VLOG l Busan, boating and Nande faces her fears in Korea

-Hi! My Name is Lona.
-And I am Nande. …and we are in, Busan! Those are all friends, Rosa and Tiffany.
– Rosa and Tiffany. They are going to say “hi” later. Say hello! They are waving at you guys.
– 안녕하세요 (Hello) It’s the holiday season, the golden holiday week and we decided to come to Busan. To see the beach the ocean and the scenery around. It’s like literally 5:30 in the evening so the day’s almost over. So we just decided to start vlogging now! I think we can give you guys some good footage
-Yeah The scenery here is good, the people are nice… Look, how cute is she? how cute is my baby! Ayy… Haha So there’s a new dance, that we’re still loading. Ok, its a bit of a remix to that Ours is this one.
– We dont know how to do it yet. Alright, here we go.
– I dont know how to do it So a friend of ours like taught us this dance. We just don’t know how to do it yet. Where’s Tiffany and Rosa? I dont know. Oh, there they are.
Where are they? Down there. Do you guys want to go on the boat? They can take you on the boat it’s like ten thousand Won I think
-Yeah that’s cool. They give you life jackets. You can ask for two or three though. I’ll be like, I want three coz I need to put three on. Three life jackets?
– That’s right, one on my head, one on my shoulders… One on your left arm one you right arm… Yes!!
-I need it, I need it Okay, lets row. Here we go!! 고맙습니다 (Thank you) Nande: Wait let me stabilize first… I need it to stabilize first. Just a low centre of gravity. …Ja, thats why i need it to stabilize.
Ok! Shucks! What is going on?
Sit down, sit down. Wait, wait… What was I thinking Dear God?
-Record babe…haha Like I am freaked out… What was I thinking? I didn’t think this through. Babe, give me the camera.
– I’ll record i’ll record dont worry… Ok now its recording. Guys I am scared for my life. So Lona’s now like rowing the boat so you guys can see and I am freaking out because this thing is so unstable If this thing capsize!!
WoooW Baby… I wanna go back, I wanna go back! I wanna go back. Shucks, What was I thinking? That’s everyone else boating as well. Guys, Lona is so excited. *Sings* Row your boat 안녕하세요 (Hello) No no no… Are you not scared? Huh? are you not scared? 예 (Yes) Are you scared?
– 예 (Yes) Alright, we’re also scared. Sorry.
-No problem, no problem (??) I dont know!! 안녕 (Goodbye)
-안녕 (Goodbye) My whole life, flashing before my eyes.
I look so calm right now but I am panicking! This is what Nande would do when she dies. She would actually go out and start Youtubing. Snapchat my own exit. See, you’d snapchat your own deaf Ja, I would. Babe let’s sit in the middle.
– I don’t want to do that. I dont want to try things. No we’re sitting in the middle, so we can both row and vlog at the same time. Babe look… Uyandi Panic(isa) babe
*You’re making me panic* Hey? No, coz that means we’ll need to switch positions in the middle of the ocean. No like we’re gonna sit like them. I know, but its just the whole thing. It will be so, flawless. Haha you want to laugh at me!!
-I do. You’re literally…
– I am laughing at you, inside. Guys, I am so, so scared. *Singing* Row your boat …Life is but a dream!! Hey! Okay guys, now low-key im glad we did this. I’m like calmer than I was… 2 minutes ago

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