Volvo Penta Boating Challenge Episode 4 – Glass Cockpit system: a revolution in boat control

I’m Dominic Gullick, and together with
Volvo Penta expert Hanna Ljungqvist, we’re going to put the company’s
products through their paces in a series of performance challenges. That was so close. We will seek the answer to the question:
what’s in it for you as a boat owner? This is the Volvo Penta
Boating Challenge. Volvo Penta claim
that their Glass Cockpit system has revolutionized
leisure boat controlling and monitoring. Now, that’s a bold statement, so I’d like to find out
exactly how easy it really is. – Hi, Hanna. How are you?
– Hi, Dominic. I’m fine. Good. What is it that’s so special
about the Glass Cockpit? And what’s in it for a boat owner? For me, the Glass Cockpit
is all about user friendliness. It’s an all-integrated system
where you get onscreen access to any information that you need
about your boat, either navigation information
or engine data. OK, Hanna,
I’d like you to plot a course. I want to go there via there. Sure, no problem. With the Auto Guidance feature, you can get the system to plot a route
for you to wherever you wanna go, and should you wanna adjust the course
on the way, it’s easily done. – OK, are you ready to go?
– Absolutely. Let’s do it. This is one of my absolute favorites. You can customize your layout
so when you, for example, wanna activate your Joystick Driving,
you just press the button and your chosen layout will
automatically appear on the screens. OK, Hanna, you see that boat there?
He’s just leaving. What I’d like you to do
is take his place when he’s gone. Can you dock this big boat
using only the screens and the joystick? – Sure.
– Show me your stuff. OK, you just activate Docking mode, you’ve got everything you need
on the screens, and off you go. Just like parking my car. Wow. You nailed it. Good job.

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