had a few issues with the
washing machine but we persevered with it. Are we sinking? No. So why does Mum say the boat’s sinking? It was always a nerve-wracking
experience switching the washing machine on wondering whether we were actually
going to get through the wash. Here we go CRUNCH! It sounds like the bearing is gone and
well it’s leaking anyway. But that does not sound right – that sounds like metal
pieces just moving around. It’s probably – I reckon this is the original washing
machine that came with the boat so it’s over 20 years old. I expect we probably
use it maybe more the other people with three kids. But you know – you never know it
might be to fix it but if not I think we need a new one.
Anyone got a new washing machine? Getting a washing machine off a boat isn’t the
easiest thing, obviously you’ve got to unplug it and unwire it and everything
but then you’ve got to get it out the companionway
across the passerelle and onto the dock Right let’s get it out now. That’s quite clever it’s got handy holds here Oh yeh, we like the handy holds. VHF “Good Morning, good morning, buenos dias and welcome to the Almerimar VHF Radio Net. Another day in paradise” I suspect it’s a bearing probably
somewhere here, but I dunno, let’s take it apart and have a look. It’s belt driven from an electric motor down
here – rusty at the bottom here. It’s typical you get it all out and you
have a look at it and you run it and it seems fine When we’re taking these things apart there’s
always sharp metal bits you never see. So I remember when we were back in England
the kids were always a bit squeamish at the sight of blood but I’ve cut myself
so many times fixing engines and washing machines and everything so whenever they
see blood now it’s kind of an opportunity to practice their first aid
skills rather than go all squeemish. It’s making a strange noise. So this is the heating element and there was a bit of rust down the bottom there. I’ll pulled this off and the seal is corroded so that would explain the leak we’ve been having. So just to repair that bit you’d have to replace the whole drum and the whole drum it about €180 which isn’t really cost effective. Shame really because the electric motor’s working fine Pump seems to be working fine but it just comes down to cost. We had a leak here as well and these
seals are all gone so they need replacing. A little bit of corrosion
there. Even though they’re just lots of minor things they all add up. So we didn’t even get as far as the
bearing really we got to the bearing housing and notice a few other things that had been leaking and when I took the element out the rim of the element is
all corroded away so it’s not forming a seal. There’s another couple of seals are
not sealing correctly so all in all even though each thing is probably repairable
with epoxy and replacements it’s a very old machine then there’s no telling how
long things are gonna last so I think on balance it’s probably best to get a
replacement for it. It becomes a bit of a teaching aid. Dad, how do I take it apart then? It’s a washing machine what
broke down but the wheels haven’t fell off yet. Yewan get on. Woohoo! Are you going to do the washing? No we’re going to put this in the bin. So we’ve been managing – there’s a launderette here so it’s not so bad really in the marina but
that’s two hours less in the day that I have to do other things. Mum it’s stopped. So we have to bring a massive bag and I’ve just put 15Kg in there which is all linen and washing and it gets done. It’s not too bad really. OK, one week’s washing done. See that’s why Woody married me – I’m strong. So Irenka spent a few days online trying to source a decent washing machine that would kind
of fit the space that we needed and the right wattage and everything else. So we
went through a lot of criteria and eventually I was dispatched with the
porters trolley to pick up one from a local electric shop. So if getting the
washing machine off the boat was tricky getting it back on again was even more
of a challenge. This is the smallest one we found for a fairly decent price I
managed to get it for just around 430 euros. It’s a candy aquamatic – it’s 3.5 – 4 kilograms – it uses I think it’s either 42 or 48 litres of
water – that’s quite an important thing because obviously water – we don’t have an
unlimited supply. But now I’m gonna open it up and see what it looks like. Spare pipes, spare pipes are always handy and
a manual. Either the 40 minute or 30 minute is good otherwise it’s gonna go
on for a couple hours – we don’t want that – and uses less water as well. Right now
let’s see we can fit it in. So I’m gonna have to take about a centimeter off both sides so it’ll slide in. Okay so I haven’t got a router which will be the correct tool to
use so all I’ve got is a jig saw and a multi-tool. So I’m gonna use those to take
about a two centimeter sliver or either side of the door. So that’s what fiberglass does to a new
blade – absolutely ruined. So for a bit of insulation I’m just
gonna cut up Renx’s old yoga mat I don’t think she needs it anymore. Why you doing that the Mum’s yoga mat? Shh! So kids being kids they decided the best
time to start arguing and fighting was just as mum and dad were trying to get a
huge washing machine down some very narrow companionway steps So at the moment
we’ve got a tee joint here with two valves – one goes off to the washing
machine the other goes off to the dishwasher which we took out a while ago
so we don’t actually need that one and this one’s a bit leaky anyway so I’m
going to replace it with a new one and probably take out that T joint
altogether. Moment of truth. That needs sorting out. Okay, I think the reason that was leaking is
because that was actually in the wrong way around to true that way and so that
tightens the grip on the pipe instead of that way which doesn’t do anything. Okay so stupidly I thought this was a
redundant pipe which goes to show you should never assume because that
actually goes to the galley sink and now I’ve taken it off the galley sink taps don’t
actually produce any water so what I actually need is a three-way valve. I’ve
got a hose pipe splitter here so the inlet will come in here that will then go off to
the galley taps and then this one can go to the washing machine. I’ve had to be a
bit inventive because they haven’t got the right fittings but this hose pipe tee
should direct the water to the washing machine and to the galley taps. Okay take
three. Let’s test the galley sink. All plugged in. The waste pipe is attached
and the water pipe is attached. Okay this is my running gear and it
hasn’t been washed in nearly three weeks and it stinks. The first wash. How do you
choose a temperature? That’s cold wash. Spin. I’ve never been so nervous putting
a washing machine on. I’ll see you over there. So now we don’t have a washing machine
we’ve got a spare cupboards – we’ve got an empty cupboard. Let’s have a look.
There’s no wash machine. Oh! Hang on a minute. Who’s that? it seems that every video I keep having
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