Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : The Motorboat Vocal Exercise

This is Larissa Lam, on behalf of Expert Village,
we’re going to be giving you more singing tips and techniques. This is a great vocal
exercise that I’m going to show you. It’s really about loosening the lips and vocalizing
your vocal cords without straining them. And this is again going to look a little silly,
and maybe as a kid you’ve always done the… thing, so I’m actually going to be encouraging
you to do that, but we’re going to be doing this with a scale. You’ll hear the music,
and I’m just going to be going… to the music. But, it’s really about loosening up the jaw,
the lips, and warming up the vocal cords. Here we go. You can hear the notes going up
the scale… Just follow along… With the lips…Remember to breathe with your diaphragm…
If it’s getting too high for you, don’t worry, just wait until the music comes back down
on at comfortable pace… Breathe with your diaphragm… If you mess
up with your lips, don’t worry just keep going. Pick right back up and keep doing the exercise.

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