US Military Patrol During Martial Law | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 451

for thin to approach road they are the
last chapter in the area boys pick us up he pulled a gun on me for the pit Oh friend oh geez
let’s just tap this guy right there get in the car get in the car okay thank you
bulletproof windows get down on the ground Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
back to another episode of LSPDFR this episode is subscriber requested by Boogie Monster Wyatt and he wants to do a martial law video as we place the
military so that’s what we got going on right now basically there’s a huge
blackout that’s going across the entire county so we got martial law in effect
and we got to go patrol the streets of plain county right now as the US
military again martial law is when the military basically takes over law
enforcement duties and everything and basically there’s a huge curfew and
everybody needs to stay indoors and basically martial law it’s in effect
it’s not good for the country it is not good at all
so anyways we need to actually get back inside the base here go around
to the other side of the base to get into plane County like I said the
blackout is due to the massive storm that’s approaching so we may need to do
an evacuation notice as well we’ll see if it comes to that at the moment the
storm is a little off so it’s not actually coming directly at us where
we’ll need to evacuate but if it changes course we maybe do a back flip anyways let’s head over this way and see
what the day brings I hope you guys do enjoy this episode Jessie let me know
what you guys think of it in the comments below
maybe consistent scribing if you haven’t already and hit that like button whoa yikes okay apparently we got jets
in the air as well because you know martial law and all that I was late
it looks like he was not complying with the martial law and the and it’s free the curfew the curfew
that’s the word I was looking for completely blank it right now I’ve only
had one can of Red Bull and it was sliding all over the place so like I
said with Marshall on effect there should be nobody on the streets whoa
whoa little sweaty little spotty holy crap these tires just broke right over
that that was so lucky you boys good back there whoo so first person really
quick receipt just check how it is looks good the gauges work I do love that
again with this Hummer I actually customized it where I’m actually able to
give it siren song so as you can see there it does have siren master on the
steel coil so it we can actually use it as a police vehicle I first did edited
this vehicle for one of my pet email videos I believe it was the Bounty
Hunter which is why do you guys
like those anyways we’re about a half a mile from the location we’ll be arriving on scene try to get
this guy into custody now with how I have it set up these
call-outs they actually meet which we’re on scene at the motel
dykes get explosions in the background dispatch in negative conflicts he’s not
here at this location gonna have to roll us another call now boys let’s load up anyways you’re gonna be now
check everything out make sure everybody is complying with the mandatory
why can I not think today the mandatory I think I need some more water I think
that’s that’s enough anyways let’s back out really sliding and is there because
let’s get back up here we copy that dispatch negative disregard
or is it really quick make sure everybody with the blackout you know the
power goes out and prisoners get out that’s not good looks like everybody’s good we still
have people Prison should be on high alert as the
blackout we got guards up in the towers and
everything and let’s the bench it looks like they’re actually we’ve got a 1099 in Sonora
I really do hope you guys are enjoying the episode so far I’m enjoying it
myself honestly it’s a little different than what we usually do I really do like
the spice things up a little bit you change it up so I really am enjoying
this one so thank you Cookie Monster right for this request this was really
very welcome we already bring these take these
members feedback watch you guys here
it’s pretty to give us what hey there Donald for this week yikes
shoot mr. Webb you have so far covered once a customer get out get out get out
– fire let’s light them up boys come on Joey please drop okay take them down
boys take them down room in were they were they down underground got him he’s
down he’s down oh no if that didn’t work okay so China
shot him in the ass watch your hands dude down on the ground
military police let’s go down on the ground drop the weapon
drop that weapon right now son of a bitch she tried to run from
dis bench we’re gonna get after this last suspect we’ve got a news chopper
inbound so that’s good come on boys let’s load up let’s go this way bumping this Hummer can take it though get a visual on the other suspect my son
I’m watching your hands do drop it drop the weapon right now are you looking
shot let’s go drop the weapon buddy drop it let’s go down on the ground
face-first down on the ground again wanna watch
