US Navy vs Chinese Navy (PLAN) – Strategy & Numbers (2014-2017)

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  1. The Zumwalts are no longer and have not been for about 5 years intended to replace the Arleigh Burke Class. Only three ships are planned, the Zumwalt, Michael Monsor, and Lyndon B. Johnson. The production of the Arleigh Burkes was restarted a few years ago with the reduction of the Zumwalt order to three ships. The USN expects to have a request for proposals for a Frigate out to industry by the start of the next fiscal year. The LCS (littoral combat ship) is a US Navy vessel and not a US Coast Guard Vessel, the USCG itself is going through a modernization as well. I can get sources for all of this and more however it will take me time to go through all of the recorded House Armed Services Committee hearings to get you the links in addition to the time stamps.

  2. "Peoples" Liberation Army is a misnomer. The people have no such thing. Instead, what they have is the military arm of the communist party of China – which can be used against the people whenever the party wants, such as what happened during the Tienanmen massacre of 1989.

  3. Nice one again. I have seen the video before, but funny thing,after i have watch some news on tv i have decided to rewatch the video. 🙂 Because GIVES YOU A GOOD IMAGE and QUITE EXACT! Not fealling sorry at all for, donating as patreon. Good job. Thanks.

  4. As USA moves away from china for production of goods, China wants to hold all south Asian workers and production hostage. Meanwhile USA addiction to cheap labor all but guarantees confrontation— if automation doesn't significantly modifies its own ability to produce cheap goods in USA itself

  5. China exports too much to the USA. Their economy would collapse without the exports. The US could do just fine with most of the made in China crap.

    All this doesn't matter as both countries had nukes.

  6. The USS Constitution, that's funny. Our navy is getting old as the Constitution is 221 years old!! It's fully operational by the way, goes to sea once a year.

  7. Diesel Subs are Diesel-Electric and very quiet. Nuclear subs are LOUD .
    All China needs is a screen of Electric Subs that wait for the US Navy to run over them.

  8. The USN wins anyday of the week but I doubt the USA and China will fight each other directly. Cold War maybe but no direct confrontation

  9. People's Army Liberation Navy says it all. Until China has a proper navy the interests of the army will always come first in decision making and resource allocation. America's greatest assets are its long and glorious naval tradition, inherited directly from the British, as well as it close international ties with all the world's major naval powers. The US navy provides America with unmatched national security. The international naval coalition provides the world with much greater and unmatched international security. The current system of international alliances is the gold standard for military operations and the collective security that it provides would need to be overcome to exert any military influence by China anywhere in the world.

    The two coast navy provides maximum flexibility to the US in combination with the Panama canal, and provides the Americans strategic control of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This is something Russia does not benefit from as the Baltic and Pacific fleets effectively operate in isolation (ref. Russo-Japanese war). China on the other-hand is perhaps the least geographically well positioned country to operate a navy, as it has access to only one ocean and is surrounded by multiple hostile nations and is encumbered by a limited number of naval ports and sea lanes constricted by choke points. To deny China access to the sea would involve mining a few ports (3) and a few chock points (3-4).

    The whole idea of China building a navy in opposition to the international order is absurd. It is destined to end up like the German navy, the Russian (Tsarist) navy, the and USSR navy – on the scrapheap of history, along with the communist regime and all failed ideologies.

  10. With that many Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers smashing the shit out of everything over the horizon, whether it be subs, frigates, Destroyers, 1 and only 1 Carrier or even an Island in the Pacific, the U.S Navy would trample both the Russian Navy and Chinese Navy easily. Out in open warfare you will simply perish against The United State's.

  11. "dependency ratio" is interesting.

    I wouldn't worry about "budget problems". Euro isn't a sovereign currency, USD is. There is zero possibility of default on TSYS except by the choice of Congress itself.

  12. Very informative, I wonder about China because while they have rapidly modernized, they aren’t exactly battle hardened, and haven’t fought any major wars lately, so how well trained and drilled are their forces in case of a major conflict and combat?

