video diary : a day in a life, shipping my poetry books, first time as a booth vendor [CC]

Hello lovely people! Welcome back to my channel. It’s okailen here. Today I wanted to film another vlog, but because today is Thursday, I don’t have classes until 6 P.M., so this is not officially a “uni vlog” because I’m not on campus. I’ve always wanted to do and the opportunity has surfaced. I’m so blessed to be able to be a vendor at Ecologie. Ecologie is a vintage resale store in Kennesaw, GA. If you’re around the area, let me know 😉 Basically, being a vendor means I will be selling my poetry books, which have been printed. They’re almost there (& shipped). I’m just preparing some minuscule things like I cut out 125 pieces of paper because I have 125 copies. I thought it would be really cute to put a lil design and say thank you for supporting me, for giving me this opportunity, for listening, for sharing… That is my lil special announcement! I thought I would take you on a step-by-step process of what my first time being a vendor is like. I’m going to hit up the dollar store to get some lil decorations to make my table look a lil fancy, a lil cute. Then, I’m going to finish these cards, maybe wrap up some online orders. If you’re interested in getting a book, it’s called “A Poem A Day,” and all proceeds are going to people who are facing homelessness. Last year, over 30,000 students in my home state of Georgia faced homelessness, and it’s a really real issue, especially because Atlanta is such a prominent area. It’s known as the largest hub for human sex trafficking, which is technically slavery but sex slavery, so that is something that I think that really intersects with a lot of issues, such as climate change, capitalism, oppression, racism, discrimination… all of these factors playing into a really real and prominent dangerous situation for womxn of color, for the youth, for people part of the LGBTQ+ community, as I am as well. This is just a really important issue and I’m implementing my art into action. Hopefully, this brings and sheds light on an important topic (like this). So thank you so much again for being here, sharing this space with me, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this video! This is what the cover that has officially printed out and looks like. Then, this is what the back looks like! Here’s a lil flip through. I’m gonna try to do this the best I can because I want to give you a lil taste. All of my feelings poured into it ~ I cut out the letters and now, I’m going to start writing on them. I thought I would show you my design that I created… I was in art class and I got a lil tired and was falling asleep, so I decided to start doodling in my sketchbook. All of these things that you see here are things I have to get at the dollar store, things I have to prepare for the booth vendor. I came up with this tiny design, so it’s like a lil flower. Underneath it is: “Plant Love, Grow Peace.” Then, I’m going to put a thank you on the other side of the card. That is what I’m going to be doing. I actually ended up ripping out all of these pages and then turning them into cards. This is really nice paper from the sketchbook. It’s a lil too big for my liking, so I’m going to definitely size it down to make it a lil cuter. This is just a trial run. Thank you ~ Hello, so today is the next day after my whole card-making scenario. I’m back again, but I came back from the dollar store and I bought this lil trifold board. I’m gonna put details about my poetry book. I also bought some really cute butterfly and flower decorations that are artificial fake flowers. I think it’s gonna really jazz up my booth. Hopefully, it’s gonna look good. I have a vision and I’m going to try to practice it out and bring it to life. That is my update! For everything that I bought and that I will show you, I bought for like $10. To be real with you, that’s not that cheap but like also, it’s the dollar store and they have some cute stuff to be honest. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to be working on today and also finishing my homework! Alright, good morning you fine specimen of the human race ~ Today is the day. It is Sunday!!! I’m going to Ecologie right now. I just loaded the car with a bunch of boxes and a table for my lil vendor set up and I will show you once I get there, But first, here’s the look! I’m going for a very schoolteacher look and vibes. So that’s fun! Right now, I am finishing the remainder of my painting orders that I have to do. Then, I’m going to start packing my online orders and shipping them out!

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