let’s go down on the ground slowly place your hands behind your back for me thank
you dispatch we have James Monroe in custody
I’m gonna pat him down right now don’t turn think stupid man I’m gonna
search you now nothing
let’s get it transport unit down here for this guy Western
it’s bad how goes the float back up man this is a pretty crazy episode so
far all unit we forced in a mandatory
evacuation copy that dispatch it looks like your school is getting worse oh man
this is not good we got to go two and a quarter miles after that the other
officer is picking that guy up we’re gonna get over there oh man this is not
look but it is looking really worse holy crap
okay so it looks like we’re going up into grape seed nice nice Jax Jax Jax Oh
Oh summers a solid vehicle oh don’t want to run into that though oh
we just hit a Joshua Tree alright dispense we are about a mile and
a half from Greg’s seat gonna be arriving on scene shortly give us about
two three minutes or so thanks the roads are getting really slippery some kind of
like boiler something in the water supply that’s not good it’s a really bad storm The Grocer was
super slippery actually you know if it’s because we
have much during the summer that would know it make sense okay as you can see there’s nobody on
the streets right thanks city city
boy man those waters look really choppy oh man let’s keep on moving this is
really nice with a screen shot dispatch we’re just gonna have to mop up
relocation evacuation
are you guys alright oh that’s not good time to just crash
the Humber Dispatch that’s not good we’re gonna have to get out here son of
a bitch though that was really slippery we’re
gonna have to hump it on foot boys come on let’s go let’s actually deliver
people here we got a few anything we can commandeer let’s keep my rifle out just in case Oh
what it’s that ah boys looks like we’re clearing here
all right let’s get this I don’t know what vehicle this is I’m sure they just
added it and they thought it within one last updates yeah that’s really sick
let’s get inside boys got a vehicle coming during it official military use
were we’re allowed to do this right it’s under martial law whatever we say goes
anyways looks like we’re not too far and this thing is freakin badass offer
this is like the Tesla trunk kinda I mean that’s not really copy that dispatch we are on scene we’ll
just start at the first house over here okay it doesn’t look like there’s a
vehicle in the driveway so hopefully everybody is left let’s get my rifle out
just to be sure we’re safe get up here and ring the doorbell we gotta get out of here quick okay it
looks like there is some inside the house good evening are aware of the evacuation
order that is in place thank you for coming along but I’m not calling
anywhere serve do you need assistance complying with the order you don’t take
no for an answer do you I’m reporting your gross misconduct dude I said get
down on the ground right now this is a mandatory evacuation we are under
martial law right now this is the United States military do not move
dude do not move let’s get this guy in cuffs beautiful thank you thank you for
cooperating now do you have anything illegal on you anything this sharp the
Smiths Tammy pokers stick me you’re a good citizen
okay I’m gonna search you now just relax nothing of interest okay
dispatch let’s get a transport unit down – all right come on boys let’s go leave the vehicle here I suppose we’ve
got something else at this house US military this is the US military
how’s it going man good-evening area where that there’s an
evacuation order that is in place yes I am I’m gathering things I absolutely
need right now I need you to hurry up and move along the storm is getting way
too bad there’s just a few more things I really need to get you know more
questions available and they ring the doorbell make sure there is nobody else
here it doesn’t look like there’s anybody
else in this house move on to the next house US military come to the door there’s an
evacuation let’s go come to the door as possible these residents have already
evacuated all right looks like we’re good then I’m just gonna keep moving
along because we don’t have too much time we got another guy over here looks
like he’s trying to get his car moved as well hello sir US military aware there’s
an evacuation order in place yes I am I’m gathering my things that Snoopy I
need right now you needed any assistance I need you to hurry up and move along I
suppose I can get by with the things I already have all right sir take it easy
man be safe out there si can I ring this doorbell
make sure shouldn’t be because it’s that this is the guy’s house but I mean you
never know maybe the guy’s a looter it looks like we’re good let’s move on
to the next one boys let’s actually get her vehicle and units down here taking
them a little longer to get here because the storm is so bad out for a shape boys
let’s load up let’s check the interior of this thing I
would buy this in Grand Theft Auto online I think that’d be tracing back
window that’s actually kind of cool little useless but I think this is
