US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real

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  1. With all the corruption in the deep state, I'd bet intel people have had meetings with defense contractors over the years and talked about how they could use UFO sightings as psychological warfare and fake a threat from space for future defense spending and never ending threat warfare. If they didn't, that would surprise me even more than if they did. I bet that's one of the biggest reasons for the secrecy if we are being visited by ETs. If they landed in a full disclosure event and were peaceful, it's game over for the military industrial complex.

  2. I have been observing information on UFO'S for at least 50 years
    I'm glad that they are beginning to open up
    The change in the last 15 years is incredibly
    People are not taking threats any longer
    But I assure you there have been alot of decent Men & Woman who have tried to get the Info Out but some suffered in there efforts
    Anyway there is No Doubt about more advanced CIVILZATIONS
    There are many telling the Truth
    But be careful of the Stupid Crap that's on the Net
    & listen to what Robert Lazar is telling you
    There's been and is some great individuals and groups working on Disclosure
    Keep it Up
    Kind Regards

    Donal O'Brien

  3. at 1.37……the craft has a force field…..identify its state is the solution to space exploration… where is the science?

  4. It wasn't front page news because the headline print would be larger than the story on it. Not enough information about the objects to print details about them.

  5. I think this unmand vehicles explorations are part of a preparation for an invasion to exploit our planet. The travel throug the fabrique of space time, tapping on dark energy. Also as seen as the signs of the past.That is why they here and are not interested in contacting us. Their relationship to us is like a researcher to a laboratory rat. And people don't talk to laboratory rats, but use them. That is why we must find something that is common intererist to both of our species, otherwise we are doomed to extinction, extermination.

  6. Skeptic: It’s not aliens stupid!
    Me: So….a secret agency is in possession of technology that can upend the world economy, placing a profound threat to national security and the US Military has no idea what it is, or how stop it. I would rather believe in aliens.

  7. Those of us who have already had healing for free by the Mantis ETs know one reason the gov't doesn't want you to know about them. What that would do to the cabal's evil medical system created by big pharma and the Rockefellers (more cabal). They killed the German doctor who came up with biomagnetism which can correct the pH (and reverse most disease,) by particular magnet placement, QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is painless and effective healing by one's higher self or subconscious. I had a sinus polyp dried up within 24 hours by Mantis beings. I have to laugh that so many are so far behind due to their fear and disbelief in ETs.

  8. Ask yourself this…Why did the man that ran the CIA for 7 years and then Area 51 for another. 7 years,take his retirement funds and buy into a Ultra Top Secret Research Co in SanDiego…they do Electro-Magnetic Research,,..

  9. hate to break it to those not versed in is topic. but the [UFO community] has know about this for over 72+ years now!

  10. There ARE UFO's and they are ours. The Germans were working on anti-grav since the 1930's. At the end of WW2, the U.S. Pentagon brought German scientists through Operation Paperclip. Admiral Byrd led a U.S. fleet down to the Antarctic to route out the "escape" base, but were driven off, even experience damage to their ships. Anti-Grav technology then went to the German scientists at the newly created CIA, who have been in control of it (in conjunction with the Pentagon) ever since. It "IS" TOP SECRET, of course and the Pentagon has been running disinformation on it ever since WW2. Steve Greer is the head disinformation specialist for the CIA.
    BOTTOM LINE: there exists TWO distinct militaries in the U.S., one they allow us to know about, one they don't. Disintegration Technology (ala the World Trade Center) is included in this also.
    P.S. – Remember, the Soviet Union also got scientists from the defeated Germans. I'll give you one guess what that means.

  11. Germany and the Nazis developed the UFOs, but they are not that efficient, but they physically exist…..Aliens exist, but they are genetically created hybrids created in Labs, and are just bodies for demonic spirits to inhabit……DEW Lazers do exist are are very effective, and are mounted on planes or drones…..however Holographic Technology is far more advanced than you believe, so of course a hologram of a UFO can travel at the speed of light, change direction instantly, etc
    So with all those items in play, you can imagine the next “Event” don’t be fooled! No matter what they do to trick you, just keep your faith in God, and know He is still in control

  12. why? because there had been so many hoax about UFO its unbelievably ridiculous. The rising tide of the UFO stories has flooded the public resulting in a Red Tide that has poisoned the fishes in the sea that nobody wants to swallow any catch anymore. The idea of UFO even coming from the those with the biggest ship in the sea from noble seafarer of war is not taken seriously in these days and age. Why because you can not tell if its really an apple seller or a witch trying to put a spell on every snow white on the planet earth.

  13. Those are the air craft we’re gonna use to bomb Iran further into the Stone Age. They are not out of this world. It’s the USAF

  14. Again if its really a UFO 1. They have been visiting is for 1,000 of years, 2. they have tried to communicate with us, but our language or tech does not match, 3. Or they are so advanced that they see is like ants in and ant hill.

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