Veteran Exposed to Asbestos on the USS Yosemite

We slept in the berthing area and we
would have to clean seashells out of the the field is known to keep air pressure
in the house, we had a steam line running through the ship to keep us
warm, so that was covered. Then I worked the chemical I was a storekeeper, I had keys to the ship
to all chemical, all the storage placed on the ship, so I had access to chemical
hose and ammunition hose and they were down, you know, down around the
bottom part of the ship that one story up on the top side. Then you got the mast area where
you, where they made the water and that was it all the way down the
bottom of the ship and you had a wooden floor pretty much down that way, but all
your steam lines and everything was running through the to the …which was
covered, but pretty much wherever you walk there was through the ship, yes steam lines
cause that’s what we had to keep ship heated with, even in the galley area. Even with the paint, the
gray paint that they use on the ship, you know the paint the holes
and stuff that was led and tested.

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