Up #$%@! Creek Canoe Journey – Ep #5

With great fun also comes great responsibility I’ve known Dave since we were kids as our parents were good friends Although a year younger than me. He became one of my biggest role models through the challenging spiritual path it took his life I don’t want to go to bird shit island Markus Expert survivalists and woodsman Markus and Conan Yeah Just doing a classic portage not vertical How bout that Dave I Think we can step out Dave was only with me for a few days and he left me right before this Here I am day 23 Longest portage of the trip yet going from North Muldrew Lake to Gravenhurst It’s only about 3k more or less Just got off some dirt road onto this nice smooth pavement nice, uh, smooth sailin, I then had a couple of days alone in the canoe before I met Jer

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