US Navy Damage Control – Flooding

The wet trainer–also known as the
Buttercup–educates every Sailor on how to combat flooding
by working together as a team, while using various shipboard equipment in a live flooding environment. “The simulations here are absolutely critical. You can’t put them in a computer situation for this. This has to be a hands-on type of
training. You have to put them through the situations. You’ve got to get them cold. You’ve got to get them wet. They’ve got to put their hands on. Because if you don’t do it, you
don’t commit it to memory. And so that’s why we do this. It’s muscle memory now. They’re going to leave, and know how to do a pipe-patch. They’re going to know how to put up a K-type shoring, I-type shoring, H-type shoring. They’re going to know how to put up a box patch, and stuff associated with damage control because we taught them here at the schoolhouse.” “We have a controlled safe environment for people to come and train. And it’s not just Damage Controlmen, or the MRs. It’s ALL rates need to learn how to fight fires and do flooding. It’s a lot better than a computer simulator. This is actual real life. The lights are out. We have smoke machines in here. There’s water spraying everywhere!”

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