UK jobs hope as bidding war to build Royal Navy support ships is called off

 A bidding war to build three Royal Navy support ships has been called off, to the delight of UK campaigners  The Ministry of Defence had shortlisted five firms for the £1.5billion contract, four of which were foreign, raising fears the vessels would be built abroad  Unions, MPs and the Mirror had pushed for the deal to go to a British shipyard, safeguarding jobs and boosting the economy  Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions boss Ian Waddell was relieved at the news  He said: “Halting the competition gives us the chance to treat this as a UK programme Building the ships would protect tens of thousands of skilled jobs.”  GMB general secretary Tim Roache added: “We will continue to keep up the pressure until these ships are being built in our yards ”  Royal Navy warships must be UK-built for security reasons. But the Government claims the Fleet Solid Support vessels, which will supply destroyers, frigates and aircraft carriers, are not warships  The MoD said: “The competition has been stopped, as it is clear the current approach will not deliver the requirement ”  Firms from Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea and a UK consortium were in the running for the deal

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