Vigilance Elite – 10 Survival Tips You Don’t Know from Navy SEALs

John woken Alaska man do you have the ring I got it good to know we must go hey what’s up guys Sean Ryan with vigilance elite here with Jeffrey from frozen Trident and we’re in Denali National Park here in Alaska and we’re gonna do a semi survival type series and so first video I wanted to just start off we kind of did some research and we were looking for things to do and we wanted to kind of put some stuff out that I haven’t seen in a whole lot of did either one of us have seen in a whole lot of anything videos magazines books so just kind of some personal things that don’t really fit into any specific genre that we thought would be useful information for you so I’ll kick it off so shelters where wherever you’re going one of the first thing you want to do is look for a shelter and not everybody wants to be tracked or followed or you know it may be you’re done maybe you’re in the military or whatever and you don’t want to be you don’t want to be found or you want a warning system if you are gonna be found so let’s just say I’m traveling dead this way or down this you know making my own path here and identify this rock here I want to put a shelter at okay so rather than just going straight to the shelter alright what I want to do is I want to if I know I’m gonna build a shelter there then I’m gonna identify it walk all the way past it okay and then kind of buttonhook it like this and come in from the backside then I build my shelter and my vantage point is this way so anybody who is tracking me or following me or you know whatever they might be doing has to walk right past my vantage point before they ever get to me and then they’ll come back around and surprise you’ll be there to greet them with a big smile on your face so yeah so now let’s talk about knowing where you’re at what like north south east and west out here if you look around here that’s so vast you can get turned around easy and you can lose your bearing in which way north south east or west is the easiest way to know which way north is and I use this all the time when I’m out there at night with the dogs is wait for the night to come out the Stars will come out Orion’s belt the belt goes east to west east to west and the sword points south so that way you can look at their Orion’s belt sword point south that ways north that’s the easiest way there’s no trying to figure out which stars north not gives you a bearing of which way north is and you can use that to know where your backdrop is so with us right now we have this river behind us and let’s say we got spun around somewhere out here and we’re trying to find our way back we know there’s a river heading south stars come out Orion’s belt boom there it is swords pointing south I’m heading south hitting that River taking that River downstream till I hit healy alaska another thing when people go out on these trips you know camping and stuff like that what’s the first thing everybody does they go and they buy themselves a brand new set of boots that they’ve never worn and they don’t break them in so what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna develop hot spots when you’re walking around and you’re gonna get blistered up and it sucks but everybody does it so if you don’t break your boots in alright you know break them in going if you know you’re gonna do something like this go you know break it man go on some hikes go on some runs whatever you need to do and when those and when they develop those blisters they make this stuff called moleskin all right works real good just take you know take your boot off put this right over the top of it and it doesn’t like fall off like band-aids if you put a bandaid on it it’s just gonna catch the wool in your sock and start to tear off it’s really not gonna do a damn thing for you initially if you get wet if you start sweating band-aids are gonna fall right off yeah another thing that works fine is duct tape you don’t have it to bring a whole roll of duct tape but you just roll lit up and do a little you know a little bitty role throw it in your and your go-bag or whatever you got with you and anytime you start getting a blister just rip a little piece off and put it put it on on your blister and that yeah that’s not coming off either so foot care is huge out here and you the trick with this is catch it before it becomes a problem if you start feeling that hot spot develop don’t wait until it becomes to the point where it’s hurting your deployment can’t even walk nobody wants to be that guy that’s holding up the rest of the your party that’s out hiking or whatever but you’re gonna hold them back more if you let that blister develop into something that now is a problem that you can’t even go any further yeah alright guys so let’s talk about proper clothing out here whether it’s your socks your shirts why I recommend hands-down is wool wool socks wool shirt this is my all-time favorite layer to wear it is made from old military wool blankets and that’s made by Lester River bushcraft you can go check them out on their Instagram and order it from there their info page there but yeah this is the hands-down the warmest that layer that I own and I wear this underneath my parka and not is it 40 below this in my parka that’s all I got on the wolves I think is