Viking line ships

The song is Viking Line Theme Song. The very first ship entered. It came in 1959, the year when the corporation commenced as SF-Line, but it was changed to Viking Line in 1994. The Hansa Express was planned to route Helsinki-Münich, but when it came to Finnlines it came to Helsinki-Göteborg. It is M/S Ålandsfärjan. Very sorry. The first “real” ship. En route Helsinki-Turku. This was sold to Blue Line in 1988, it was in better conditions than M/S Rosella but because of the delay of M/S Amorella and coming of M/S Expedition it had to be sold. Diana the 2nd was the elder Mariella. Now on works en route from Maarianhamina to Kapellskär. Burned in 1988 as Sally Albatross, was built again, now on named M/S Celestial Crystal. Sank 1994 as M/S Estonia—killing 852. Now on M/S Regina Baltica, a floating hotel at Split. Now en route Helsinki-Maarianhamina-Stockholm. Now on M/S SPL Princess Anastasia. Now en route Helsinki-St. Petersburg. M/S Expedition. Was en route Mariehamn-Långnäs. Now en route Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm. Was sold in 1993 because of Rederi AB Slite’s bankrupt. The Isabella is now sold to Tallink, called Isabelle. Now en route Stockholm-Mariehamn. BIGGEST CAR FERRY 1989-1990. Now on called Silja Europa. 3001 people can fit this bad boy. Former M/S Silja Scandinavia. En route Helsinki-Mariehamn-Stockholm The second newest ship. Helsinki-Tallinn Order was deneyed because of very long delays. The newest ship. En route Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm LIKE OR DISLIKE. SUBSCRIBE. COMMENT. IF YOU DO ONE OF THOSE, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE -_-

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  1. Se oli S/S Ålandsfärjan mut se romutettii. Rosellaa edeltävää Kapellskär – Maarianhamina reitillä OLI M/S Ålandsfärjan

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