Update 1.89 “Imperial Navy” / War Thunder

Good day, everyone! The War Thunder team have prepared a big Update in 1.89 which we decided to call “Imperial Navy” as it introduces the majestic Japanese Navy into the game! Say hi to the Furutaka-class heavy cruiser, displacing more than 10,000 tons. It’s a true pearl of the Japanese Imperial Fleet, and the first heavy cruiser in the game. It is more than 185 metres long! Its arsenal includes six 203 mm main caliber guns as well as four 120mm guns, six AA twin cannon mounts AND 16 torpedoes to boot. The other giant coming to the game with this update is Messerschmitt Me 264. A record-breaking four engine aircraft that we will forever remember as the “Amerikabomber”. The plan was to deploy it from the airfields in occupied France, cross the Atlantic and then drop more than four tons of bombs on the East Coast of the US. It didn’t work out that way, and now this fearsome strategic bomber is just another amazing addition to your vehicle collection! Think about it: the bomber has a wingspan of 43 metres. That’s three Ju bombers wing to wing…and there’ll still be some room left! The Stormer HVM deserves special mention. It’s a British anti-air vehicle equipped with StarStreak missiles. After the missile reaches operational speed, three dart sub-munitions made from a tungsten alloy are separated from the rocket motor each of the darts guided by a double laser-beam riding system. Each dart sub-munition has high kinetic energy and an explosive warhead that detonates after penetration. A true nightmare for all helicopters and light vehicles. The next interesting newcomer is the long-awaited French top MBT, the Leclerc S1. It comes with a stabilized 120 mm cannon equipped with an autoloader and also has reliable composite armour. At the same time there is a new SPAAG in the American roster. Here comes the Bradley ADATS, an air defence anti-tank system employing both guided missiles and an autocannon. Be it an air target, or a ground target…this one will easily deal with them all. By the start of WW2, the Japanese Navy was among the strongest in the world. With Update 1.89, we are introducing a full-fledged Japanese fleet into the game, including more than 20 vessels: from agile torpedo boats to gargantuan heavy cruisers. Here are a few of them… A speedy Rank I torpedo boat outfitted with a 25mm gun and two 450mm torpedoes; This gunboat is somewhat on the slower side… but it boasts a bow-mounted 57mm gun. At Rank I no less! A modern PG-02 artillery boat available as a part of the early access comes with hydrofoils and can reach speeds of more than 90 kph. It is ALSO armed with a six-barrel Vulcan autocannon which can easily shred through any small vessel or any aircraft. The Yugumo-class destroyer, which saw its share of fighting during the Solomon Islands campaign carries eight large oxygen-enriched torpedoes that Americans call Long Lances. The Kuma light cruiser, built during WWI is known to have the smallest displacement in its entire class. It is extremely mobile and can use four of its six main caliber guns to fire at a single target at the same time! The Kako heavy cruiser has SIX powerful 200 mm guns four 120mm dual purpose guns AND oxygen-enriched torpedoes to boot! Let’s go back to Ground Battles for a second. Until recently the Tunguska was the undisputed AA champion. But now most nations have their own air defence missile systems! They have radar stations and guided missiles at their disposal, meaning that pilots have to be extra careful: An AA crew will lock on to a careless pilot in a matter of seconds, turning it into an easy frag. Everybody likes to shoot down helicopters after all! That’s, of course, far from all. As usual, feel free to check out the full list of changes and new vehicles on our official site. We will also tell you about many of those newcomers in separate videos on this channel, so do check them out! Also keep in mind that we’ve finally launched the long-awaited World War intense engagements on a global map! You don’t have to be a War Thunder veteran, a leader of a squadron or even a member of a squadron to play it. All you need is at least one Rank III vehicle in your hangar. Yup, that’s all. Welcome to World War! See you in battle! Try out the new vehicles in Update 1.89, and share your experiences in the comments below. Stay tuned. See ya!

100 thoughts on “Update 1.89 “Imperial Navy” / War Thunder

  1. The Kako? Don't you mean the IJN Furry Taco?
    On another note, when can we get the IJN Shimakaze so I can brew up a nice batch of torpedo soup?

  2. Plz fix can barley play Germany now bc every time I get a kill it doesn’t help with the repair it just gets taken away by the end of the game bc by then I die and -17k from my lions

  3. Please rework Radar and Stabilizers for Tank RB, it just feels too arcade and flying is nearly impossible when there is AA up, some skill should be required and RB should be different from AB like it was some time ago, stabilizers could maybe shake a little bit more in RB… just top tiers feel weird and op, hardly enjoyable ;/

  4. Pg 02 is kiling naval players too easy with its cutling gun and it is also too hard to hid it or destroying it feels like imposible too beat

  5. Could yous add the allied panther tank which was captured by the British , two were captured by the British during ww2 , one called the “deserter”which was used in Acton in Italy and the other was called cuckoo . You could add them as premium vehicles .

  6. Can we have a patch dedicated to a massive jet release? More Vietnam and pre desert storm aircraft? Air rb is stale and attempting air in ground rb is near impossible because of the AA.

  7. gaijin plz tell devs that marking enemies through binoculars via scouting has been broken since the last update. It only works about a quarter of the time. plz fix, I love scouting.

  8. Is there a way to change your email for the account if not plz add it because I just want to change my email for my account :[

  9. Lol, all units for Japanese navy, wwII mode. Premium ship for Japanese navy, Vulcan auto cannon…………

    War Thunder in a nutshell.