will the only material that’ll keep you warm when you’re wet are the only net it’s the only natural the only natural thing you can get synthetics that are that will do pretty well too but this is the only natural cotton if it gets wet you mean you you’re screwed don’t don’t wear cotton in a situation like this yeah also layering you know with clothes you want to you know you want you want to layer so and when we mean layers cotton is a no-go you want stuff that gets the moisture out quick because you’re gonna start sweating you’re constantly gonna be switching layers on and off you know you’re gonna want to block the wind and all that kind of stuff you got to think about so yeah yeah wool highly recommend wool bug spray no matter where you’re at even all the way up here in Alaska the bugs can get horrendous doesn’t matter whether you’re humping around the jungle in South America or you’re humping around Denali National Park up here all right Alaska state bird is known as the mosquito they are pretty big yeah you’re not always gonna want to sleep on the ground either okay and especially if you’re down south you want to get off the ground to get away from all the critters and shit like that you got fire ants you got all caught by ders and all that shit so you might set a hammock up right yeah a good way to keep those things best you can from getting TIA like especially when it comes to ants is the cords on your hammock take this bug spray put it on the cords and then nothing’s gonna you know hopefully nothing is going to slither or crawl or do your hammock with you they also make bugs for a lot of people don’t know this but they make that bugs fur that you actually put on your clothes before you go out and then you don’t really need this stuff it’s already in your clothes you know as far as going on your body yeah but this stuff’s also flammable too so if you’re having a problem getting a fire going this stuff could help you out yeah another thing people overlook is wild first wild first protect you and extreme cold better than the faux furs do I have a beaver firm it with a Wolverine thumb on there the thought process behind this is the beaver the beaver fur will keep you dry beavers spend most of their lives in water and the fur they have is that keeps them dry it was same thing goes with whenever you harvest the beaver and you turn that into it a mitt or a piece of clothing that fur will keep you dry it may freeze in extreme temperatures but your hands will be dry that’s where the Wolverine fur comes into play that’s what my thumbs are made out of Wolverine for even if they do get wet there’s the Wolverine for will not free so you’ll still have your dexterity with your thumb there’s so much benefit in having wild fur out in extreme temperatures you can’t beat it it’s always good to travel with an extra pair of socks you don’t need a new pair of socks for every day of the week but you do need to change them out one way that’s a good way to keep your socks dry or dry the pair that you got what they just clip them onto your backpack when you’re when you’re humping around let the Sun kind of dry them out get let them evaporate out you know and that’s if it’s not freezing weather out but like right now we’ll be great switch the socks out just clip them onto your bag hump around when these ones are red hopefully these will be dry by that point you got any other ways to dry them out yeah like that if you lay down for the night you’re in your sleeping bag put them in there with you put them in your in spots that your body heat will dry them out too also in your spare sock I always put foot powder in my socks as their and I put them in a plastic bag so they won’t get wet even if it’s raining out foot powder is a good thing to always have on you because whenever you do dry them out I put foot powder in my socks and then I’ll tie them on there and they’ll dry out and when you put on your socks that full powder will keep your feet from sweating as much too so that’s a good thing to have sunglasses all right sunglasses get overlooked all the time that actually this actually happened to me but as you can I don’t know if you guys can see those mountains back there but once you get kind of get past that tree line and they and you hit the snow the reflection of that Sun is like twice as strong as it regular is or regular UV rays are so what happens when you break out of that tree line and you’re getting you know your regular UV and then it’s also bouncing off that snow like that you get snow blindness and so invest in a good pair of sunglasses if you’re planning on summoning any mountains or anything and yeah that happened to me in the SEAL Teams and I had to have somebody hold my hand and walked me all the way down the mountain and I was blind like no shit I was blind for like three or four days so is that when you first out how you first started holding hands would do it yeah that was the first that was the first time yeah what in the last popped it yep but yeah speaking of snow yellow snow alright a lot of people like to snow yellow snow donate it stay away from yellow snow I hear it’s bad for you all right check out Jeff at frozen Trident on Instagram and enjoy the rest of this series it’s gonna be badass I can’t wait to check that’s gonna be sick so all right we’ll see you guys next week

