Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 14 – Halit Yukay

I started designing boats
when I was six years old. I was drawing on my school books because I didn’t want
to attend the class. I couldn’t have imagined back then that I would own a shipyard
and design my own boats. My name is Halit Yukay. I’m the owner and designer
of Mazu Yachts. Growing up in Istanbul
is a great inspiration for me. There’s a great history.
There’s a great diversity of culture. Anybody who lives in Istanbul, somehow
they have a relationship with the water. You have to have it
because you have to travel on the water if you want to live in this city. When I was 18, I moved to Florida because my family realized that I wouldn’t make it
through school in Turkey. I guess this was the best thing
they did for me because I found there
what I wanted to do. I studied industrial design
and then yacht design, and here I am designing boats. The dream about having my own shipyard
began after I moved back to Istanbul. I also started working
for several shipyards in Istanbul, but when you are really young, it’s very difficult for people
to have trust in you, you cannot be free designing, so at that point I said maybe it is best
if I have my own shipyard. So I designed my first project and I was lucky
to sell the boat from a drawing because they believed in my project. From this I started investing my money
into my own shipyard. That’s how the dream started, basically. It was very overwhelming
that now it was under my control, but I had enough experience, I believed, so I managed it
pretty successfully, I think. Mazu means
the Chinese goddess of the sea. The concept is to be very boutique. I want customers to feel
that they are unique and that they feel at home, but at the same time I want them to feel
the elegance of the boat. I hope that Mazu becomes a classic
in the future. I’m doing something that I love, and this is a freedom for me because whatever I design,
I can build it also. So it’s not dependent
on somebody else’s permission, it’s completely my own will,
so I’m very lucky. My name is Halit Yukay.
This is my boating dream.

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