  13. The US actually does have Frigates and Corvettes just not in the Navy in fact we have a whole branch of Frigates and Corvettes that being the US Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is the 12th largest Naval Force in the world. In terms of big ships the USCG has (28)Medium Endurance Cutters which are 270ft long, (7 soon to be 8) National Security Cutters 410ft long, and (4) High Endurance Cutters 378ft long. All together the Coast Guard has an extensive fleet of 243 coastal and ocean-going patrol cutters ranging from Patrol Gunboats to the only US Military IceBreakers. A "cutter" is what the Coast Guard calls their ships cutters are any boat over 65ft in length. The Coast Guard also consist of more than 1650 smaller boats and over 200 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

    The Coast Guard has fought in every US War and would definitely become a Naval force multiplier in the event of a major war against a formidable country.

  14. In the following decades, PLAN is impossible to challenge US navy, but new air carriers and new cruisers will be powerful enough to protect our territory, including Taiwan province.

  15. To be honest, China fully know that fighting a war with USA is suicide. But looking at many past conflicts, past coups and military intervention involved by the US, China cannot become a powerful country without a professional army. A standing army that is loyal to the communist government is vital in keeping the country from being invaded. China know that most country are extremely hostile to them, thus a army capable of deter such hostility is important. They can't project powers so why do it? Might as well having an army to protect itself, its interest and keep businessmen of USA happy, as USA still wants China to make dirt cheap goods for them no matter how Trumps say we should protect USA workers.

  16. Chinese choose Chinese navy
    Americans choose United States Navy like me

    But I don’t care it’s your “opinion”

  17. One interesting note that PLAN actually name their fleet after Qing's fleet which were total destoryed in the Qing-Japanese war.

  18. In the event of a conflict with China, the U.S. would stop trade with China. This would be a major hit to China economy.


  20. This video neglects that is now Canada a national security threat (Trump put tariffs on our steel and aluminum for that reason)

  21. Americans think their navy is invincible. But we Chinese think it is all about money. We invest 7 trillion dollars EVERY YEAR into infrastructure buildings. We built 1.2 million km of Category 2 high ways and 140 thousand km of motorways. 30 thousand km of High speed rails and 640 thousand bridges including 135 bridges accross the Yangtze River. We built 7 largest ports out of 10 of the world. We controls 37 out of 50 world largest ports. We built 6 times more skyscrapers than USA, or more than 66% of the total world. We built the world largest and 2nd largest hydropower stations and dams. We have the 7 out of 14 world tallest buildings.

    Yes. We didn’t put too much money into the military. But we have 34 ship yards that have 45 dry docks that are big enough to build a carrier. We produce 700 million tons of steel each year, and build 66 million tons of ships each year.

    If USA truly think their navy inventory is something China cannot catch up with, then you are probably gravely wrong.

  22. Military industrial complex you need an enemy to make money so US is going to create this strong and evil China

  23. You are missing the most important point. China has developed so called "Carrier killer" hypersonic missile. It can shot inland and reach anywhere in the pacific ocean to sink carrier with a single shot. It is hypersonic and there is no defense at this point.All carrier can be sunk in 30 minutes. War game will be over in 30 minutes.

  24. A big chunk of China's resource imports are becoming exports, so the need for imports stated doesn't reflect the internal needs 🙂

  25. Having been a long time fan I am extremely disappointed with the characterization of the US 'Atlantic Fleet'. It is well known in North America that the USS Constitution has single handedly secured the USA from a European Naval Invasion for 200+ years now. Minimizing its current role as a force multiplier for the Atlantic Fleet is a gross oversight…shame on you sir, shame on you.

  26. Am a little confused on the ship descriptions, are you counting the LHA class carriers as Amphibious ships or not at all?

  27. 2.08 You forgot Australia, a middle power & America's closest ally in many ways. For example, we are responsible for most intelligence work in Indonesia & the Philippines, hence our massively oversized embassies & our extensive "Ausaid" contingents in each country. Additionally, a brigade sized American Marine force is on constant "war readiness" rotation in northern Australia, despite China's displeasure, along with many visiting ships.
    With the exception of naval power, we only use US equipment to ensure "compatibility". We are also home to many absolutely critical links in US space & aerospace intelligence & control (read: ICBM and related). Finally, we complete our "Deputy Dog" role by unthinkingly committing forces in every US theatre of operations, regardless if it is of any relevance to us directly.

