UGG Kids Canoe Plaid (Toddler/Little Kid) SKU: 8943876

What’s happening, everybody? I’m Joe from Zappos This is the Canoe Plaid from UGG Kids Now this is one sharp little shoe, they’ve used a combination of a soft suede and this soft flannel material here on the upper This creates a cool look, making it perfect for the wintertime Come on, say: Joe, my little one hates tying their shoes, I would agree, I hate tying shoes as well That’s why they’ve included this hook-and-loop strap, making it super easy to get in and out of this shoe The footbed is really cushioned, a shoe itself is lightweight, too I don’t even know if they’ll be able to fill them on their feet They are really that lightweight, that tread light material they’ve used on the outsole Got the deep flex screws in there, helps keep the weight down Gives a ton of flex and shock absorbency It’s the Canoe Plaid if you ride in a canoe, you lose pretty awesome especially if you got more than one person paddling that way you can get going a little faster Gotta be careful rocking that sucker though, I’m falling out of a canoe once or twice Probably has something to do with my drinking problem but that’s another story altogether It’s from UGG Kids

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