6 thoughts on “U.S. Navy Dentist – Lieutenant Commander Heather Gnau

  1. haha that mite be true, i remember talking to many of the navy recruits at meps and when i told them i was joining the army, they all said something similar to "dam, your gonna be in the front lines" lol sorta freaked me out

  2. Great job! I admire you for both serving your country and for serving your patients. It must be nice working with Prosthodontists and all the other dental specialists.

  3. So, If I'm from egypt, and want to become a dentist at US, I join the navy? given that I am a graduate G.P. Dentist..

  4. That is awesome! Thanks for your service! Would this be a career you can do with a young family, stay-home-mom?? How long is your deployment?

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