  28. You did not mention that the USA bases 2000 us marines at Darwin in Australia, which could be used as a potential staging base for forces to the pacific for a force buildup or allied build up

  29. China may be expanding rapidly but it's not just about the ships, it's about the people who serve on them. The Chinese military has no experience in modern war fighting, none whatsoever. This is a key factor in going to war, China is a total novice and this will be reflected in the performance of its Armed Forces should a conflict break out.

  30. The FORD and ZUMWALT class ships are BOTH turds in a punch bowl. Nothing but lining for the pockets of the MIC.

  31. First the Japanese in WWII, then the Soviets, now the Communist Chinese, when will the world learn that you can't compete with the U.S. Navy…or Air Force, or Marines? I guess they will have to learn the hard way…

  32. America has bigger problems than global terrorism. We're in the middle of a culture war, and the liberals would actually like to see us subservient to a foreign power, especially if that power were of a people of color. Just to teach the "white man". It's pretty retarded. They must not be able to grasp the implications of such a situation

  33. China dont waste your money on this sxxt let the USA go bankrupt spending millions on useless machines.

  34. Let me say this: unless people are crazy no one wants war between USA and China it is not logical at all! but if a naval war between the 2 did happen china is finished because nearly everyone would back the usa. hell most people in Hong Kong want to leave china politically so they could Busta move too – no sane person wants to be governed by a communist nation

  35. "People's Liberation Army Navy" seems an oxymoron for a name for a start. These people scuppered their own chance of a global navigation empire in the 14th century, when they were way ahead of everyone else in ocean going navigation- ships and instruments. Pure bureaucratic blindness.

  36. He is using "Chinese !Navy" instead of "People's Linerstion Atmy Navy"…probably because P.L.A.N. is such a lame name

  37. I love that you included the Constitution in the Atlantic fleet. Never underestimate her if you know what's good for you.

  38. The way china is going its only a matter of time before they surpass the US in military and Economy. Its interesting because Human history is jam packed with the rise and so called fall from being number 1. Greek/Mongolian/British Empires The USA and eventually I guess China

  39. The chinese can't be trusted. They are trying to take over an entire sea/ocean. They talked of peace but are militarizing and bullying their neighbors. The worlds' oceans and seas are owned by no one.

  40. Can't wait until Chinese thievery and territory grabs finally ticks off the USA, Japan and India enough to start an actual war, and China (plus possibly Russia) gets its clock cleaned.

  41. I think that the most dangerous part of china is their cyber force which in the modern day would decide every batttle.

  42. we als have the mighty moe etc and other retired US battleships at peral harbor etc we can call those ships up to fight at anytime though they will need to be outfitted with weapons to handle missels etc or have there blue prints modernized to handle such warfare.

  43. Don’t trust Binkov any longer. He seems to have become an echo chamber of soviet, I mean Russian military propaganda.

  44. A fascinating short study of a very complicated set of issues. Obviously this isn't a complete rundown of everything going on in this knotty topic of investigation, but this video gives a great number of "talking points," or places to start while doing my own research. Which is perfect, since I was writing speculative fiction on this subject, and needed a point of reference.

  45. Good video, but I don't see you mention China's water problem, They will be out of fresh water by 2025.and they import 65% of their food.

  46. Man these numbers are off, plus the islands in the South China Sea should've been mentioned as well. Those would aid the PLA in defending and attacking in a local war.

  47. In a conventional war what is the expected longevity/ effectiveness of the Chinese Merchant Marine? Will China have national endemic problems with feeding the populace? Will China even with its navy be able to disrupt or defeat a long distance blockade affecting the Indian Ocean? In other words won't it be possible to hinder or negate China's navy due to merchant ship losses depriving the P.L.A. of oil and food?

  48. The Chinese might have a large navy and armed fores but how good are they at using their resources. Chinese don't have any war time experience. Just because you have a garage of cars doesn't mean can drive them.

  49. I just couldn't listen any more. Get someone who can speak without a cartoon accent, because this guy turns sense into gibberish.

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