U.S. Navy admiral says Nicolas Maduro’s regime facilitates drug trafficking

23 thoughts on “U.S. Navy admiral says Nicolas Maduro’s regime facilitates drug trafficking

  1. Too bad senior US military officers are a joke who can not be trusted because they are just corporate tool bags for petro dollars. This man has NO performance standards. He can not keep the peace or win any wars either. Just a tool in a costume. The legacy of the 21st century American military officer is a joke.

  2. So basically, when is the US gonna drop that Bomb in Venezuela and get rid off Maduro …Come on US, THE TIME IS NOW. KILL THEM ALL.

  3. These guys don't get it we are in the same continent! Who could possible want the better good to your people? Us or some guys across the oceans? Get rid of all the BS that had filled your hearts and minds for too long

  4. Why u telling us when you have not protected ur own country. 60 years we been invaded. Your evil. U feel hood u dont protect ur own home land.

  5. What a liar. Why don't you say that US is the country causing the suffering and the exodus of Venezuelan people. US pours money into Clombias undemocratic government in inspite they produce and ship the drugs with the permit of US military Bases. Colombia has 8 million of homeless people and 28 million living under extreme poverty. Capitalism has not worked anywhere, nor even in USA.

  6. You are full of trump's sh***t. The legitimate president of Venezuela is Maduro elected by Venezuelans
    Not the puppet designed by the US. Moreover, your desire for Venezuela's oil is so big…..that the US goes shallow to accuse them of trafficking. Why don't stop the sanctions and let Venezuela sell their oil to nation aligned with the US, so Venezuelans can eat.
    " live long and prosper "

  7. Ohh your an Admiral I see. Did you ever win first prize for lying you should contact Netanyahu over is jew Israel. Maybe the both of you can even get married. Admiral @!

  8. Of course the Narco Government again getting away with … as usual , the Master mind of that government should fall sooner rather than never, Venezuelan citizens are dying and suffering everyday on the hospital, he only care for himself and his corrupt compadres and allies. God bless the Venezuelan people.!

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