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  1. I want to start my comment off with admiration for you and all the men and women who have served and the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice and the ones still down range. Much respect and a huge thank you. I can never say it enough.  The button hook man!! That was a damn good piece of information that I hadn't thought of. Your channel and IG are on my notifications because I get a kick out of your content and of course, information. Keep smashing it bro.. I love seeing the growth and as always, wishing you and yours nothing but the best in your continued growth and success in future endeavors.

  2. Foot care tip: I don't get blisters and am more comfortable after I started: 1. putting anitperspirant on my feet (just rub on the clear gel) to decrease sweating and the discomfort and skin-softening of sweaty feet and 2. (most important) wear two pairs of socks. The inner sock should be a tighter, wicking sock and the outer looser and appropriate for the season. This causes the inner sock to slip against the outer and is basically full foot mole skin. In warm weather, I wear a Large liner inside an XL liner.

  3. A great thin layer is what golfers/etc call a wind shirt. It's the v-neck shirt you see guys wearing on their yacht or something. Type it into amazon and you'll think "oh yeah, that's the shirt older dudes that look like they have money wear and also football coaches".

    Anyways, get one that fits loose and put it on as a layer because they totally block the wind. Base layer, sweater, windshirt, and then outer jacket is super warm together. This prevents you from having to worry about or spend more for jackets that specifically block wind. For instance, I bow hunt and like fleece jackets for quiet but a wind blocker fleece is twice as much or more. Just throw the wind shirt on under it.

  4. Thank you for service. As a former wildland fire fighter I would tell the newbies with brand new boots to have both mole skin and duck tape. But another thing works that sounds funny but knee high panty hose with the socks over the top. Believe it or not it works really well. Great video guys

  5. Thanks for reviewing the survival basics, I grew up in Vermont which is similar terrain…I'm also a gay dude and I wish you didn't make that dumb comment about Sean holding hands with guys, you'd be surprised who is gay and who ain't. Thanks for your good work.

  6. Shelter is easy. Find a grizzly bear. Kill that grizzly bear. Gut the grizzly bear and there ya go. Now you've got a grizzly bear suit.

  7. unless you expert navy seal, they are tracking you in from the other approach and do not walk in front of you but instread come from behind and enter your rear. or maybe you want that entering.

  8. I've heard silk also keeps you warm when wet (you were saying wool was the only natural material) but silk is probably not going to hold up well in the bush.

  9. Uh-uh no-no, the Fort Lyon Colorado bird is the mosquito !!!!! Only you Fort Lyon staff know what I'm talking about!

  10. Lt. Dan " take care of your feet and don't do anything stupid like getting yourselfs killed ". . Your feet carry you, and more.

  11. Wtf was that about seemed like Brokeback Mountain 2. There are basics to survival all simple and no need for the drama lamas.

  12. You wanna know which way is south. Look at the vegetation. It grows towards the sun. Which most of the time is towards the… south. So that means it learns that way

  13. Video was painful to watch, total lack of preparation, which I know is not the SEAL way. I hung in there for 5 mins though, hoping it would get better.

  14. My incontrovertible, infallible, all inclusive Alaskan survival tip is, stay south of there. Far south. Maybe San Diego area.Possibly into Mexico… because it's way cheaper to live and… tacos.