  10. How gayjin is turning pay to win: PG 02. It's not may the more skilled one win but rather may the one who took his moms credit card win

  11. How many patches has it been since helicopters were added? Oh, 4 now! Where are those British helicopters Gaijin!

  12. 5:50 why lie? You also NEED to play on PC. The game mode is gonna be freaking dead by time console gets it.

  13. 1. Will there ever be BR fix, and change? 2. Will there ever be WW2 mode in the game, without all this BS post war, and modern vehicles fighting together?

  14. War thunder doesn’t work on my Xbox if I get in a game a white plane pops up then it crashes and sometimes it crashes in the middle of my game

  15. Proszę zróbcie polski kanał. I nie wiem jak do końca działa wojna bo pisze ,,brak dostępnych bitew" ??

  16. Could you please make the Chikugo better, it dies after 1 shot and make no damage or make working anti ship missiles for it!

  17. Yes but… Always no Australian servers… PLEASE DO IT I WANT PLAY WITH A PING UNDER 100 PLEAAAAAAAASE !!!

  18. Japan didn't have the best ships of World War 2, but they easily had the most elegant, and the most downright beautiful.

  19. Yet another time where Gaijin say's they have fixed something but haven't, changes to the clouds are purely cosmetic. There's still a glaring issue with clouds that cover the entire map in which the base of the clouds start at 2500m and ends at 6000m+, I've only played about 8 or so matches today and 3-4 of them have had these blanket smog clouds. The community hates them, they ruin good play.

  20. so disappointed that the 'temporary' bomber cockpit has no improvement throughout the year and it seem like it is not coming in the future

  21. Please War Thunder…almost all nations have wheeled AFV-s (amx 10rc, type 16, centauro) only the russians not. Please add some.. for example the VPK-7829 Bumerang after the obj 906.

  22. Make the PG02 FAIR!!!! It doesn't need to have double the health pool per compartment! That's just artificial, non-historic and soooooooo pay to win. Make that ship historical and give it the low health/crew count it had IRL.

  23. the me264 was a bomber in concept , so was the B-36 Peace Maker and WT has cold war era vehicles like tanks : so by this logic shouldn't strategic bombers be in the game ???

  24. Please add Bob Semple, it would be a great addition to the game as it is remembered as the defender of new Zealand.

  25. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/451563-firing-rate-of-20-mm-gun-of-pg-02-is-wrong/ The japanese Fast Attack Boat PG-02 has an unhistoricale and wrong cannon. Read the Bugreport of this ship in the Forum!!!!!!!

  26. Please remove the PG-02 or at least put it into a much higher BR… It's far too overpowered at the moment, not to mention it totally not fitting among WW2 vessels, armed with a gun from 1960…

  27. Gaijin, as a top tier tanker (and sometimes jets) in US RU and GER, PLEASE RAISE THE BATTLE RATING CEILING TO 10.3. the Leo 2a5, should go up slightly, and WE ALL KNOW THE JAPANESE T2 does not need to be in the same br as current top tier jets. PLEASE GAIJIN FIX TOP TIER AND RAISE THE BR CEILING.
    yours scincerely, a very worried War thunder veteran.

  28. an important question …… is it still the matchmaking on + – 1 BR??? (that was the main reason I delete the game on the past

  29. Gaijin: "Look at this new bomber and this new Yak-9, now it has a new engine providing an extra 2mph and now has slightly better armament."
    Customers: "Very nice. But seriously when will the balancing issues and the progress system be fixed?"

    Seriously enough with the cut and paste aircraft and the lack of newer aircraft. Why not fix the real issues like balancing issues and the awful grinding process. You have to throw in real money to get anything only to get thrown into unbalanced matches! Gaijin really don't care anymore about it's customers or community. Whenever someone does raise an issue with the game, they're basically censored or ignored.

    These are the very reasons why I've stopped playing War Thunder

  30. War Thunder hack aimbot + esp [UPDATED 26/05/2019] – @t deleted the game till this is fixed 60% of players now use hacks.


  32. Quit being greedy on the XP and credits so I don't have to go on food stamps just to grind all day to get what I want and I will play again!

  33. Sad is war and not needed its a set few idiots in power that get millions killed! Stuff the billions spent on it and all the testing of atom bombs that's destroying the earth! All the trees you burn humans should be ashamed!

  34. We hope that the King George, Iowa, Bismarck and Yamato barges will be added, and thank you.

  35. This is ALL nothing but like playing a pitching simulation not even a game let alone season baseball. We are looking for simulations like GNB where your naval battles had effect on the wider war, and Luftwaffe:1946 same thing, if Germans/Itais do well enough, no D-Day landings, war goes on. Same Steel Panthers. Y'all is suckers like us in Warships only to find boring same dodge-ball, those who pay more real money over and over like having to buy tires for your car extra, and hire some Andalusian take over my account so go right to top Missouri Essex and save months years of monotonous effort. For what? DODGE-BALL.

    We are six buddies from university who keep in touch by computer looking for historically accurate individual plane, tank, ship to actual battles affect campaign general war, just on same nation/empire maybe Rommel takes Suez, maybe France doesn't fall, end of war, start over again. Play by mail/email games could only give you general/admiral level, GNB, etc were great Luftwaffe, we'd play all 6 fighters, on Italian side we could take Malta, help Rommel take Suez, as Germans Battle of Britain, or so well allies abandon daylight even night time air raids, D-Day postponed Germany gets armistice, or as Britain other way, America too, so that all our efforts MEAN something. NONE of this is even a baseball game, let alone a season, DODGEBALL. Y'all go on playing pitch n put, we're looking for the GAME the SEASON the CHAMPIONSHIP.

    Anyone know even beta testing for anything like?

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