Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

Two Years Alone in the wilderness can make a man lonely

96 thoughts on “Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin


  2. I live this 1 million times over.
    This is how we are meant to be living 🌲🌳🌿🍃☘️🌦️🌧️⛈️🌨️⛅🌤️🌟💫✨🌈

  3. Wunderbar. Ich habe viel Spaß bekommen , während den Film gesehen habe. Vielen dank für Seine Arbeit. Das siehst wie ein völliges Film aus.

  4. MAN, IT'S MY DREAM, LIVE THIS, AWESOME..I' M FROM BRAZIL, English is not my first language, so pleasse, excuse me any mistakes

  5. Caramba, assisti cada segundo . Parabens, Nem preciso escrever em ingles ,Sou Brasileiro e Gostei de mais, Ah se eu tivesse um pai assim .

  6. I see you using metal bowls and glass canisters. So you are somewhat civilized, but I don't understand why you don't just make all your own stuff like wooden mixing bowls and wooden cookwear (spoons, forks, spatulas, etc.) I just don't understand the mix. I love the dog…he's gorgeous. I saw in one clip he has(had) a mate? Awesome looking pizza…mmm. (thank you for answering these questions in later videos…lol)

  7. 1:31 e nem uma palavra,meu sonho viver assim pena q ñ posso realizalo em meu propio pais,pois no dia seguinte ja teriam me roubado. Eu acho terrivel essa coisa de fronteiras se alguem tem condições de comprar um pedaço de terra em outro país e viver no seu canto porque ñ? Deus ñ criou fronteiras homens sim. Parabéns amigo.

  8. We in Finland build the Sauna first. You can live there and keep warm, and wash yourself, while building the rest. The arabs in Sinai desert were wondering this fact, as the Finnish UN troops built first themselves a sauna. They Finnish troop said: as we are infidels, we must practise for Hell.

  9. a friend of mine that went offgrid in the middle of the Arizona Desert (total opposite of your situation!) and he has a good solar system set up to run everything including refrigerator, TV, computer, and lighting/cooling for his home. He has a china diesel generator as a backup and that keeps him in power with the sun goes out (clouds for many days in a row). You're doing a terrific job up there in the worlds refrigerator. I wish the best for you and pray you keep warm and healthy. God Bless.

  10. Wow that's awesome 😋 but I' would be so scared to be alone for 2 years .. at Least u had ur dog … And it looks like u handled it very well by urself!! 💪👊👍 That's so awesome!!! Good job !!!👍

  11. I am wondering where is the other dog that shows at 59:59 minutes of the video. Did you guys see him too? Thumbs up if you saw him too.

  12. great video enjoyed watching this build from start to finish, scenery was outstanding the sunrise sunsets was stunning, truly wish i could do this my self pity iam in the uk

  13. Amazing! What an awesome feat. What inspired you to do this, and can you share some of your cooking recipes? Nicely done!

  14. Great job! Awesome! The wild and so beautifull nature around and the best friend is near! The Climate is pretty similar as in St-Petersburg in Russia.

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