supposed to be kind of like the test of cyber truck how the back window is like
that and everything it’s slanted like that
laughter right here then the US military come to the door there’s
an evacuation in order is there anybody home okay it looks like they have
already left I see the last one that must have been updated with one of
the grants our own face plate others that are paid up they casino heist I’m
pretty sure that building did not used to be there or it was something
different looks like we got one house left there is one car here US military come to the door there’s an
evacuation order you do have somebody here hello sir I need to ask you to
leave very immediately an evacuation order is in place really oh I wasn’t
told about that do you need any assistance complying with the order can
you help me with the essentials defect into my vehicle
you should only bring what is essential is there anything okay I can assist with
that all right I’ve actually not done it this way
before so that would be actually cool if I could actually help dad is freaking
awesome picking up stuff dropping it off in the car looks like okay come on pick
it up that is really freaking cool I did not
see Neffe just watch my back for me I just feel
like helping the guy out what is that desert lot seven three nine eight seven
three nine three eight four I don’t know what that crate is we seriously need to load this thing
into his mark schooling crossbones on it this thing
does not seem to be legal but you know what that’s alright alright sir let’s
get out of here now the storms getting really bad but I believe we are code 4
on this but we’re gonna flip around the block just to make sure we are clear the
mumbles load up dude let’s go we don’t have time we need to do this house now it’s
he looks like back around this way this bitch we are
code for on this one we got six out of six visited excellent work all right we
did it so now we need to get back to the military base for evacuation because
there is a monsoon on the way frickin tidal waves we need to get back
there quick all right we’re decided to go this
direction it’s actually a quicker shot to the military base to try to get back
there so we can be back click on the same a little better now
just think of everything offered the Beast it is Buffy as a close one
we got to get back to the base into the choppa good job
you didn’t about 80 miles an hour surprising quick I’m not sure if it’s electric not
it sounds nope that is definitely pizza Stephanie Nauta Tesla kind of it looks like one but it doesn’t and it
looks like a food enough chance down 2.5 miles from the base dispatch
we’re trying to get there as quick as possible we just ran over a deer oh this thing is
tough damn just took it like a champ oh boy maybe going down the street Pax
River down there that waters send it this bitch by the way we lost our Humvee
on the way to the mentor evacuation order
we managed to find another vehicle it is some kind of box the offeror
vehicle its color silvers just to be on the lookout
we get their base to keep going straight I really hope you guys are enjoying this
episode so far let me know what you think in the comments below they did
that white button that really does help me out do that and you know maybe
subscribe for anything anyways we are trying to get to the base I can’t
believe I’m doing so good right now this truck is just planted to the ground
pretty crazy actually how good it really this thing probably cost like five
million dollars in GTA online right their prices are so
and the problem is you can’t even make that kind of money quick like it’s hard
to make money and yes the prices of everything and up here come on baby there we go you hey maybe yikes alright we’re making it back to
the base beautiful dispatch what do you mean the base is
evacuating a rainy US Coast Guard chopper
it’s not gonna okay come on we’re still good we’re still getting
okay so apparently the base is evacuating and they’re gonna send us a
u.s. Coast Guard chopper I don’t know why they handed
literally ditch us right here looks like we got one guy there all right face is evacuating now we need to get
the choppers there’s a truck looks like he’s going to
the help as well was there they are last chapter in the area
boys biggest not o arian Sykes other altitudes Twitter it’s gonna be one at a time just hang in
there let me get in there first and I’ll help everybody get up inside there we go bring me up boys
bring me up slower than I would like this is pretty friggin awesome I hope
you guys enjoyed this episode let me know what you thought in the comments
below maybe kids just subscribing if you haven’t already and be sure you hit that
little icon on the channel that way sound five one two videos to go up
alright let’s just get up in this chopper and let’s get to safety
let’s go scar boys I guess take it easy he goes here

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  1. Sweet! I always enjoy a little trigger time onboard Fort Z. Martial Law is no bueno, but it's better than dealing with the Zombie hoards.

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