  15. Frankie Zappa said it best, don't eat the yellow snow if you go where the Eskimos go. Don't touch the brown snow either unless you want to keep people away.
    Worst ever experience ever was tabbing out of an OP, we always removed our human waste in bags. If you have yours stored in your bergen make damn sure the bag is sealed right that can be hell of a nasty

  16. Epic furs at the beginning
    My dad did Denali
    The grisly bear story he’s got is the only one he has never turned into a joke
    Never seen my dad so freaking serious while telling of travels
    Said besides the accident when he got burned is the only other time he saw his life flash before his eyes
    Perfect tips
    Everyone messes up with the feet eh
    Gotta be some sort of Achilles heel thing thing or something
    I don’t mess around
    The duct tape is just a given
    I slept outside,
    Straight in the ground with one little mat 75% of this summer from Quebec to Cape Breton
    How I never got a critter or bug inside the tent once is a credit to my angel or just some sort of freak miracle
    I wish I woulda had big spray
    Would not wear that crap for a million $$
    Woulda helped me start a fire when I had the wet wood and no starter!!
    Survivor mans sock lint trick don’t work if you don’t wear socks for 3 months
    We did not hikes
    Was all about being close to the ocean or the St Laurence
    Holy shitballs
    The fire ants are mean little bitches
    They hurt
    (( none in tent though!! Wow eh))
    Met one skunk
    Having a smoke outside the tent at 2 am and I was ohh
    What’s that sound
    Why is there something moving over there?!?
    Ohhh a skunk
    Just say there till she passed
    Man those things are cute in the moonlight💚💚
    Epic vid as always
    ..thanks for sharing
    Shine on dude
    Ohh and never had the total snow blind but just the yucky feels at the beginning when the eyes start to feels messed up is so not cool
    Can’t imagine what it felt like for days
    Hope that had no longterm effects
    I’d be holding a dudes hand too and I never let no one touch me but my kid😂🍁🇨🇦

  17. if it is freezing or wet outside – put your wet socks in your trousers behind the waistbelt…- body heat will help to dry em…

  18. Shawn I love all your videos mad respect for all the help that you're putting in people's heads but I need a little help with one as well I can't find your video on the one about how your girlfriend you got her to understand what you were talking about and like to recognize it thank you for all the luck advice you give us that may be suffering from the same problem the military can be very unforgiving especially young age

  19. Shawn or Shaun however you spell, lots of love man, still have parts of my family with msoc and 2ndMarDiv Rgroup but and maybe my history sucks as bad as my aim but pretty positive oss preceeded my goofy ass raider family. Throwing that out there.

  20. One does not harvest but sloughter a beever. To harvest is for plants. And what is the drama in the beginning of the video about? It does not make sense within the context of the rest of the video.

  21. Another way to quickly (24 hr)break in your boots in 2 or 3 days before your trip wear your boots in your morning shower was as usual and then continue to wear them till they dry … this works really well on leather boots by the time they are dry they are form fitted and you skip the hot spots and you find out if the glue is crap and will fail before you ever leave …

  22. Putting those disposable hand/foot warmers (these can reach up to 180degreze depending on the brand)inside a small aluminum baking loaf pan then inserting that in wet boot over night helps drive some of the moisture out of you boots and keeps them from freezing. But make sure the warmer does not make contact with the moisture directly as it will absorb the moisture and stop the chemical reaction in the warmer by shutting off the oxygen to it

  23. Just wanted to stop and say, Thank you for your service Sir, Looking forward to catching up with your videos, May the gods cover you with blessings brother,

  24. Bring some Advil so when you do destroy your feet from being green, you can make it back without calling in a rescue team.

  25. I did that duct tape trick in my time in the Army, I waited too long before I put it on, so when I tore it off later, I tore off the skin around my blister too, shit hurts.

  26. I applied for the RM Commandos in 1989 I passed a couple of interviews and fitness tests I was only 15yrs 3mths old..I wanted to be a junior marine,that's all I wanted to do but when I had my last interview I had never expected when I was interviewed by two RN officers that I would fall apart which I did and that started my own doubt and Social anxiety ever since, it's a shame because that's all I ever wanted to do.

  27. Seriously bad ass mofo! Keep being totally impressed! Hope you believe you have it going on like the plastic surgeons, bankers, etc. I like your plan.

  28. Here is a vid that seems to say that Orion’s Belt/sword isn’t always pointing to north

    Can you please help us to know whether it is a good indication at anytime of the night?

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