US NAVY SEALS Battledisplay Airsoft Big Game || P5 ||

Guys, keep back a bit This side here is relatively unguarded, the backside here lets go this way towards the wall they’re all shooting forwards if we make it to the wall they’ll at least have a problem we go back a bit and come from directly behind them they don’t have any cover on their back there isn’t anyone guarding that corner they’re all shooting forwards or standing downstairs So if we manage to get to the wall at the last second they have a problem they can’t bang us if it’s four of us Don’t go this way they can watch everything from the tower woah, he’s seeing us We go farther back through the forest Along that way? or further around and then the way? I don’t know, the way is so noticable and be quiet now a path on 12 o’ clock I’ll go into the forest with Rick now Vehicle, get down! You (Keks) too please, just lay back wait for stragglers get down, red you idiots Reloading! Got one! Watch the left side Shit Hit! hit, I’m hit Okay If we stay here we’ll die Well, then let’s go forward Yeah, let’s go If we leave our cover now we’ll be faster Exactly One guy covers the rest Ok, I’ll do it further up the hill multiple guys you have to advance, just fuck it Come Watch out, metal part behind you Come on, we have to speed up They’re after us Hit! On the right is one left If you return fire now… No, stop it Always that spot, that’s ok Gosh! All out Watch your back these dirty wankers! man, how many times more?! he’s yellow Such a … Dieter is out Who’s out? Go go go, go on, stand up shut up and keep going How about reloading? I’ll kick down the next one Hey, pst! there are red guys there are coming quite many I think they’re all in Guys, Sebi and I advance, you all go right There are many coming on the path All right, we go right Go Secure! Go over to the house Further, keep going There around the building come in Don’t you want to go upstairs while you still can? Gogogo, get up there Watch out, from behind
-Someone had to cheer him…- turn around, turn around!
-Someone had to cheer him…- They’ve got it, into the building, go! Ahh, bloody hell, hit! No, you not here man, come on left behind the car Hit! Who are you shooting at? finally something exciting happens! Watch out, in game car from the right Hit What’s wrong? you got no balls in your pants or what? You have to shout louder! you can’t be heard! –Subtitles by Team Trigger Tigger–

100 thoughts on “US NAVY SEALS Battledisplay Airsoft Big Game || P5 ||

  1. Change the title of the video, it's very misleading. I came here to see some dope, real-life tactics displayed in Airsoft. You are not "US NAVY SEALS" you are "TEAM US NAVY SEALS". Gargantuan difference.

  2. U title baited me
    I thought this was gonna be a training exercise of the US navy seals
    At least say that it was role play or something

  3. Wow they teach Navy seals German? Wow! Took me min to realize they were fake. Plus dusting off their pants was a red flag. Gotta stay clean while in combat. They teach that at academy.

  4. This is embarrassing to real seals like my self .
    We dont walk that ,we dont use formations like that .
    Those amateurs they have no idea what they doing .
    C'mon people..
    Learn the tactics, formation omg

  5. Your Camis isn't even a navy seal. It's like mixed Marine, Army and yeah maybe like one navy uniform. If there is actually one. I don't know.

  6. Not many SEALs here, i do see too many guys way too close to each other in sunlight when they have shadows around them to use. Easy pickings.
    If there were SEALs, even if just 1 on the other side, well, short game.

  7. What's this? Fucking octoberfest seals learned how to swim? Calling themself the navy seals. Fuck off. Dream on. O look gunther crouches, ey hanz lets crouch too but 3 seconds later. Oke Tango spotted. Grab meine saucage roland. Should call yourself TFFT. Too Fat For Tactics.

  8. Boah Alter das verändert ja mein Standbild komplett ich wusste ja gar nicht dass die US Armee auch deutsch spricht

  9. Tactical af😂🤦🏽‍♂️ i mean i have nothing against the gear and so on 🤷🏽‍♂️BUT that new level high speed fat fuck operator shit😂🕺🏽😂

  10. Theres now way these are actual seals. They talk while moving when they should be quiet and using hand signals, they're bunched up, and their movements and positions are completely random and spaaratic. They're also speaking a different language. These arent US seals. US SEALS would absolutely DESTROY whoever these guys are without even trying. 100%

  11. Why are people getting so offended over an impression? I mean really? Grow up, be happy to see someone wanting to be like our military personnel. How could that not make you proud? That shows how big of an impact the U.S.A. has.

  12. Bro these guys have no military experience, first of all you always stay at least 5 meters away from each other in a squad, also you always signal with your non firing hand, and you never talk unless there is gun fire going on. -Ssg cook in the Army

  13. Navy seals
    – German kids
    Arent using right Military formations
    Thats not how they hold guns
    Not how you clear corners and incorrect shooting positions and u dont run into enemy fire

  14. anyone that ever complains about people pretending to be something in a game that kids play is a moron lmao, I don't care who you are or what you've done, grow a pair and calm your jimmies, you aint god and many other people are not below you, if you want a cookie you picked the wrong job, because theres plenty of people that want to do things without the cookie attached, like you know, the ones doing it for the right reasons, by god or by morals or personal mission.

  15. Hey there. Veteran here. Not infantry veteran, but I gotta say I’m with the other vets in these comments who are infantry vets. The fact that these kids are German and like the SEALs is more of a compliment, really. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, after all. I say they’ve chosen a damn good special force to look up to, because the SEALs are insanely good at their jobs.

  16. Thought they were actual SEALs till I saw the big boys. I dont think I've ever seen any out of shape. Good work though

  17. The dude in the black hoodie needs to learn how to shoot a pistol. You don't put your thumb and hand behind the slide.

  18. There is a lot of cheesy ass Germans in this fucking comment section I know they can’t take a joke but don’t turn this shit into the Siege of Normandy

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